Reading a small post “An Irish Man and His Cap” that landed in my email, I found myself thinking …I might be one who can claim to be  — “Irish in the heart”; I, and Irish people, we share many things: simple and down to earth behavior, speaking to the point without fancy prelude….and I love wearing my hat too.

So, enjoy this Irish story….

irish hat

“From the wild craggy peaks of Donegal, the sheep are shorn, the wool is spun, the tweed woven and the cap crafted, according to a centuries old pattern.

They say a cap finds its owner…

For an Irishman’s cap is his lifelong friend. It brings warmth on cold days and comfort in the soft rain. And it has a language of its own.

Tipped up it says ‘I’m listening’; tilted and the owner has mischief in mind, pulled down it says ‘leave well alone’.

While some men feel the need to make a great show of dignity and respect when entering a house or a church; an Irishman simply removes his cap and quietly says what he needs to say.”

The source of wisdom: http://irelandofthewelcomes.com/home/