Most women buy into the lie that “men don’t like emotions.”But the truth is, a man LOVES emotions. He yearns for a woman who can help him feel his own feelings and therefore allow him to be himself. If you’re not in touch with your feelings, he won’t feel safe expressing his…..how to do it right?

WRONG WAY #1: The Logical Road (MIND)

In delight of dancing with you

You shine during a discussion and you have a lot in common. You impress a man and make him enjoy your company, but you may feel disappointed to learn that he feels no CHEMISTRY.

That’s because when you try to connect with a man through his mind, he doesn’t FEEL a thing!

Oh, he may “enjoy being with you,” but he just never gets TOUCHED by you in a deep, connected, emotional sense.

He never feels like he’s about to lose control of himself and fall in love.

WRONG WAY #2: The Physical Road (BODY)

lovers energyDespite what a lot of women think, men do not become attached through sex, even if it’s fabulous. We’ve all been sold on the idea that a woman who likes sex and is “good” in bed is ALL IMPORTANT to a man.

And it’s not. It’s just a small part of the whole picture for him.

All it DOES give you is a “sex buddy.” Not a partner, not a boyfriend, not a husband. You’ll also end up with a broken heart because you’ll get attached and he won’t want anything “real” with you.

WRONG WAY #3: The Spiritual Road (SPIRIT)


I meet many women who value their spiritual beliefs and want to be with a man who shares their values, spiritual interest and commitment.

It’s SO EASY to mistake the friendship that can grow between two people who worship in the same way and care about the same things for a passionate, emotional bond.

And yet, all that will get you – at best – is a deep friendship. He’ll tell everyone what a great woman you are, but he won’t be dreaming about you night after night or longing to hold you in his arms.

The Right Way To Inspire His Devotion: Connecting Through His Heart!


In order to connect with a man’s heart so he’ll feel compelled to be with you, worship and adore you the way you deserve, you have to feel YOUR own heart first. Once he feels your heart, he’ll open up his, creating a heart-to-heart connection that begins with expressing your feelings and being your most feminine, authentic self.

Keep dreaming, acting and manifesting based on your inner GPS and love will come.

Then, you become a Real Woman; you have magic in you!

“Real Women attract Real Men!”

Reference: Christian Carter