Something for us to start our weekend, shall we?

Toothsome Tomatoes

Once Upon Time
premieres this month, and I’m excited to see what new fairytale characters join the inhabitants of Storybrooke as they set out on a quest for the Sorcerer Merlin. I admittedly loved binging on Seasons 1-3 after work because the fairytale whimsy provides the escapism, and the dark storylines and character elements make watching it cathartic enough to let off some steam! Instead of curling up with my usual beer to unwind with Season 5, I’m trying out a little twist on a classic and calling it a Poison Appletini. Calvados, a slice of red apple, and a few drops of blood red grenadine are my nod to Snow White and Regina. I chose Calvados over some of the other artificially colored liqueurs that are cloying and ectoplasm green, but feel free to work with what you have and/or like. And since I like my cocktails not too sweet…

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