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How do we begin the journey from a broken heart to the broken open heart? Where do we find courage and strength to make a big change using our vulnerability? As Brene Brown says, “it sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.  How we can build up our gateway to journey together with a quiet heart full of flowers in bloom?”


In my case following my dream to India, a broken heart didn’t appear to me with such grace. For me, it was more like being hit by a thunderstorm.  It felt like a hammer or being hit by electric wiring. I was in shock shaking inside of my heart. It came to me as brief quiet news, almost in a whispering voice, during our first breakfast. I must go home! A man friend I have known him since my 2009 India study stay was meant to be my first travel companion. He said while having breakfast with me “I got a call. My uncle is asking for me, I must go now.” At that moment, I was left alone with trembling naked soul in front of cosmic eyes. Inherited cosmic fear of being abundant was floating in my veins.  With these words I was sucked into a vortex of chaos, only a  moonlike landscape was left behind from my dream.

What has just happened to me?

I couldn’t clearly comprehend it. “I haven’t had time yet to exchange my money or to call my Delhi friends nor even get my feet bearings into India land! Why now? Why me?”

Just imagine the pain and fear I felt in my heart. Alone in Delhi without havening a backup plan in a place. I trusted him, my mistake. The pain was descending into me with my every breath. I felt like somebody was stabbed a knife into my heart.  Why was he taken from me leaving me so vulnerable on the streets of Delhi?  I am still not strong enough to be here alone! I was searching for the answers during my inner dialogue with Divine.

No matter what has just happened, I knew in my bones that the Divine Travel AGENT intervened and changed the course of my travel. Just like that, I was redirected to a different traveling path.

We can BREAK  DOWN or we can BREAK OPEN.

A breakdown in the wake of loss can lead to fear, depression, anxiety, isolation, addiction, or cynicism, make us emotionally unavailable or unable to cope”, these words came to me from my own consulting practice protocol. I chose to BREAK OPEN.


Even though I was aware of Divine CHAOS theory that randomly intervenes for our good, I still couldn’t reach a  high vibration and express my gratitude for this disaster in my travel plan. “What to do now?”  He packed himself quietly and went to the airport without any further words or explanations. I didn’t blame him, not knowing if it was truth or not, I had to look after myself now. I was on my own. I searched for my inner guidance to click on, and it did. Looking for my emergency contact list, it jumped from my travel pocket. It was a copy of my email conversation saying that I have accommodation at the Lalit Hotel, New Delhi as a “captivated writer. “ Here is your next step, get moving.” I heard my inner voice, “Follow your destiny!”

( from ebook: Facing Your Destiny, 2016 by Veronika Prielozna)


Traveling Lady Moon

VERONIKA PRIELOZNA, MA writes as a Traveling Lady Moon who happily makes her mark as an independent travel writer and clients’ consultant. She has visited luxurious hotels and destinations around the world including Europe, her motherland, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Dubai & India. She writes based on personal experiences only. Her mature energetic insights for her work are deeply rooted from professional experiences as a nurse, wellness coach, yoga teacher & spa therapist. Her sense of humor, witty mind and playful curiosity bring a reader delight for spiritual travelers or pleasure seekers purposes around the globe.

Edit: Caroline Barry


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