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Even in the 21st century, around 85 percent of India families prefer to marry off their children chosen by their families, rather that choosing their life partners. But not in Santhgiti Ashram, Kerala. I overheard a new concept that obviously works very nicely here. I was so curious to learn about a new way how devotees sought help in their marriage arrangement from a Lady Guru in the Ashram.

MARRIAGE is treated with the greatest importance in SANTHIGIRI ASHRAM as it forms the bedrock of householder life. Householders are the taskforce of Guru to BRING UP GOOD CHILDREN in the world. Observing that no one could improve the world overnight, Guru has said the change towards a better life should start at the level of an INDIVIDUAL FAMILY, as individual l cell, and then spread to the world.

Excerpted from Ebook:  Facing your Destiny, India 2016 experienced and written by Veronika Prielozna as a Traveling Lady Moon coming in Spring 2017.


With the Guru’s guidance, marriages are arranged in the ‘SANTHIGIRI PARAMPARA’ not on the basis of the generally accepted criterion such as horoscopes, caste, religion, community or socio-economic status, but the compatibility of the two souls. There are no criteria, no limitation to countries, nationalities, the color of skins or religions for two soul – a woman and man – who are chosen from to create a family.

Matched Thus Are Leading Meaningful Marital Lives with the Guru’s Grace.

The marriage ceremony is conducted in the Ashram in a traditional, elegant and unostentatious manner, with fellow devotees helping in the arrangements. After marriage, couples stay in the ‘Ashram’ for a few days, learning about the importance of family life and praying for good progeny.

I WAS STRICKEN by this new concept, my curious girl and woman in me, we were wondering who might be (theory base) my perfect match based on the soul vibration. I am not ready to get divorced and remarried again, not even to have children.  But I couldn’t help myself with an inner play in my mind: “How he might look like and be? Does he like soul adventure, spiritual travel and cuddling time under the nighty stars, as I do?”

In my twinkle play time, I just hoped a Guru Lady could help me find an imaginary match for my life. Mature people need to be found and bonded as well into a healthy relationship to grow in a golden age of wisdom together. I hope Guru will agree with me here NOW.

Excerpted from Ebook, still in writing – coming up in Spring 2017:  Facing your Destiny, India 2016 experienced and written by Veronika Prielozna as a Traveling Lady Moon

Babu – My Ashram Travel and Cultural Attaché

He is a South Indian man in his late 40’s and runs a Guest House. At the beginning, he was saying about me “we must be very careful with all foreigners” and soon after, he knocked at my door early morning with announcement “Veronika, get up it is a praying time! “ He knows more than he can say in his basic English which is perfectly OK with me. I was using my higher perspective to send him questions and he responded well of my ”soul cell calling” without any words.

How does it work? I release question in my spirit, and soon the answer comes back to me through his words or actions. He has been around ashram plenty of years, he is a true devotee. I admired his smart approach toward me “not to push me again the RIVER flow”, as I experienced a lot during my stay in India.

Take a Break is an oasis for tourists,  a very modern complex to rejuvenate tired bodies. Unfortunately, free wifi never worked!

What I mean by that is…. Indians are very proud of their spiritual life but something I feel they think they have “KNOW HOW” how to be connected with God(s). I am smart enough not to get into a debate about their Gita versus Bible; they will defeat me in a matter of a few seconds, they are philosophers! But practical evidence of embodying inner Guru in their life was missed somehow.  Therefore, I rather keep my mysterious ways out of the public eyes and keep creating my pathways wherever I go.

Isn’t it a true reflection of a living God in me, through me? They named it and I lived it!

By the way, we became very good friends with Babu. He kept a close eye on me, on my wellness and prays schedule and then he spotted something else. “You stopped smiling, no shining, what is with you?” He was asking me, meeting me on a ground around Ashram. Soon after, he figured it out on this own. Yes, I was hungry, not having my daily protein, I was losing an appetite for my life.

To my surprise, somebody knocked at my door and a plate of goodies with my favorite cappuccino was delivered to my room. I rebalanced in no time and found a soul who was behind this all – Babu. “No food, no smile!” and now “you are smiling again!” It deepens our friendship even more.

 HITCHHIKING with Divine.

I had only a few days left, before returning back to Delhi. I was still not sure how I will get to my last point of the journey to a tip of India, KANYAKUMARI. Babu knows about my dream and about my desire to conclude my journey over the Indian Ocean during sunset.  He was initiative enough to organize a trip for me so I can be there to feel it and write about it. He organized all perfectly under one condition: we have to find a travel companion to share a travel expensive with me, not enough money on me to pay it all. However, we couldn’t find anybody at the end.

He stopped at my door saying  “No traveling partner, no trip, sorry”. He and I, we were disappointed by being defeated by Divine. In my deep thoughts, I was asking: “Did I lose my magic touch to manifest?  Or, is there something else behind?” I was sitting on my bed, puzzling my mind and soul. Like true hitchhiker with my ‘grab and go’ bag next to me, I didn’t pay any attention to my door.

A senior Indian man that I might saw but never registered, he peeked on me and greeted me with a gentle smile asking me how I was.

Oh, bugger! How could I be kind in this moment when I am so disappointed with myself and divine? “I was searching for right words to reply.

In spite of my despair, I shared my trip story and a meaning behind; I spoke my truth, expressing my misery blaming myself not having enough funds to conclude.  He listened quietly sitting on a chair next to my door.

“How much money do you need, Veronika, to conclude your travel as you planned?” I shared a number with him not knowing what will happen next. He made a call and soon after, he said: “You are going; I will pay for it all!” Your travel story must be concluding as you planned!”

“What is happening here? WAIT for A SECOND, UNIVERSE! Let me see and feel it all. Do I understand well ‘the East is going to pay for the West’ in this earthly reality of mine?” I was carrying out this conversation with Divine.

