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Do you think you’ve made a twin flame connection? Or are you wondering if this love you are feeling for someone is twin flame love? Today we hope to narrow down some of that confusion for you. Let’s have a look at the stages of twin flame love, and the twin flame signs you may be getting every day, without even realizing it. Who wouldn’t wonder what soul contract you made and who might be your twin flame love. This article from http://astrologyanswers.com will shine more light on this love object that is so mysterious for all of us.

It might help you to review some of our previous articles on what a twin flame connection is, what the difference is between twin flames and soul mates, and frequently asked questions about twin flame love.

Stage 1: Recognition, awareness, and awakening.

loverMany people also refer to this stage as the first reunion stage. This is when you meet your twin flame in this lifetime. But, the twin flame union has been in place for all of your lifetimes. So this is not your first meeting, and it won’t feel like it at all either. This is your first date or first encounter with this person, and from the second you meet them you have an Ah-Hah moment!

How to tell if you are in this stage:

These are the kinds of first dates that start off as meeting for coffee plans, and end up going into the next morning. You can’t get enough of each other, and it’s usually just conversation. You have many lifetimes to catch up on! You leave this first encounter believing in true love again, and finally accepting that you too are worthy of someone amazing in your life. This is the awakening you have. You are awakened to the kind of relationship that you never before believed existed. You instantly recognize this other person like your “other half.” They like all the same things you do, talk the same way you do, and just seem to “get” you in a way that no other relationship ever has. It’s very similar to the honeymoon phase of any relationship, but with a deeper feeling that there is a deeper more unconditional twin flame love igniting. Because there is!

Twin Flame Awakening Stage—The infatuation that can only be introduced by unconditional love.

Step 2: The Test.

No matter how spiritually ordained the twin flame connection is, the twin flame love is a love that happens in a physical world. So you are going to experience some physical challenges along the way. They may not be actual physical challenges, but they are challenges from a life perspective. This is the testing stage of the stages of the twin flame union. The honeymoon is over! And along comes life. You’ve settled into your perfect relationship, only to realize that life has some tests in store for you. And in this stage of the twin flame connection, your Ego emerges. You are no longer enamored by every little thing they do. In fact every little thing may annoy you. And Destiny may send some temptations your way. Or theirs. Will you stay true?

How to tell if you are in this stage:

This is the stage of doubt. Where your Ego begins to feed you lines like, you are not worthy of this kind of love, or all of this unconditional love is just in your head. You may begin to view your twin with suspicion, or they may do the same. For whatever reason, reality has set in, or at least what feels like reality, and one or both of the twins have doubts. Doubts aren’t the only clue. If you are trying to fit your relationship to fit the world’s standards, you will feel very tested in stage two of the twin flame stages. The purpose of this stage of the twin flame stages is to stay true, no matter what.

Step 3: The crisis, when live throws a curveball.

lovers energyI’ve said it before. If your relationship is easy, it doesn’t have the kind of depth you deserve. Relationships are complicated. And the twin flame connection is the most complicated one of all. It is rooted in unconditional love which is a Divine principle. But it is also rooted in the Earthly plane, where physical and practical matters regularly interfere with our daily lives. So in stage 3 of the stages of the twin flame connection, you are getting these life curve balls. One or another of you moves away, gives in to temptation, or simply begins to pull away because of a life and practical matter. The true crisis in this stage is knowing you can’t have it all. You must reject your preconceived notions of love, or reject your twin flame. It’s a painful time. What will you decide?

How to tell if you are in this stage:

You can tell you are in this stage if you are frequently pulling The Lovers card in Tarot readings. This is the ultimate card for decision making in love. A big crisis sits between you and your beloved. What will you choose? To pass through this stage of the twin flame stages, you must realize that you can’t have a perfect relationship, and a twin flame connection as well. No such animal exists. So you need to accept what is, and embrace it. It’s kind of like, believing you are lucky enough to have this love no matter what, even if it doesn’t look perfect. I knew a couple once where the gentleman had to relocate due to work, and had no choice in the matter. So the crisis was, do they stay together in this unconventional relationship? Or do they split up in the hopes of finding the perfect “practical” kind of love? With twin flame love, there is only ever one choice. This crisis stage for them though lasted one full year. It ain’t easy, but it’s love.

Twin Flame Runner Dynamic—It could even happen to a Princess….

Stage 4: Someone’s gotta run.

