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HEADS UP all – Soul Harmony universe followers! Mercury retrograde is on his movement to our lives! If you remember well from last year, it can give us: canceled flights, lost messages, contracts that go awry, and road trips that become nightmares. But there is a way how to over smart and even look towards to  Mercury retrograde and manifest miracle. Your winner maneuver starts with “Re” themes of Retrograde. Learn how to plan — not only survive Mercury Retrograde– but thrive with Grace and no trauma at all…

UNIVERSE IS ABOUT BALANCE. Therefore, everything on this planet has a light side, and a shadow side. The complications of Mercury Retrograde are all about the shadow side of this transit. But did you know that there are things that you can do to actually create miracles in your life when Mercury Retrograde is in play? That’s right!

  1. Re – pair

COMPLICATIONS are abundant during Mercury Retrograde. Those are often complications with vehicles, transportation, and paperwork. Many people find that these complications lead to expensive and exorbitant repairs. But these complications can often lead to an improved life. Sometimes, having your car break down can actually be a good thing! Same thing with your computer or whatever else might break down. So with the “Re” themes of Retrograde, you will see a lot of practical repairs necessarily coming your way. Don’t sweat it, a fixed and working car is a good thing, even if you have a wrinkled day over it.PC repair

Now, when it comes to other areas of your life, you can also use the repair theme to your advantage. Do you have a relationship that needs a little boost? Does your work life have some broken areas that you can attend to? If so, use the slowness of Mercury Retrograde to stop, pull back, and focus on repair. The energy of Mercury Retrograde will actually help you repair whatever it is that you need to repair, and repair it the right way.

 2. Re – consider

Remember that Mercury Retrograde is about the planet slowing down, no sudden movement. We advise that you DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACTS if you can avoid it, and avoid major travel plans or big talks in love if you can avoid it. Now, that does not mean that you should not be thinking about those things, it means you should avoid DOing those things.

left and right brain

Instead of DOing them, think about them. And for many of us, that will be unavoidable. We will automatically enter a period of reconsidering where we weigh options on many of the important areas of your life. If Mercury Retrograde sends you an issue in your life that you can’t stop thinking about, there’s a reason for that! Take the time to reconsider all facets of this problem, and the gift of Mercury Retrograde will help you manifest those miracles you are looking for.

 3. Re – flect


Along with reconsidering areas of your life during Mercury Retrograde, we come upon a period of the year where we will enter REFLECTION MODE. This is one of the most common themes of Mercury retrograde. Reflect, reflect, reflect. This is very much like reconsidering, except that with Reconsidering, you are examining all options. With reflection, you are examining one option in a specific area of your life.

So this might be a relationship gone sour, it might even be an old relationship that resurfaces in your mind. If it does, don’t push it away, it is coming to you for a reason! You may need to reflect on your current professional drive, or your goals. Whatever it is that you begin to think about without thinking about during Mercury Retrograde, this is something you need to put your attention to. If that person from 7 years ago that you once dated doesn’t stop coming to your mind, there’s a reason for that! If a job that you loved suddenly consumes your consciousness, there’s a reason for that! Use Mercury Retrograde to reflect on those reasons, and in all likelihood, by the time the transit is over, the actual reason this has come to you will manifest.

 4. Re – unite

One of the most magical things that happens during Mercury Retrograde is the REUNION OF SOUL MATES. If there is any time of year where soul mates will find each other, it will be during this period. This is one of the reasons I love Mercury Retrograde! I almost always get letters from people who have reconnected with someone during this transit.


Remember what we said about reflection! Even people who don’t “believe” in Mercury Retrograde feel this energy and enter their own reflection phase. So if you are thinking about someone from the past, and you don’t know why, chances are very good that they are thinking about you too. Don’t be surprised if you get a message or a call from them! And, if you don’t, and you still can’t get them off your mind, be the one to send that message. All you need to do is say “Thinking of you, hope you are well!” And then wait to see what the Universe has in store for you with this particular individual. Expect a reunion! Even if you don’t reconnect with your soul mate during this period, you can still expect some reunion energy to come into play during Mercury Retrograde. It may be an old friend from college, a former co-worker, or someone from your past finds you on Facebook.

5. Re – connect

Reconnecting during Mercury Retrograde is a very common thing that happens, and it is much like reuniting with people, but this theme is more about the current state of people in your life. With reunion, you come together with people from your past that you have not connected with in some time. With this theme, you make a point of connecting with people who you kind of let slide during the day-to-day busy of life.

coffee love

So do you have someone that you love that you keep putting off “that coffee” or “that drink” with because you’ve been too busy? Or do you have some catching up to do on correspondence or email? I like to use the time of Mercury Retrograde to reconnect with people that I have let slide. This way, you also avoid one of the potential pitfalls of Mercury Retrograde that come with lost messages. When you make the point to reconnect, and you make the point to initiate this contact with someone that you love, then you take control of Mercury Retrograde instead of letting IT take control of you.

MERCURY RETROGRADE can actually be one of the most special times of your life, if you play your cards right. By focusing on the light side, the positive qualities of Mercury retrograde themes, you can turn Mercury Retrograde shadows into light and manifest precisely the miracles that you wish in your life. In fact, many say that the period of Mercury Retrograde is the time of the year when things that are “destined” to happen to you…do! So if you are wishing to harness your own destiny, and manifest your own miracles, then follow this primer on how to use the themes of Mercury retrograde to your advantage!

Enjoy your Re – action in any department of your life upon Mercury Retro as you wish for…

Veronika Prielozna, MA in her harmonizing movements with our planets and stars from the above.

Reference: astrologyanswers.com