If all you have is a LOVE SHIP…..

you are unlikely to survive troubled waters. With no ability to work together to overcome love’s challenges, it will be very difficult to remain afloat. At some point on the journey, your ship is going to capsize. Boat and sun

What is love without relatedness?

If all you have is a relationship, then you may well remain afloat, but there will be a longing for something more, a love that sets your soul ablaze.

What is relatedness without love?

But if you have a loveship AND a relationship, there is no limit to how far your bond can travel. Love that is grounded in healthy relatedness is like a buffer against the madness of the world. The more difficult the challenges, the stronger the bond grows.

The bigger the tidal wave, the sturdier the foundation that meets it…

Bo Voyage to you all!

~ Jeff Brown