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“All that everyone really wants can be summed up in one word: CONNECTION.

You and everyone you know seeks to feel connected. That feeling that you get when you connect with another being gives you the same sensation that you have as you recognize yourselves as Source Energy. Source knows Itself as all. Therefore, there is not really a connection between Source and any other being or a connection within Source, as SOURCE knows Itself.


But as you know yourselves as separate…

you feel isolated and alone much of the time. And that is why you seek each other out in relationships, partnerships, friendships, and in family. You are engaging in the reassembly of who and what you are. You are beginning to recognize more and more the self that you are housed in the body of another. And when you do recognize the oneness, you feel at home.

You also acknowledge that you and this other one have played together many times in many forms, all across your universe. But the story is much bigger than that. The story extends all the way to your origin as Source Energy. That feeling of being connected is one that you can find regardless of whether there is anyone else in your life that you feel that recognition with, for you have the ability to find your Source within you and to know yourselves as It.

So while the recognition and the connection is a wonderful thing…

once again, we tell you that it is a reminder of something that is within you that is unbreakable, undeniable, and un-repressible. So give yourselves that sensation as often as you can, and your connections with others will be far more profound than anything you have experienced thus far.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

~ Archangel Michael
channeled through Daniel Scranton