From the above, I heard: “Look deeper!”

And then, it clicked! I suddenly saw a link towards my defining dream. If you might still remember – in my dream I wanted to get a White Tara book, at the end of my journey. I saw same similarities, “no money and the ended of a trip.” In my dream, the bookkeeper gave me the book for FREE!”

I accepted this offer with a promise to pay it back. Babu almost jumped from his darkish skin, knowing “We are going, following the Sun and Moon pathways! My benefactor’s daughter, Sowmya Batulkar – my new friend, stood at the door quietly witnessed all; we still had hoped to catch it all.

I came closer to Ramesh, to look deeper into his eyes. While expressing my true and honest gratitude, I touched him and his eyes got watery and big tears were rolling down his cheeks. I did what was natural for me: I made a cross sign on his forehead, as my grandma taught me to do and sealed all with a kiss on his third eye.

Meanwhile, I was whispering in his ear:

Your investment will be multiply, the travel journey will be completed, my story will be written and shared, I promise! In the name of my God and your Supreme Light behind, I bless us all, Amen!

….and then, I grabbed my bag and run to catch the sunset over the Indian Ocean of my last day in India. It felt like we caught a hitchhiking ride with Divine.

 A very tip of India: KANYAKUMARI – Virgin City.

“Mark you leave in anther heart is always left yours; for better or worse.”

~ Bryant McGill

The southernmost point of India is Kanyakumari. It is a small town located at the fork of three waters:  the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal. The oldest and the most ancient landmark in this town is the temple of Goddess Kumari who prayed to Lord Shiva to be accepted as a wife by him. During the British Raj, it was also known as ‘Cape Comorin’, probably a British corrupted version of ‘Kumari’, meaning VIRGIN.

For a long time,  it has been a significant site in India both spiritually and more recently as a day-tripping excursion from Kerala. Famous Indian poet and philosopher, though probably unknown to most foreigners, Swami Vivekananda spent long periods of time meditating here and resultantly has a large monument erected to him just off the shoreline. Mahatma Gandhi also visited Kanyakumari and another prominent attraction is a mausoleum dedicated to him in the form of an Orissan Sun Temple. A rare phenomenon and depending on the weather, at certain times of the year the setting sun and rising moon can be witnessed in the twilight.

During sunset, Traveling Lady Moon stood quietly meeting her SUN “face to face”. Her travel experiences were fully alive traveling in her veins up and down and around.

TRAVELING LADY MOON on her last travel leg was surrounded by the Ashram friends only. Both, female and male travel partners shared a moment with her. No more dry land to walk on.  Darkness came around when all important places were seen and experienced. After all, she took a pause for herself.

In quietness with her soul, she looked up to Moon letting moonlight reflected on her and back to the ocean.

Inner dialogue was heard:

“Can you hear us clapping, Traveling Lady Moon?”  We are here with you, from the beginning to this very end. From the Himalayas to the Ocean!  You did it all as you dreamt and promised to your soul. We are all here with you, all the people who you met on your journey; clapping, and standing behind your back.  In the melody of rushing waves, you can hear us laughing and celebrating with you.”

And then, somebody left my arms up in a giant stretch toward the Heaven to embrace us all and it was a place where I found ‘My Hallelujah!’ moment.

I held my stand and claimed my conquest on this inner journey of mine. I took a brief moment to gather broken pieces of my heart with a small cry on the side. I tapped on my third eye to download it to remember later.

There was ever felt the desire to go back and start all over from the beginning. I wished I had more time to search, learn and know my friends I met in the ashram and around that I had NO time to say even Good Bye: Mukundan Pandiyath, Fatima Al Mansoori and Gjanardhanan Menon…..thanks God for Facebook!

Day 30 : Delhi onward Journey HOME.

Travel Guru and Traveling Lady Moon

At Delhi airport, Travel Guru – my travel agent was there, as he said, waiting. He even pre-checked my fights for me choosing the best seats ever to soothe all transition back to the West.

I realized, actually, I do not know him at all. But definitely, he knew me! He was there all the time behind the scene: checking, calling, organizing all so I could carry on to the end. I left a small charm in his palm saying “could you look after this until my return?”

“It will be my pleasure, Traveling Lady Moon. Let us know when you will need us again; we will be here waiting for you.”

I smiled knowing it might never happen in the same way again. His last comment was right on: “Do not worry, next time it will be a different story of yours. Next time my company and I, we will have a pleasure to welcome you back as our EBOOK TRAVEL CELEBRITY!”

Oh, mine!” He truly knew how to make me laugh even in this ‘cutting cords’ time!

At the very last moment of saying Good Bye, I throw myself around his neck and momentarily,  he was decorated wearing Traveling Lady Moon’s necklace. In a moment or so, I crossed a security check line and was gone, GONE, G O N E – lost for his eyes in a vortex of a new energy wave pulling and caring me out deeper into a travel distance due to my HOME.

Excerpted from Ebook:  Facing your Destiny, India 2016 experienced and written by Veronika Prielozna as a Traveling Lady Moon coming in spiring 2017.

Traveling Lady Moon

VERONIKA PRIELOZNA, MA writes as a Traveling Lady Moon who blissfully makes her mark as an independent Travel Writer and Happy Customer Consultant. She has visited luxurious hotels and spiritual destinations around the world including Europe, her motherland, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada (her adopted country), USA, Dubai & India. She writes based on personal experiences only. Her mature energetic insights for her work are deeply rooted from professional experiences as a nurse, yoga teacher & spa therapist. Her sense of humor, witty mind and playful curiosity bring a reader’s delight for spiritual travelers or pleasure seekers purposes around the globe.





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