The HEALING ARTS are now a part of our culture.

They are a potpourri of a mixture of old wisdom, ancient remedies, new knowledge, and modern medicine. Beyond this emerging alchemical pharmacy is the added evolutionary factor that we have expanded our sensory skills. We have spent the past fifty years poking and prodding our psyche and soul, animating our intuitive senses. We now approach ourselves through an integrated lens, acknowledging that all our body parts speak to each other and exist as “one body system.” What could be more obvious? And yet, that seemed like such a revelation when the idea was introduced five decades ago, launching the body/mind/spirit template that has since become commonplace in our culture.chakra dna

Yet, in so many ways we remain strangers in a strange land, as the energetic anatomy system of the human body has yet to be officially recognized as part of the physical anatomical system. We still lack the technology much less the vocabulary that allows us to identify in specific ways the actual influence that attitudes, thoughts, memories, chronic negativity, fear patterns, or personal acts of malicious behavior have upon the psyche, brain chemistry, and the immune system.

We have yet to truly grasp the role of the soul in daily life much less the influence a devoted spiritual practice has upon the maintenance of one’s conscience, which in turn influences cycles of depression, anxiety, paranoia, and the capacity to engage in stable relationships. We have a preference for the light side of spirituality, enjoying the idea of the angelic realm and dismissing the dark side as make believe. Such a reordering of the cosmos is not unlike deciding that human nature does not have a dark side just because you don’t want it to.

Healing requires that you understand the governing principles of this universe and the nature of the Tao, which includes by virtue of the Law of Opposites the existence of good and evil.

Even illness is subject to the governing Mystical Laws of the Universe. Healers must learn these laws if they intend to become truly proficient at their art. At the very least, a healer must be able to discern the difference between a spiritual and a psychological crisis and that requires knowledge of the nature of good and evil.

  • Carolyn Myss, one of my teachers

PS: Have you ever used Healing Arts? Please share your experience with me, thanks.

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