You may think that the perfect relationship has no problems. But as we said when discussing soulmates earlier, the twin flame relationship is actually almost nothing but problems. And in the most perfect of relationships, at some time, someone is gonna run. Yes, even in fairy tales. So if there is a lot of angst in your love, and you just can’t seem to breakup no matter what, that’s one of the more obvious twin flame signs, actually. Sorry for the pain, but that’s the truth. It’s only a stage remember. The twin flame runner stage is one of the most commonly known stages of the twin flame union. And this is probably because it causes the most pain, out of all of them. This is exactly what it sounds like unfortunately. Someone’s gotta run. The likelihood that both of you will come out of the crisis stage feeling exactly the same about each other in this practical world is slim to none. Well, maybe you will love each other like crazy still. But that doesn’t mean you will stay together. In fact it is destined that you will not. A little separation is needed for both of you. To get those egos in check, and realize that you really do have the greatest love of all. This stage could last years, and some people even marry others during it. And this is why this is the most painful stage of all.

How to tell if you are in this stage:

You know if you are in the running stage of the twin flame stages. You are heartbroken, lost, and don’t know how you can go on. But you can. And you will. Because you have a love that can not be broken. Contrary to popular conception, love really does conquer all when it comes to the twin flame connection. If you are in this stage, time is the only thing you need. And you can contact and connect with your twin flame through meditation, prayers, and even telepathy. There is truth in the notion that twin flames and telepathy have a long history. So, just thinking about them truly brings them near. That’s another way you know you are in this stage. If they are gone, or you are, and you “feel” them without thinking of them first, you are experiencing twin flame and telepathy, and are instantly connected to your love. The bad news is the separation. The good news? It doesn’t last forever. Ask for twin flame signs from your angels, your guides, and yes even your twin flame. That’s what the twin flame telepathic connection is there for. 11:11 is a good sign, wish omens are others, keep wishing and praying, and most importantly communicating with your twin, and you do eventually get out of this stage.

Stage 5: Something’s gotta give. Surrender.

Dreamy windowYou can’t go through life being in pain all the time. This stage of the twin flame stages is very much like the acceptance stage of grief. You just can’t grieve someone your entire life. Something’s gotta give sometime. And this is the twin flame stage of surrender. You never know what stage your twin flame is on. And they may be on a completely different stage than you. As much as this is your journey together, it is also your individual journey. So in this stage, you release the pain of the running stage and literally just give this problem to God, the angels, your spirit guides, or whatever Higher Power or Deity you believe in. If you believe in twin flames, you believe in some Higher Power. Surrender this pain to them. The purpose of this stage is to come to this acceptance that being sad all the time isn’t helping. Let it go. Surrender it to a higher source, and miracles happen.

How to tell if you are in this stage:

This is another easy one to tell. If you have already gone through the heart wrenching grief of the twin flame runner stage, then you are already in this stage or quite close to it. In this stage, you keep the light on in your heart for your beloved, but go on with your life. You let the Universe and Higher Powers deal with it. That is the purpose of this stage. Realizing that you are not in control, and that you don’t have to deal with it all alone. Some twins don’t make it past this stage. You need to release that Ego, and truly give all of this to someone else. That’s when the miracles happen. So if you haven’t progressed through the twin flame stages as quickly as you like, you may be stuck on this stage, or in between the twin flame runner and surrender stages.

Stage 6: Illumination. Suddenly it all makes sense.

Once you give your love life to God, the angels, or the Higher Powers, you feel an immediate sense of liberation and relief. You now know that you have a Destiny, and that you don’t control it all. This is an illuminating experience, and a powerful one to have on this sexually crazed planet. Love is not all about what you can get out of it right now. It’s about what you have been putting into it for lifetimes, and what you will leave it with in this lifetime. This is a powerful illumination stage of the twin flame stages.

How to tell if you are in this stage:

If you have ever met someone that is smiling ear to ear about love, but hasn’t met or been with their lover in years, you know they are at this stage. And if that’s you, then you are getting very close to harmonizing with your twin! Only one stage left! Simply being okay with the state of your romantic affairs is the hallmark of this stage. You may not be together yet, but your twin flame love and your twin flame connection is strong enough that you feel it every day, even if they aren’t there with you.

Stage 7: Harmony.

winter lightWhen both of the twins in the twin flame connection reach the same stage at the same time, this is perfect harmony. And perfect harmony is the energy that fuels unconditional love. Both in the twin flame union have been experiencing the miracles of twin flame and telepathy, the pain of separation, and the surrender to the Higher Power. You are both now ready to come together in a more spiritually evolved way than you ever did before. This is the twin flame reunion you have been waiting for, and probably for years.

How to tell if you are in this stage:

It may have been years since your last meeting, but you can’t tell. Seeing them again in your twin flame reunion is like both seeing them for the first time, and the millionth time all over again. It is like any happy reunion. You have experienced enough pain by now to know that true unconditional love takes work, may experience some tests, but requires a surrender of Ego on both parts to truly experience the bliss and joy from this stage.

Here we got all laid down on a table. It is up to us to make our own love assessment to know if we are in a stage of twin flame love or not…enjoy your inner process.

Keep your love flame on!

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