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INDIA TRAVEL STORIES: Day 04 – 05,  Jaipur – Amber City, Royalty And Kali Ma.

 After Morning breakfast, visit Amber Fort, taking an Elephant ride. Amber is located at a distance of 11 kilometers from Jaipur and was the old fort of the Kachhwaha clan of Amber, which used to be the capital, till it was moved to Jaipur. The walls and ceiling of the Mahal are covered with a beautiful array of mirrors which reflect any streak of light, so as to illuminate the entire room. After visiting Amber fort, proceed for city tour of Jaipur. Among the highlights to be seen while touring Jaipur, include the City Palace, which is an overwhelming complex of exquisite palaces, gardens and courtyards, decorative art, and carved doorways. The palace museum houses collections of rare manuscripts, armory, costumes, carpets and miniature paintings. Walk to the adjacent Jantar Mantar, or Astronomical Observatory which was made by the Maharaja of Jaipur, built in 1726, and is one of the five such astronomical wonders built by Sawai Jai Singh, and makes accurate predictions even to this day. You will also have the opportunity to wander about the local markets. OVERNIGHT IN JAIPUR


Arriving into JAIPUR, often called the PINK CITY, in reference to its distinctly colored buildings. I felt excited. It was evening, and suddenly a castle silhouette appeared on my horizon, giving me hope for a royal like an experience in this city. Later on, from my travel guide, Arif, I learned that the city was originally painted this color to imitate the red sandstone architecture of Mughal cities. The present earthy red color originates from repainting of the buildings, completed for a visit by the Prince of Wales, in 1876. I suddenly saw scenery for Indiana Jones movies in India. I am positive that it was made here; I experienced Kali Ma temple and passed by two big pots used for the devoting ceremony to Kali in this movie. “How cool it is”, my blood was boiling from excitement what might come next?


Royalty and Mother Kali Temple

By the way, for all you travelers up there: you should know, Jaipur belongs to the tourist Golden Triangle of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. Jaipur is the largest city in Rajasthan, built in the eighteenth century by Sawai Jai Singh, as India’s first planned city. In my eyes, it is a city of Royalty, ancient castles, and Mother Kali Temple, and the stories behind them.  I had a great time with my travel guide, not only city knowledgeable, but with photo skills that were on a professional level. Amazing! My night time stories started here with photo sharing on Facebook.

UNDER A BLANKET NIGHT TIME STORIES: Stars Gazing and French Kiss Traveling


“What a day I had!” I was so tired, and my glass was full with so much beauty. “Please, no more drops of anything!” I spoke to the universe with my spirit.  I took a cold shower in my royal room, ate my lamb kabab, bought on street of Jaipur.  I was slowly allowing myself to descend into my travel writer reality, with the intention to make a note, and file pictures into folders.

I was finally feeling relaxed, sitting on my bed, working on my small laptop on, and my cell phone buzz came on with a text:

He: I saw your pics, beautiful, what a day we had!

I: Yes, they are beautiful, you are a professional photographer.

He: My friend with a car is here, he wants to meet you, we are nearby….can you come?

I: I am busy with my writing, in PJ, sorry guys.

H: No! We are going to top of the city to see night view and stars, you wouldn’t miss this view.

I: You devil…girl in me screaming to go….in 10 mins.

And, here I was on a roll to put something on, grabbing my camera, my emergency package with contacts, cell phone and I was out of the door facing a new night time opportunity that came from nowhere.  Passing the front desk, I left info where I am going, and my cell phone number.

Night Adventure Escape


A car was parked in front of my hotel. I hopped in the back seat, and let them led us into an unknown night adventure. Artif’s friend, a driver, who has this modern comfortable car was a young man in his 30‘s. As I learned, both of them were university educated.  My travel guide is a very quiet man, a father of three kids, making money working in a few trades. A car owner, which means a lot here in India, presented with his outspoken, unbridled spirit, kind of “I know all, master of all trades”. Two polarities in these men were presented to me by their behavior. In my mind, I set their ayurvedic profile and defined what their element dominance was, and how to heal them with balancing elements. Yes, all only in my mind, no word was spoken. After about ten minutes, when I couldn’t see any city life or traffic any longer, I asked: “Are we there yet?” My devil’s voice came on “now you see what you were done, they can kill and rape you here, and nobody will find you ever! Didn’t you listen to recent news from Berlin, Muslins rape Blondes!”  Just in a time to start panicking, the driver said: “This is my most favorite a viewpoint of this city! Take a view!” And like from nowhere, one turn and we were there on the top of City Mountains. Magnificent dance of city lights from ancient monuments and city night’s life were stretched up to heaven when stars were staring down at us.

Healing Under Starry Sky

We, as a small group of the wonderers like from the ancient time following stars, were stood there, quiet overwhelmed by a beauty of the outstanding panoramic view.  Perhaps it was astonishment that left my arms up, landing on the backs of the men standing on both sides of me. Yes, I touched them first!  Like a Queen accompanied with her two knights, we were connected by invisible silver fibers shining on us from the stars and the Moon. It was a soul connected moment when somebody used my hands like a conductor for a healing energy to flow. The universal micro-vibrational energy was running via my arms to their hearts, and back to me.

God’s window was opened for us: no matter gender, religion or a color of skin, we were breathing as one, connected from my hearts to theirs. We were healing each other – we became ONE.

We were broken open and we felt stronger. It was a paradox of healing. We were interrupted by Arif’s cell phone; his wife was calling him home.


Never Been Kissed by Earthly Goddess

We dropped him home on my way back to the hotel. My new friend, name unknown – a driver, asked me to sit next to him, for the last leg of the drive. Energy in the car was different, he stopped talking and showing off. I felt like both of us were touched by a star gazing moment. His car stopped near my hotel. I saw a hotel gate, feeling safe; I thanked him for kidnapping me to experience local travel. In an eye to eye moment, just before opening my car door, he said quietly: “Veronika, please kiss me! I have never been kissed by earthly Goddess.” And then I kissed him.  Not pushing, not leaking, just a very gentle French Kiss ending over his third eye. From a hotel gate, I blew a kiss to him. He still looked like he was in a kiss coma, and didn’t respond.  I woke up a hotel guard, who was guarding the property in his belly up position (sleeping) two doors behind, and I was in my bed, covering my blanket over, saying “Good night all, God bless us all, no more kissing, I promise!”

Excerpted from EBOOK: Facing Your Destiny, India 2016 written by  Veronika Prieloxna as a Traveling Lady Moon.

Edit: Glynn Williams

Image: Aman Arora

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