Does your spirit need a little soul wash during Pluto retrograde, April 17 to September 26? Here is how to not fear Pluto retrograde. But as we have learned today, that can be taboo, liberating, cleansing, desire filled, and….delicious. We all need a good cleanse once in a while. How do you plan on using secrets to create success?


What is Pluto Retrograde?

Science is a little wishy-washy on where Pluto stands on the planet label. Pluto is the planet of death and transformation. Yikes! That sounds scary. But it’s not. It’s just a wake up call when you need it. When you think about it, your own life experiences small moments of transformation and change every day.

 When Pluto is direct

Pluto is in forward motion, and you are going to see Pluto’s effects occurring from the outside in. These are events like, someone leaking that the President of the United States is doing some nasty things at a place called the Watergate Hotel. The Presidential shakedown! Awkies! That was bad for Mr. Nixon. That was good news for the rest of the world. We learned about corruption in government, and the world changed….good prevailed over evil, thank you Pluto.

 When Pluto is retrograde

Here Pluto appears to be moving backward, but is really just moving slower, and you are going to see the opposite. Pluto’s effects are going to happen from the inside out. And if you truly use Pluto retrograde for what it is intended, then you will find your own secrets to success, and how to optimize secrets to create your success.


Soul Wash During Pluto Retrograde.

“Pluto is already a regenerator and transformer, but retrograde periods pressurize the effects of this little bugger. Scientists may have whistled past the graveyard to demote Pluto; I for one will never doubt this icy planet’s potency. And I contemplate the Retrograde thusly: When direct motion, Pluto offers us a regular tonic.

“Embrace this period, for it is a time of many depths. This is the time to plunge into the secrets of your mind and heart. Search for the saint and the sinner within you. Explore the possibilities and the potential that you do not dare dream. This period will cut through your veneer to reach your pure intimacy. What do you hide, and what do you seek? Are you looking for pleasure? Or to play out your taboos?


Pluto’s retrograde motion creates an energy that will push you to dig deep and reveal what has been hidden. Will you embark on this journey of transformation? This Plutonian energy will purify you through a reawakening of your inner knowledge – the secrets you keep, even from yourself. What you find may shock the sinner in you! But this act will release you from the bonds of rules and limits. Like the Phoenix’s regeneration, you emerge anew. Are you ready to uncover your secret desires?”

Retrograde Pluto puts out a thorough colonic.

Picture wheatgrass and Ex-Lax for the soul to really clean a person’s energies. One helpful visualization for Pluto retrograde:

Consider the rotating vertical bristles of a car wash. In this …..

 ……soul wash, the bristles like whip around blue fire energy in counter-clockwise motion around and through my Spirit, to dislodge and dispel all the negative and destructive particles of thought, speech and in/actions….

Are you holding yourself to ransom with all those buried secrets you have?

013Pluto in Retrograde is a perfect time to look closely at those things about yourself you can’t face. It brings up those darkest secrets – the place where those unimaginable thoughts come from; the buried secrets you don’t want to bare.

This retrograde is a great time for retrospection, and for adjusting personal goals. Reflect on what you can do to chill out this transit may be poised to open up some secrets that you’re not quite ready to share!

ENJOY this time of forgiveness so you can start again with a clean slate. Try allowing yourself during Pluto in Retrograde to see the bondage your secrets hold you in and pay the ransom with forgiveness, compassion and love for yourself and set yourself free.”

face toYours Veronika http://livingharmonyondemand.com, in the time of Pluto retrograde, started her first spin around…Wisdom source: Astrology Answers Experts

image credit: www.astrologyhub.com