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The Magic of Christmas arrived early this year when I pulled out a binder and a secret message flew onto my lap. It was Kitty Su’s memory sake that I kept from the Lalit Chandigarh on my recent solo journey  Facing Your Destiny, India 2016 – Travel project. The small package spoke to me directly:

Don’t you think it is about time to share our story, Traveling Lady Moon?” I smiled quietly and agreed with her poke. “Yes, I will share our story so not only I but all can benefit from it in in this time of Christmas.



On my solo journey to India, I was advised by my travel adviser Yaseen Tuman, +91 9596767812 ytuman@mascottravels.com to stay only on the path of safety paved by 5 – 4-stars hotels so I could truly enjoy the beauty of Incredible India.  Even though I am known by ruling my own Queensland, I must admit it was smart to listen to his wise advice. My first encounter at the Lalit, New Delhi made a significant mark on my traveling journey itinerary.  Soon after, I got his email saying,

Do not miss the Lalit in Chandigarh, there is a good surprise waiting for you. Something or Somebody that cannot be found anywhere else in India.

How could I resist?
His message really made me wonder, he knows me well.


 ARRIVING IN LALIT CHANDIGARH, let the mystery be solved…

At first, nothing happened when I arrived at the modern hotel that is strategically located in the business hub a few minutes from the airport. I realized the intention of building this new India place was to serve IT people who have many events and conventions held here. Good for you! I saluted them….but where is my surprise I was promised to find?


I knew I have to go deeper and search the premise to find it. I started my search at the front desk with my nonchalant attitude asking for some a help and direction. “Hello, I am a travel writer; can you help me “not to miss something” in your hotel, so I have some memory to write about?” I closed my whispering question with a smile.



Less than 5 minutes my secret taboo was widely spread; yes, they are really fast in attending their guests’ requests, SMILE. In no time, I was set on my mission to find my good surprise. It was Manali Jain,  the Deputy Manger of Marketing & Communication,  who grasped my idea of a castle hunting search (a smart Lady, I must admit) and without further adieu, I was following her Indian sari leading me to the hotel’s inner chambers.  I was in my search, my heart was pumping with the excitement of a new discovery in my veins. I love that feeling!



Like in every castle that I know from my home in Europe, we had to pass all of the corridors, doors and stairways leading to many restaurants and spa rooms and then, she stopped and turned to me saying:

 I think this is it; the room that you came here for !

I looked up and read Kitty Su Chandigarh’s Nightclub motto. It hit me on that spot.“Fashion, Champagne & Music.” Without even peaking into the room, I knew I came to the end of my search. I got my surprise. Wow!


Manali Jai turned on the lights and invited me in.  It was early afternoon and the Nightclub was quiet. I was so grateful that nobody was around so I could really emerge in the environment that was creating a story in front of my eyes. I got the enjoyment like a small kitty discovering new territory and my 3rd eye kicked on and I  suddenly truly could see…


KITTY SU, a guiding spirit of the place, came to me wearing her favorite colors:  black and red. She made her bold statement in this spirit fantasy in front of my eyes saying:

Black for Elegance, Red for Passion and champagne… for a good spirit,

I ended her sentence. We giggled together. Our vibration met just in the middle. I admired her way, how she can carry her body in her hosting role. I felt like I just met my sister who was born and raised in the different part of a globe and never had an idea that we were so similar.


Traveling Lady Moon in her working place, writing travel stories, as a Lover of Art Deco lifestyle with artifacts of Gustav Klimt and De Lepimska around and a glass of Champagne. (Do not worry, her husband is behind a camera!)


Being with her is our Queensland of the 3rd. eye, we traveled back to the time of the chic sophistication of Audrey Hepburn mingled with the graceful sensitivity of Maharani Gayatri Devi. Oh, God, I saw so many similarities between us: modern women who care little what haters speak behind our backs, we spoke our minds with confidence and easy and we love a glass of a good French champagne.

No Matter the Time Of Day!

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From a very young age of being a woman, she was a part of the “larger than life” new era.  Since her young time, she was witnessing gentlemen and gorgeous ladies making witty conversation and dancing the night away. It is the art of entertaining that Kitty Su has mastered fully embodied in her lifetime. She preferred to host the former in the common areas and the accesses to her personal chambers were restricted and heavenly guarded; this is what I agreed the most with especially traveling alone!


My epigrammatic twinkling moment with Kitty Su was suddenly interrupted by a phone call asking me back to the front desk.  I left with her vibration deep in my bones full of hope to return to this night club. As her memory sake jumped into my lap today, I know she is calling me back during this magical time of Christmas. Even though I am back home enjoying my Christmas time in North America I know that the celebration with Kitty Su this Christmas and New Year celebration will promise to be a great time with all of the elegance and sophisticated beauty that I felt being touched once.


Kitty Su’s myth.

On my way out, I turned back looking at the closed door behind me,  tapping 3x on my third eye to download all of the experience to my soul traveling memory so I could share with you at the right time, and then all was gone. I know that Kitty Su’s myth lives in us through nurturing and the desire to live life fully in a style that is surrounded by souls who dare to love and be loved.

I believe in PINK MIRACLE.


put on your glamor dress and red lipstick, tuck your stomach in, hold your chin up high.  and cheers with a glass of champagne for the seasonal party. Come, come, whoever you are, a traveler or local guy, to Kitty Su’s Night bar to experience the spirit of this place and celebrate in her style to kick your heels up high and dance like nobody is watching.

This place holds a promise of 100% amazement, as I was amazed at the time of my travel.

AMAZEMENT TIP ENTRY, just for you – you must

Believe in the Miracle of your Soul!
  1. Tap 3 times on your third eye.
  2. Greet Kitty Su in your own words.
  3.  Have a glass of champagne with her to unlock the magic of this myth to be continued in YOU.

Cheers and a have Happy Merry Season all of you in India!
From my Christmas tree to yours,

Traveling Lady Moon

Traveling Lady Moon

Traveling Lady Moon

VERONIKA PRIELOZNA, MA writes as a Traveling Lady Moon who happily makes her mark as an independent travel writer and clients’ consultant. She has visited luxurious hotels and destinations around the world including Europe, her motherland, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Dubai & India. She writes based on personal experiences only. Her mature energetic insights for her work are deeply rooted from professional experiences as a nurse, yoga teacher & spa therapist. Her sense of humor, witty mind and playful curiosity bring a reader delight for spiritual travelers or pleasure seekers purposes around the globe.

Editor: Cynthia Kueber


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