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Tribe Lakota, the woman Bison, describes seven stages that keeps the women in their path towards self – actualization. The origin of the myth Lakota is known as ‘ the path of beauty ‘ and it is a sacred ritual that lasts a lifetime.

woman in flow

1.  Path of a daughter….

This period is from birth until the emergence of the first rule. It’s still a girl, growing in all aspect of being, developing  in all kinds of education, example or a stimulus that he has presented to us. If all of these influences foreign are appropriate, structured and emotionally balanced, the girl you will be developing the balance, respect, dignity and self-confidence then there will have to be like resources to carry a life in harmony with everything that exists.

2. Path of a woman…

Embraces the years in which a woman develops the belief in themselves, learning to control your life, independent of adults. Learn through personal experience to develop their own answers emotional and mental and choose your relationships. It starts to explore your sexuality and to build their spirituality. Are the years in which begins to known y, little by little, is to be a person who is responsible and mature ( in our current society, this period is from the teens to the 28-32 years ).

3. Path of a mother…

Mother EarthFrom the point of view, spiritual, the birth of a child is the most important thing in the life of a woman ; since then, walk in to be a part of the community spiritual feminine. Crossing the border between life and death with the childbirth is received in the community of the matronas, where it starts the true education. In the period of the mother learn the discipline of the sacrifice: Body, time, psyche, knowledge, a social life. Condition economic relations and values are set at the service of the children. This passage, ambivalent like no other, the pushes to overcome all the limits that I had planned. Learn to control completely their world, trying to reconcile the needs of individuals with the demands external we constantly fall on her ; Is that the powerful balance between the reality of the internal and external on which rests the Sacred ritual. In the path of the mother, the spiritual life by the women put their roots, and in Flower: We must not forget that in many cultures old giving birth to symbolization for the woman as an initiation.

4.  Path of a Wisdom keeper and Ritual performer…

Both roads are so old as a human race. Pick up is a discipline that demands respect before nothing ; develops special powers of observation and discernment in the knowledge of the seasons of the climate, the Astronomy and healing. Navy only of knowledge, intuition and prayer, the woman collect a huge amount of plants and substances minerals in the kitchen, magic, hygiene and cosmetics. The redecorate has to know perfectly well aware of where and when you find what he needs the most appropriate way to preserve, storage, prepare for the substances and use them in conditions that are effective and inoculate. A woman medicine native never used the same to remedy the situation at the same symptom physicist in different patients, as it comes to being in its entirety. For her, ‘ DO MEDICINE ‘ is known to the patient, her family, his condition spiritual, mental, physical, environmental and social, and how to combine all this in the process of healing. The candidate – chamana is also very much aware of the spirit that is, after the plant, a stone or crystal used in the treatment, to whom we have to say thank you for the help that you are driving.

This part of the work of a woman medicine is characterized by the tension spiritual, although not as strong as its first childbirth, his first set of rules or your responsibility to young woman to learn how to respect the other ( humans and inhuman ) and a itself. A woman medicine that has not managed to strike a balance, responsibility and being aware that can be a disaster for the whole community, because the power of the woman is big, and how much more to develop the discipline and devotion, more will increase your power.

Women who are still the path of wisdom and ritual collector must be internally safe, be deeply concerned by the spiritual life on the planet and to be able to sacrifice his job and your self for the sake of the community.

The law is Spiritual basic to the woman is a quick on the way is that the candidate to chamana gives and gives you a lot of time before pick up, even though it is only a little, and everything that comes from your hard work and evidence of what has to use in feed and the promotion of life.

6. Path of a teacher…

Learning, experiencing, feeding and working woman reaches the age. In is a way for transmission of wisdom. It is happening through  sharing with each other techniques, theories and the experiences. It is honor to become a teacher.

Enters the menopause so deep and mature as a fruit, such as the Flora. If it has followed the path described earlier in harmony will enter into the kingdom of the Sacred as a member of the community cosmic. Law which has been gained through their work, sacrifice and devotion. In this moment can choose from its field of action, given that it is a woman medicine, though there are other ways less obvious to be dexterous. You can choose the policy, Public Service, or any other profession ; practice a healthy form and spiritual everything we decide to be. It may also choose to stay isolated or being a grandmother, continuing with her grandchildren.

The way in which an old lady approach to its skill and his wisdom depends on the nature of work spiritual towards which has been bring it. A large proportion of their education is transmitted via the example of this ; she’s a model for women most young people in the way, and his presence and essence revitalization and enrich the lives of their community as a whole.

7. Path of a wise Woman / counselor


We have reached the age, the chamana comes in the period of the skill, having developed a true wisdom. The sense of balance which characterizes the universe is now part of the deep she, as well as the sense of humor. Is in direct contact with facts natural and  being able to accept the guidelines. The sphere of its work has transcendence its being a personal and private, and your family ; your community spreads now back to the stars. It is a being sacred: It is complete.

The Seven roads ….

provide to the greatest force, discipline and the profound connection that needs to harness the power of spiritual without causing damage to themselves or the other. I would help to develop humility, order, respect, dignity and the sense to take care to every creature, providing a thorough understanding of itself, in aspects of internal and external.

These seven ways are every woman who wants to increase its power of spiritual through an entire life, bearing in mind that every trial or difficulty which we will overcome this is a further step that we are taking place in our trip to the whole.


EXTRACT from the book Mother Earth, and Sister Moon; https://www.facebook.com/circulosagradodemujeres