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Beginning of my travel story

Life can play tricks on us by pouring obstacles and troubles and then our true soul essence hides behind all.  Yes, all of us, no matter where are, we experience our daily battle. Different kinds but the struggles are on. It looks like there isn’t any time for anything but surviving.  Can you relate? However, I always wanted more from my life. So choose not to be a victim, so I choose to sculpture myself into a new form of being.

My personal awaking came to me in many waves, one step forward and two steps back.  I was performing my internal dance but all it came to full embodiment – on a personal and professional level — just recently during my travel project Facing Your Destiny in India. This is where I met her, the Traveling Lady Moon in me.

Traveling Lady Moon’s Early Past


 I was born and raised as the last child in a modest family in Czechoslovakia.  My siblings, all older brothers treated me as a boy.  My mother was very beautiful and wise but very busy keeping a household in a good shape and flow. She had very little time for me; so naturally, I was growing up as a boy. This was so comfortable for the rest of my family.  Until one moment — looking at a mirror — I saw my eyes, legs and boobs. This image brought me a clear message: “No matter life circumstances, Honey, you are a girl. Now, what a kind of woman would you like to be?”

I was very excited about a new discovery and advantage ahead.  I was convinced to makeover my appearance and behavior to allow me to become the woman who I am to be.

I felt like, an ugly duck in a recovery of becoming a beautiful swan!”


~Traveling Lady Moon in her transformation

It took me many years creating, troubleshooting and capturing a true essence of me.

Traveling Lady Moon’s Womanhood

Going from a young woman to a mother and growing into a real woman with life stories stacked up in her energetic body and hips, I literally birthed myself many times over in my life. Not fooling anybody, my success didn’t come overnight; it can happen only in movies. Actually, it was long run but my success story was already written by my heart using the energy of my passions. But I didn’t know that yet…


Every Next Level Of Your Life Will Demand A Different Version Of You.”(Unknown author)

Traveling Lady Moon’s Her Passions

It is said that your life purpose can be found in your gifts, talents and your desires. I remember one defining moment during my holistic studies. In my meditation class, during my holistic studies, I asked the divine “what should I do with my life? Who should I become?” A divine voice came and I clearly heard:” Combine your passions and become…” Become what? I asked in many meditations afterward but I have not heard any more words. I defined my passions easily: Traveling, discovery, beauty and healing.

Traveling Lady Moon’s becoming

 Throughout a mind over a hence and a body will follow.”(Unknown author)

I heard this saying and I knew I needed to create new neuropathways in my brain.  I allowed myself be free in my future creation.  I combined all, quietly laughing at my process of madness, I came up with one futurist, unrealistic title for myself.  At the end, it came as:

I am going to become a World – Wide Traveler for Ancient Healing and the Universe, as my partner, is in charge of how….

I shared my daring creation with my friend, she actually didn’t laugh. Even more, to my surprise, she encouraged me to become. “It is YOU!”

No money, no idea where and how – realistic or not – it is a mystery for me but somehow, I found my way. In a few days, I contacted Wisdom University in San Francisco with my study inquiry about the Healing Arts and Wisdom Study, Master’s program. In two years, I became a Master of these arts and new study/ travel experiences from all over the world travel were felt, reflected and stored under my belt.

Confidence Comes From Within By Developing A Deep Belief In Yourself. ~ Josephine Baker

In reflection, I know I was not about being perfect all the time. It was about listening to my inner guidance and doing a leap of faith to unknown territory.  My inner strength — that was gathered from early childhood — with my belief that I can handle new challenges and obstacles, helped me through this rite of passage on education and soul evolutional level.

 All women archetypes that I admired and I studied had their confidence boiled down to their courage and boldly took actions towards their desires, and then things happened. During this process, I learned how to speak and write with confidence and ease, not looking for validation from those who might never ever put their feet onto the shaky ground of becoming a new person.

Many times my confidence waved like an ocean in me, but my primary intention with determination paid off. I faced it all and I became unstoppable on my mission. Shaky legs or not, I held my master’s degree and enjoyed the moment of victory with my soul.

More I show and stand for myself, the more and clearly Traveling Lady Moon appears to me.

Traveling Lady Moon’s Elegance And Beauty

What do you want your soul legacy to be, Honey?”

By the time I heard this naughty question, my dialogue was already fluent in my soul’s tongue. Simply, I ask and an answer comes (not always in a form I want to hear), or soul asks and I take a pause, thinking…

I came to conclusion that

  • I wanted to be an elegant woman with ownership of all my moods, attitudes and being co-creator of magic behind.
  • I want to live life fully based on my turns.
  • I want to create my own lifestyle, with my inner power to reflect on all in a speed of flesh, being tuned to my Divine guidance and enjoy my physical existence, here and now, with delight for a life.

I have already experienced how to be humble and modest in my life. This time of my Goddess upgrade, my lifestyle is not going to be built around on what I can overcome and stand for.

For this time, my life is going to be tuned with my soul. Let it be more how I express myself being in a flow of my life dance—not only what I wear but also through my actions and deeds for my own good and highest goodness of all.


“I called a board meeting and sat with my soul to navigate my journey…”

I looked at myself objectively, not hiding anything, “ Oh, Gosh, who else knows more than I do about me, ha?” I analyzed it all like a scientist and created my beauty and wellness recovery program (with Yoga teacher training/ therapy included) and pushed a button to GO. Without apologies, after a long time of inner and outer work, I claimed back my right to become ME reflected in HER and Traveling Lady Moon was born.

Your style is how you express yourself to the world. It’s your walking billboard that tells your story as a woman.

~ Authrey Hepburn

TRAVELING LADY MOON Was Born On a Virtual Plane First


West met East just in the middle in Veronika first.

 …And, here she comes as a charming woman elegantly dressed in her Euro – Ethnical style, lives smart in her moves with her mind and heart married together, kindhearted and full of desire to travel and explore. She writes to touch her readers with her own traveling stories and soul reflection, she truly lived…. And only then, she sealed this deal with Divine by blowing a kiss through a plane window carrying her into an unknown soul adventure following her dream to India, ALONE…


(From Facing Your Destiny, India 2016 – eBook, still in a writing process)

Traveling Lady Moon

Traveling Lady Moon

VERONIKA PRIELOZNA, MA writes as a Traveling Lady Moon who happily makes her mark as an independent travel writer and clients’ consultant. She has visited luxurious hotels and destinations around the world including Europe, her motherland, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Dubai & India. She writes based on personal experiences only. Her mature energetic insights for her work are deeply rooted from professional experiences as a nurse, yoga teacher & spa therapist. Her sense of humor, witty mind and playful curiosity bring a reader delight for spiritual travelers or pleasure seekers purposes around the globe.

Edit: Caroline Barry


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