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Raise your hand if you’re over 2014.

It’s been a wild ride — a seven year in numerology and the Year of the Horse, which are both restless, active energies. With 2015 upon us, we are entering an eight year: a time of abundance. Get ready to make it rain, stargazers!

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The Year of the Sheep begins a few weeks from now, too, which is meant to bring some peace and tranquility to the world. We could all use some of that right about now. The stars are looking luxurious for New Year’s Eve, so make your festivities decadent, whether you’re sipping vintage bubbly at home or raising your glass during an epic DJ set.


Bring on the sequins, metallic, and colorful faux fur. January 31 has a lurid lunar forecast for Capricorns, and there’s a good chance you’ll end the night swinging from the chandeliers. Go ahead and splurge on tickets to that big event.

Pucker up, too; you’ll have first dibs when it comes a midnight kiss. Why not initiate one? If you’ve found your match, you could start 2015 on a romantic high, pledging your undying love under the spray of fireworks.

Single Caps could feel the sparks with someone you meet professionally. Don’t blur lines for a basic fling. Take it slowly and see if a deeper connection develops this month.

Your money mojo heats up on Saturday when charming Venus moves into your financial sector until January 27. When it comes to success, it really is all about who you know. Join in social activities that help you connect to other movers and shakers.

Aquarius …

Party at Chez Aquarius? Home is where your heart is this New Year’s Eve. For some Water Bearers, this could bring a chance to polish up your hosting skills and raise the roof playing DJ. You may feel a little too low-key to brave the crowds this December 31, so don’t force it. An intimate gathering with close friends and family, or even drinks at a local joint will be plenty fun, too. All the New Year’s Eve hype never quite delivers, anyway. Instead of trying to find THE party, make the people you’re with the main event; with great company, it doesn’t matter WHERE you are.

Mark Saturday as the start of your romantic New Year. Love planet Venus swoops into Aquarius until January 27, an early gift from Cupid for sure. Start fresh in affairs of the heart, whether you’re releasing a grudge you’ve been holding against your partner or shaking off the breakup blues and getting back out there.

Pisces ….

Come on out of your cozy cocoon, Pisces, as a social December 31 is in the stars for you. Mingle with a new crowd and only invite your lighthearted friends along for the celebration. The last thing you need is a Debbie Downer or drama queen trying to dim your sparkle — or worse, make you feel guilty for having a great time. Hanging out with a sibling or a neighbor could also be fun. Consider hosting a pre-party at at your place so you can sip a little extra bubbly before buying pricey drinks at the club.

On Sunday, the full moon in Cancer lights up your fifth house of fame and romance. A budding attraction could quickly heat up, or you may be inspired to get back into the dating game again. As you prepare to re-enter the workforce next week, make sure you’re dressed to impress. The two weeks following Sunday’s full moon could bring major attention (even some publicity) for your hard work in 2014.


Aries ….

Shivering in Times Square for an hours-long countdown is so NOT happening for you this NYE. The moon will be in comfort-seeking and luxury-loving Taurus on Wednesday so drop the leopard duster in coat check and settle down for a fancy dinner with your favorites. Did you wait until the last minute to make your reservation? You might just get lucky and nab someone’s cancellation. Dancing to a live band at an invite-only party would be fun after that. Some Rams would be happy to watch the ball drop from home with a meal of your own making.

Your festive spirit really kicks in on Thursday, so rally friends mid-day for some post-hangover revelry. Your first resolution of 2015: to learn to become a great team player. Fame is imminent, Aries, but in the year ahead, you may collect a few of your biggest awards as part of an ensemble cast.


With the moon in Taurus on NYE, you are the celebutante of the ball. Scrap plans to huddle by the fireplace with family. You need to be out and about, maybe front and center under the street cam at Ryan Seacrest’s Times Square shindig, or party-hopping through a happening neighborhood. While some Bulls won’t mind being a party of one — you’ll meet people along the way — it’s always more fun with friends. Keep the guest list tight; one or two independent, adventurous pals will be enough (the ones who won’t mind when you slip into the corner for a late-night kiss).

Start 2015 with a focus on career resolutions. Your biggest ambitions are in the spotlight on New Year’s Day, but the challenge will be balancing them against the requirements of your personal life. Will you need to move or travel more? How can you get your inner circle looped in so that you can all win together? Questions like these are worth pondering and discussing for the rest of the week.

Gemini …

While you’re usually the first one dancing on the bar, this NYE brings a more soulful starmap. Before you hit the scene, host a small gathering with friends to review your highlights from 2014 and share what you’re each planning to leave behind. Heck, you might even turn it into a ceremonial purging: Write those “goodbye to you” lists and SAFELY light ‘em on fire (somewhere outside so you don’t take down the apartment building). A midnight meditation might be your preference — at least as a first stop before you wedge your way into the middle of the dance floor.

