I was a solo journeyman….

a lone wolf, independent; like many men, I thought that freedom was to be found in solitude, meditation and contemplation. Due to my youth at the time, I could not see that my longing for union with Gaia, and her natural wildness, was also a longing for Woman; for union with her Wild Womb, and for the untamed, wild, feeling nature of my own feminine self. I desired to truly meet the Feminine in all her wild and beautiful elements, and to remember how the masculine was an integral part of this vast, dynamic beauty.couple 

For it is this communion with the Feminine that truly births the Wild Masculine.

Over time I came to understand….

that separating myself from the feminine; from intimate connection and relationship, in a bid for true freedom would only create another prison on the inner realms – and sleeping in the arms of the forest, watching the tapestry of midnight starlight, could not replace the homecoming of sleeping in the arms of the feminine and her soft, embracing light.

couple 1

Love is our birthright, and within Love lies the greatest freedom. Love is the wildness.

~Azra Bertrand
Excerpt from: http://www.thefountainoflife.org/…/sacred-masculine/into-t…/