WINTER  as a Water element….

On December 21st, occurs the shortest day of the year, the darkest time of the Five Element Cycle.  This is when our Chi (Vital Energy) is in the deepest level of our bodies.  It is when we have more time alone with ourselves and with our thought.

winter light

Take the time to LISTEN…..

listen to your thoughts; to the sounds of family and friends gathered around the table; to the sounds of silence when the snow falls; to the gleeful sounds of childrens’ laughter as they play in the outdoors; to the sounds of musical get-togethers etc.

LISTEN to your  body’s story….

as they tell us to go to bed earlier; eat warm comforting foods; dress warmly; and reduce our social activities etc.  If we don’t heed the call for rest, come Spring time when our Chi begins to move outward in our bodies, our immunity will be compromised and we will lack the ability to ward off colds and stay healthy.

Turn Darkness slowly into Light and  gather your inner strength for a new time to come.

Reference: Acupressure Five Elements Theory