2015 is the year of Inner Power and Abundance in many aspect of our life. We have cause to celebrate because success is coming to us! And how can you be sure that 2015 is the year? Easy to calculate: 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8 of course!


#8: The Number of Prosperity and Abundance

The vibration of life path number 8 is that of manifesting success. The life path 8 in numerology means that financial abundance is coming to you! So again- yay! Take a minute to do your happy dance. Be grateful for all that you already have and all the gifts you’re going to receive this year. What a blessing 2015 will be!

# 8 is also the number of  KARMA ….

as the universal law of cause and effect (A.K.A. karma.) This means that you’ll reap what you sow. Feeling a little nervous because you haven’t been watering the seeds of your own success? Worry not! For it’s just the beginning of the year and you can still decide what seeds to plant! (Phew!)

Here’s how you can use this potent # 8 energy in the 3 core areas of health, career, and relationships to usher in success in 2015!

number 8#8: The Number of Health and Strength

# 8 carries the energy of INNER STRENGTH. You can harness this vibration and use it to increase the willpower you already have – and we each have at least some willpower. Whether it’s eating better or getting more physical activity, this year’s energy is just the boost you need to stay committed to a health regime!

# 8: The Number of Wealth Number

You can take some of the gifts of this year straight to the bank… and to the office. The number 8, more than any other number, puts the emphasis in the areas of career, business, and finances. Personal power and achievement are in the works for you in 2015 – so be sure to step up and claim them!

#8: The Number of Infinite Love

The shape of the number 8 reveals an important part of its energy: balance. This means you’ll be able to grow and succeed in all areas of your life… including relationships. #8 teaches you the importance of balancing the amount of time and energy you’re spending on all your endeavors so you have enough left to create loving relationships.

Remember you get what you give… so give love!

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