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WE STEPPED INTO 2017 – Universal Number ONE –  revitalized with fresh energy, with a renewed sense of excitement and life adventure, and most of all with love in our hearts and a deep feeling of peace and harmony in our souls. 2016 ended a nine-year era of our life cycle.  It is a time to firmly shut old doors, close tightly unreadable chapters and drop any heavy loaded emotional baggage that we do not wish to carry with us into a new year – ready or not – WE JUST ARRIVED IN 2017.

Sacred Numerology for 2017: Universal Year 1

Planting Seeds ~ Rebirth ~ Beginning of New Era ~ Creating a Blue Print for your Life

Things that have concerned you for the past decade no longer matter at all, in a fact,  you may find your priorities have changed altogether. Disappointments from the past simply don’t matter anymore. Any work that you do during this year sets the tone and foundation for the next nine.


Hidden power of ONE : THE PIONEER

A person with Life Path number 1 is primarily a pioneer, hardworking, a natural born leader, who is still hungry for success and progress. On this path, people with Life Path 1 can effectively carry out their projects or intentions, and identify themselves. VibrationOne gives its owner a creative potential, strength and huge ambition. Unfortunately, people with Life Path 1 may have a tendency to focus attention primarily on themselves, and thus think of themselves as someone better. Read more about numerology 1.

In 2017, you explore a new territory of your life, like a Pioneer in the west…

Use sacred numerology wisdom in the time of now, in January 2017. Here is my inner process …

1 Express Gratitude and Your Hope

good day

To start the New Year 2017, make a list of things in your life, last year, for which you are thankful. Sit and reflect on why you are thankful for those things—the why is something often left out of basic gratitude practices. You might begin to see a pattern for what’s important to you and what brings you joy. Connect the dots, take one step backward  to see life reflection on you., “Who Are You Becoming?”

2 Craft Your Future With Your Intention And Deeds

00703_20, CANADA-10007, Nova Scotia, Footsteps of Buddha, 06/2005

This is the time to decide what your goals are and act on them. The Universal year number One also often brings new vitality and physical strength. We have built up a great reserve of knowledge and wisdom that will constantly remind us that everything we experienced over the past nine years was for a reason, and it will guide and serve us as we explore the magic and wonder waiting for us as we head into the next nine-year cycle.

3 Bridge the Past with your Future

bridge zora

When you only concentrate on the year ahead, you can forget what got you here in the first place. Spend some time processing all that happened this past year—the good, the bad, and everything in between. Refrain from passing judgment on things, but rather respect that they are part of your journey and have helped you build the foundation for your future.

4 Alone Time To Regroup With Your Soul

2015 intention

Instead of trying to change yourself, find some comfort in WHO ARE YOU first—right here and right now.  Take time asking who you would like to become, create your new YOU in your mind and paper first. It can become exhausting to constantly make changes in your life. Imagine a life where you can just sit with yourself and create a powerful alliance with your soul.

5 Write, Sketch Or Model Your Pathway Up


Embody your inner work for this year in any form available for you.  Express yourself today. It might be only symbolically but demonstrate your wiliness to stand up for yourself and create a blueprint of your travel life plan.

So HURA for becoming a MASTER BUILDER OF OUR LIFE-path by setting our Year One with a solid groundwork to build up our dream life house in the next years to come.

Yours, Veronika

Written by Veronika Prielozna, MA https://livingharmonyondemand.com



Image: Google image database