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Excerpted from EBOOK in writing: Facing Your Destiny, INDIA 2016 by Traveling Lady Moon


The last day of my weekend’s stay: visit old and New Delhi. Your private guided tour of the capital today highlights the remarkable contrast between Old and New Delhi. Your excursion includes the Jama Masjid, the largest Friday mosque in India. From here we suggest a walk in the heart of Old Delhi – a great way to absorb the sights and sounds. Enjoy a rickshaw ride through the alleys of old Delhi. The tour to New Delhi will include a visit to the Qutab Minar, the tallest Minar stone tower in India. Qutub-ud-din Aibak started construction in 1199. Then visit Humayun’s tomb, an outstanding monument in the Indo-Persian style, a precursor of the Taj Mahal. You will also see the monumental buildings set along wide boulevards of Lutyens` New Delhi, including India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan. OVERNIGHT: The Lalit, New Delhi


UNDER A BLANKET NIGHTTIME STORY: How a French Kiss Was Stolen From Me.

It was midnight, the last night in the Lalit, Delhi and I was looking for a master light switch to kill the lights to go sleep. I felt so exhausted from a long day.  It was the busy weekend. All was good at the end of the day; I was back on my traveling horse. Wearing my PJ with a naked face cleaned from makeup, my hair in rolls, I was dying for a good deep healing sleep.  Suddenly, I overheard my cell phone buzz. I checked my messages and here he was, a Birthday Boy, my male friend whom I tried to contact all day.

I: What’s up now? Gone all day celebrating?

He: Are you still up, feeling like having company?

I: I am already in PJ in my bed, too late

He: Even better ….Never late for bday cake, saved you piece!

I: Forget your cake. I am on a diet….but hurry up…only for second!

In my mind I carefully considered my options to meet him or go to sleep. I knew it was my very last option to upgrade an FB friend into real – eye to eye friendship. Now or never!  I have many oversea FB friends and truly it is kind of dotting to see the mystery unfolding and see a person in a real life.  In the morning, I am going to take a new travel direction.  I said “Yes” to the midnight adventure and pushed myself through tiredness. In my turn over moves, I put my sporty leisure outfit on and jumped in my running shoes, no socks and only my lipstick on. A midnight beauty was ready!

In an elevator, I heard in my mind “where is your birthday gift, girl? “Oh, Gosh, how could I forget” I almost forgot a T-shirt I brought for him. How cool it is that I am in his city on his birthday? Ran back to pick it up and I got a gift idea delivery just on the spot. I giggled myself putting his t-shirt on me covered over my hoody. Yes, I saw so many vintage movies and “jumping from a cake” sounds like a perfect gift presentation. His car stopped by outside the hotel, I refused to accept his home invitation.

“Come into the lobby, so many nice quiet cozy places, so we can talk.” Finally, he agreed and came in. I have many oversea FB friends and truly it is kind of dotting to see the mystery unfolding and see a person in a real life.   Here he was standing in front of me in his full figure build of 30th years old a businessman, holding his Master Degree from England, with his confidence attached all over.

Handsome as hell, with his kapha eyes on me and lips to die for.

He said, “You look so vibrant like from your FB pictures, so beautiful!”  “Oh, yes especially in my night escaping outfit”, I turned my eyes up. “Stop it; do I need to remind you my grandmother status and my son’s age? I smiled back”

“I know all of that but you are a real woman and so attractive, pardon me to say. “Can I call you the most charming attractive grandma of the world!”  We burst into hurricane like laughter together which helped us to break the ice. We jumped in into reviewing our FB conversation regarding our common passions: travel, photography and the art of blogging to connect people.  I felt like he is eating me by his eyes, like his birthday cake….after our brief encounter and some laughter together, I stated…”it was really pleasure meeting you in your flash but I must go to bed, travel will start at morning.

“But I have something for you”, my voice got mysterious undertone. I got a small present for this moment of your 30th …..I slowly stand up and found refugee from the hotel’s cameras in a corner of two polls, so I can do my gig and nobody will see me on video. I got into my corner and give him comment: close your eyes, he did and I zipped my hoody down, took it off and was ready to do it. One he picked on me, he saw me wearing his t-shirt on my trunk, I did spiral movement, waving my hips from left to right and left my arms up like all girls from “ jumping from surprise cake “movies ….all was done fast in one seamless motion, saying

Happy birthday, Mr. President, your t-shirt just arrived!

“What a fancy gift can I touch the texture?” He made a move toward me, I screamed, “No, hold on and close your eyes for one more second, please”. He did, in no time; I took off the t-shirt and put back my cover-up, my hoody.  T-shirt landed on his lap, still holding upside down motion. “Thank you, what a surprise, ” he said turning his t-shirt into a right way, “it even smells like you.”  He stood up saying “and here is my deep gratitude.”  In a matter of a second, a French kiss was stolen from me, just like that. I was nicely pinched in a corner that I found for my gig. No place to escape. His confidence and fast action took a rug under my carpet momentarily; “this Devil in him had style!”

“It is really very late” I escaped from his embrace saying “Hi” passing by hotel guests. Happy on my way up, I shouted behind “please send me a photo wearing my t – shirt, so I see how it fit you. “ No answer, just quietness. He was frozen looking at his present and me escaping from him into the elevator.  I yelled my last words facing to him:” not only smell it has my energy all over, enjoy!”  The elevator door closed and since that moment I haven’t seen him again.

In a few minute, I was lying on my bed, I was giggling and pep talking at same time. The darkness of blame came as a Devil’s voice first asking “how dare you to kiss a young man, forget your son’s age?  Did you lose your mind?” Divine Light in me came as an innocent Angel’s voice keeping my back saying “she didn’t kiss him, a kiss was stolen from her.” Innocent or not, I pulled my blanket over my head saying “that is enough, be quiet both of you. Tomorrow will be a new day, hush!”

Excerpted from EBook in writing: Facing Your Destiny, INDIA 2016 by Traveling Lady Moon