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KITCHEN FANTASTICO: Rebuilding a new life after losing job

Perhaps a chaos can be a gift and manifestation that life loves us. Pushing us to go beyond the dance, we perform currently; and, Divine said: “Shall we dance?

KF cover page

What it is All About?
How to use Your Creativity in healing your life

KITCHEN FANTATISCO is a true story about chaos in an ordinary life, following a trauma, and finding a way out to rebuild a new life in the spirit of victory and power. It is my own family story written from two perspectives: as a wife and as an Integrative Healing Consultant. I want to share our healing journey with all of you who may have heard similar news from your significant other “I am terminated – no job!”

Who it is for
KITCHEN FANTASTICO is for creators, who want to play a significant part in their life to build a lifestyle or career around the principle of Divine partnership.


A woman who has already activated the gift of healing in her soul (with some training or not), and knows deep in your bones that you can save your family in a time of hardship, no matter what,

A man who has lost his job and feels like he has been sucked into a life of chaos, not knowing where to go or how to start rebuilding a new life or career that will lead to a better future.

Anyone with a dream to create living arts from his/her life using your earthly existence here and now!

Don’t let this inspirational story pass you by!

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