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As a taste from Ebook: Facing Your Destiny, 2016, and my story continues.

The taxi arrived in front of the Lalit Hotel around noon.  The door was opened for me and all my belongings were taken by hotel attendants. A brief security check and I found myself standing in a five-star elegant hotel lobby, holding my email copy in my left hand as a proof. Like crossing the river to reach a safe land or passing a rite of fire, I felt something was about to happen; a new chapter of my life was building up in front me even without knowing my script here.  I felt my energy rising up my spine.


All journeys have a secret destination of which a traveler is unaware. ~ unknown

In a flashback, I remembered my facebook friend, Yaseen, and his father, Azim who insisted I arrange my weekend stay in Delhi. I almost had a fight with them over my accommodation here. Now I get their point. Somebody up above was planning it for me.

At the front desk, I said. “Hi, may I check my reservation under the name of Veronika Prielozna, I am not sure if you can find me there?” It took him second, he smiled at me saying “Yes, Madam, Traveling Lady Moon, welcome to Lalit !” He did his Namaste gesture to honor me.

“Oh, Gosh, I am in!” My soul screamed and I sent my “Yahoo” to Yaseen who kept saying” all will be waiting there for you.” My whole being was celebrating in a spirit:

God Bless my Kashmiri friends, God Bless Kashmir! I couldn’t come this year, you know…but you will have me Kashmir and we will be dancing under full Moon together. Ho!

I am not sure what the front desk gentleman did, I was so occupied by filling in all paper- work but once I turned around a Maharani welcoming ceremony had started. I mean, I had the privilege meeting hotel managers, one by one, from all departments. They were offering me their assistance in any matter that I might need.  How royally!



Yes, I held my head high and slowly moved myself to my room, smiling in my spirit. While still feeling overwhelmed, one moment being abandoned by life and the next moment I being claimed and reborn into a new reality, I finally found refuge in my beautiful room. My passport, I accidently left behind, was delivered to my room with a rose a vase and three red roses. How sweet!

In spite of my broken heart still in healing, my premier king room on the 22nd floor gave me all my body and soul were screaming for.  The view was incredible and my lounge chair next to my writing desk, as I have at home, created luxurious home atmosphere, so needed in this settling down time.  After a brief nap, I treated myself to browse the hotel with my pocket camera. I gathered so much material to write about.

Honestly, there was some unforeseeable failure on my side. I emerged fully in the daring spirit of Mr. Lalit, a founder of the Lalit Hotel, experiencing all complimentary services: art gallery, hotel décor, spa, pool and steam room, north and south Indian breakfast and tasting a signature drink in the daytime bar.  I had lost one day of my time in Delhi, but I gained my balance back and was ready to face my destiny.

In the morning my friend came to help me with an India SIM card and to show me around the city. We took a taxi asked to bring us to the nearest place to exchange my money. Not knowing where we are going in only minutes, I arrived where my travel magic began.


Traveling Lady Moon

VERONIKA PRIELOZNA, MA writes as a Traveling Lady Moon who happily makes her mark as an independent travel writer and clients’ consultant. She has visited luxurious hotels and destinations around the world including Europe, her motherland, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Dubai & India. She writes based on personal experiences only. Her mature energetic insights for her work are deeply rooted from professional experiences as a nurse, yoga teacher & spa therapist. Her sense of humor, witty mind and playful curiosity bring a reader delight for spiritual travelers or pleasure seekers purposes around the globe.

Edit: Caroline Barry

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