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This Christmas, I was driving my cute blue sapphire car to meet my inner circle of friends. While waiting at many intersections for the green light, I heard my inner voice: “Tell me who are they (my inner circle friends) and who are you to them?” I already knew, there is no way to escape this nagging question; then, I dug deep and replied: “We are like modern-day THREE MUSKETEER LADIES – All for ONE and one for ALL!” Then, who are you to them and what did you bring to the circle?” I am the D’Artagnan! I replied in a heartbeat!


Arriving at our inner Harbour coffee place for our annual Christmas gathering, I shared my inner time traveling soul dialog with my girlfriends.  All the fun was about to start…

In no time, I explained to them my soul’s journey. They jumped on my wagon that carried us to a new fantasyland with a promise of excitement, romance and deep rich self-evaluation at the end .

Who doesn’t remember a novel by Alexander Dumas entitled ” The Three Musketeers?!” and many movies made like this? In France, in the 18th century ‘Romance Quest’ was still hot in the air. It mixed intrigue with chivalry, bravery, immorality, mystery, and dramatic encounters with an honorable man who would protect a woman with his life! What values for life!

The story is not just about the Three Musketeers. It is also about the fourth one!I continued, “I see you guys as…And, I transferred us to a medieval time with mirroring on our life in time of now.

My story …

You, my Musketeer Ladies – you were already well-known here when I, as a new enthusiastic newcomer (as a D’Artagnan), joined you to become one of the musketeers.  I led us to reflect on a time when I came to Canada, as a new immigrant, to become a nurse and then, join the work force.

My three Musketeers (Cynthia, Caroline and Dacia) were already well-trained, educated and established in their roles as pediatrics nurses…and I?  Similar as D’Artagnan, poor but noble in a soul, I left my family and country behind. I traveled a distance to become a musketeer in many fields of living arts. I mastered the use of innovated energetic swords to cut my way to places where there was no path before. Similar like D’Artagnan in the novel, his application to join the academy was refused like mine; however, I and D’Artagnan within me found ways to overcome all obstacles and being recognized for my skills and unbeaten spirit! Nowadays, I see how it all served us well! Both of us within me, we became more that we could ever dream about!

“And, Then Who Are We?”…

Sitting around the table, one Musketeer now in the 21st century, sipping on hot tea (not wine) asked a curious question. “Who am I in the circle?” We laughed to see our mirrors reflected in archetypes of famous musketeers. As a group of smart cookies, we used a smart phone to google and match characteristics to fill our curious taste buds.

Do you need to refresh your memory on Three Musketeers? Clink on the link here…



athos “You must be ATHOS!” I said being sure that it fits her well; Cynthia embodies all aspect of this archetype.

Being Athos means distinguished in every way–intellect, appearance, bravery, swordsmanship—yet, he is tortured by a deep melancholy, the source of which no one knows.

A brilliant swordsman, Athos is the glue that binds the Musketeers together. His character commands respect.

Athos is like a wise librarian, who searches and plans, reads all in the details small print included. Thank God to have Athos in our inner circle!


PothosPORTHOS is a loyal friend, gullible nature and a man who lives life to the fullest. This matches Caroline’s Cancer sign.

Triumphing over every kind of adversity, Porthos tends to look to fill a place of family in his heart. He finds a piece of the puzzle with the Musketeers! He is intensely loyal to his friends and a natural fighter who you always want on your side in a fight.

Self-educated-Caroline loves learning!- Porthos has a lively sense of humor but is not a man to cross. As Cancers have a love of family, home, lively imagination, childlike wonder & humor…the crabs shell is thick & protective against the ills of life!


aramisARAMIS is charming but deadly, a great lover and a great fighter – Aramis is a man of fascinating contrasts.

He is portrayed as constantly ambitious and unsatisfied: as a musketeer, he yearns to become an abbé; but when an abbé he wishes for the life of the soldier.

After a couple of years they work together to bring peace to the king’s court and kept the queen’s affair out of pubic. Aramis holds very firmly to the sacred concept of friendship.  For this time, our Aramis was not able join us for this simple combat for this time, but his fast healing is in a process and re-join us very soon.…


DartanianD’ARTANGNAN is charismatic, impulsive and ridiculously brave with a fierce appetite for justice and freedom.

D’Artagnan has seen enough of the world to despise its corruption and compromise. Raised in the country and trained as a fighter since he was a boy, only Athos can match his exceptional skill with a sword.

Athletic and determined, he is also intensely romantic, with a moving capacity for true love. In time d’Artagnan will go on to be the greatest Musketeer of them all and a legend in his own lifetime.

From 21st. traveling back to history in winter time in the matter of clinking on the link…Enjoy it now!


As much as anything, in making us Musketeer Ladies, I was trying to adapt the ideas of Dumas as the reality allowed me to travel and return back in the time of now. And then, we crossed our swords in the air (our glasses of good wine) saying “For the Queen! For the Inner Queen in us!”, I added.  We will fight and make our journeys the best ever year to come (2015)!….and we sealed all with a good portion of healthy laughter…

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all who is reading this post!

PS: Driving back home, I was quietly wondering in my spirit “where my cute blue sapphire car will take me on my soul time traveling next…?”

moje auticko1Written by VERONIKA PRIELOZNA and infinite potential of a human thought running through her 3th eye while driving her car; it activated a hotheaded youth archetype known as D’Artagnan which was spread to her inner circle of noble souls by sharing her soul time travel encounter. Veronika is well-known for her passion for inner soul traveling, archetype dreaming and TAKING her action to turn all into reality in no time…https://veronikaprielozna.selz.com/

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