While you might have a dull hangover on January 1, you’ll also wake up with wanderlust coursing through your veins. With Mars and Jupiter trading friendly fire, your desire to put your name on the world map should be resolution #1. Touring rockstar? Online entrepreneur? Traveling consultant? The sky is the limit in 2015. Your love life eases up this weekend as Venus moves out of your intense eighth house. If you didn’t get your overrated midnight kiss, who cares? Romantic adventures will be plentiful and colorful until January 27.

Cancer …

Put an extra bottle of bubbly on ice. With the moon in your the more, the merrier 11th house on NYE, the head count of your entourage could grow exponentially by sundown. While you won’t mind mapping out the party plan, once the celebration is underway, cut loose and give yourself freedom to work the room. Be careful not to overspend on those pricey tickets. You’d have a better time at a laid-back venue (with a line-up of local bands) than a stuffy, black-tie affair.

When you wake up on January 1, your mind will be on your money; 2015 is off to a prosperous start for you, Cancer. Spend time envisioning the work you’d like to do. It might be time to invest in some training or join a networking group so you can meet the influencers in your field. Sunday marks the annual full moon in Cancer, which might feel more like a New Year than the actual holiday for you. Use the two weeks that follow the full moon to put your talents in the spotlight and self-promote (shamelessly, if necessary). Let your competitive nature come out to play and you can’t lose.

Leo …

Time to get fancy, Leo. With the moon in your 10th house of prestige and public image this NYE, step out looking like a style blogger’s dream subject. Three letters sum up your ideal celebration: V-I-P. If you don’t splurge on the high-end tickets, it’s no biggie. You’ll charm your way right past those velvet ropes. Hanging with the fellas, or one superlative dude, will also help you end the year on a high note.

New Year’s Day could bring some surprising developments for your love life. Did you really wake up in THAT person’s arms? You could be floating on a bliss bubble or feeling super confined and ready to start fresh in 2015. Try not to make any drastic decisions in your Champagne haze. With amorous Venus moving into your commitment zone from Saturday until January 27, you’ll be able to ease into — or out of — an exclusive relationship with grace and love.

Virgo …

White Party in Ubud? Peninsula Hotel in Paris? With the moon in your jetsetting ninth house this NYE, away from home is where you want to be. If you’ve hopped a plane off the continent, lucky you! For Virgos who aren’t adding new stamps to their passports this December 31, some sort of scenery change is still required. Aim for an out-of-the-ordinary experience. Even a swanky hotel bar could work, giving you a chance to rub shoulders with travelers rolling through your town. And, leave the “Klingons” on the Starship.

Your independent, outgoing nature is full force on the 31st. Tending to a shy friend — or helping the one who doesn’t know her limits stagger home — will be a major buzzkill. Enjoy a couple more days of hedonism around January 1.

By Saturday, you’ll be ready to kick those wellness resolutions into high gear. With beautifying Venus moving into your healthy living sector until January 27, find a studio or gym that you love and become a regular.


Libra …

Masquerade ball, anyone? With the moon in your mysterious and enchanting eighth house this NYE, you might just go undercover for your celebrations. Ooh la la! This seductive energy could bring a midnight kiss from a sultry stranger.

Already crazy in love? Ring in 2015 with a celebration for two. Nothing wrong with heading home early with a bottle of Veuve tucked in your bag to share. At the very least, cozy up for dinner (or a pre-party romp) before meeting the gang on the town. On Saturday, Cupid makes an early appearance, so forget about waiting for February 14 to get your 2015 love game going. With Venus moving into Aquarius and your fifth house of amour until January 27, the admirers will line up. Set your style free, too. You don’t have to drown in fleece just because it’s winter. With glamorous Venus in the house, shop for a new coat, hat, and boots so you can step out looking stunning, snowy sidewalks and all.

Scorpio …

Table for two, s’il vous plaît. With the moon in your partnership house this NYE, ring in 2015 with THE most important person in your life, be it your love interest, sister, or your BFF. Even if you do add others to your entourage, keep your list small. You’ll be in no mood to track down a horde of drunken revelers as you rally to new locations throughout the night.

Before you don your party dress, meet up with friends to share resolutions or even make vision boards for 2015. If you can dream it, you can do it, Scorpio. Your nesting instincts kick into high gear on Saturday when Venus decamps to Aquarius and your cozy fourth house until January 27. Making your place feel like a home could be your first resolution.

Sagittarius …

You’re the one holding the list this NYE, Sagittarius as the planets appoint you social organizer for the festivities. Choose your party people carefully. It will be harder to slip past those red velvet ropes if you’re rolling 10 deep. Before you don your sequined dress, fit in a volunteer shift. Karma can’t hurt. Some Archers may agree to play designated driver or line up the limo service or Uber to shuttle your crew around town. Don’t let people throw your plan off by adding last minute changes and requests. They can go their own way if they don’t like your itinerary.

You’ll wake up with a heavy dose of wanderlust on January 1. Where will your first trip of 2015 be? Broaden your horizons by exploring a new corner of the world. If funds aren’t available right now, start a special savings account and soon they shall be.

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