On November 22, 2014, a new Baby Moon will bring us such a new energy that can activate your passion for exploration. Like Indiana Jones, this energy which is governed by Neptune, who worked intensively at his university, shared his wisdom and knowledge with his students until the moment… when he suddenly needed to go….”Your traveling shoes might jump off from the shelf and you might be filled up with desire to reach new destination….

New Moon Baby


Here we are back on our moon chasing path leading us to the moment that all we will face to a NEW APPEARANCE of MOON. It is time to align our goals with our truth and set us traveling course right. Before we will progress further, let me share my joy of accomplishment first…

Let me pause for a second here….

Today, November 20, 2014, is one year since I did my very first post here. “What a journey using virtual tools to embrace the world!” Briefly, I am going to self reflect on my blogging journey…

Last year…

In the inner dialogue, I remember well my hesitation and vulnerability, when I asked myself: “What is your brilliance? (meaning: The brightest part of my life). I replied: soul communication, sharing wisdom, teaching and activating …..”What holds you back?” A question occurred… I paused. “Just do it and do it now!” … and, I did; since that time, I have been enjoying talking to you using all my Yin & Yang messages (many times hidden between the lines, images or videos)…… Thank you all for being part of my blogoshpere …so, let us re – focusing on our Mother Moon now….

BE WISE using time of NEW MOON to plan an exciting adventure, or plan to explore new worlds – inner and outer — within yourself by delving into a mystical philosophical practice that could expand your belief systems beyond your current paradigm. Widening your world view is a key component of this moon’s energy, so commit to looking with fresh eyes upon your world to see something new and invoke a New Adventure of the Spirit.

suitcase bridge

 THIS NEW MOON also has a close relationship with the planet of love—VENUS! This is a great time to take advantage of this energy and plant new seeds of love and beauty in your life. If you hold admiration for someone, then cultivate seeds of openheartedness and love toward them. If you admire the arts, then this is also a great time to explore new artistic creations. Let the gypsy out and get a little wild by exploring pleasure and tastes in a different way.

SATURN — the task master …

is also putting pressure on this moon’s energy asking us to move deeply in the direction of something new and vibrant (an adventure, a love, or a thing of beauty), and his energy can either super charge our efforts or stymie them if we don’t fully utilize this moon’s influence.

Luckily, NEPTUNE …..

is also exerting force in asking us to make the journey of the soul by assisting us in seeing these new landscapes through the lens of our spirit.

TRANSCENDENCE can be found if we apply ourselves and this energy to these key areas in life and open our eyes to the multitude of new adventures that exist in the world inside and the world outside.

What To Do And How To Use It For Your Benefits?

Remember that first burst of exuberance you felt when you started out on a fun road trip? Or how about that brand new love affair…. Whoa. Yes. There’s absolutely nothing like it. Skin tingles. Butterflies flutter in the stomach, colors get more vivid, food tastes delicious… and the adventure is underway. You’re unstoppable!

FAITH is a key…

Along with that passionate new-ness comes this delirious impetuous-ness. We make fewer plans. Give little thought to ramifications. Happily set out where others fear to tread. Consequences? Road maps? GPS? Phttt.


In astro-speak, Jupiter is the celestial body that is All About Faith. Oh it takes up space alright; this is the largest planet (larger than all the other planets put together!) and the greatest Inducer of Faith. Guru Planet. Eternal Optimist. And while we’re on the subject, I need to point out that Jupiter rules (this New Moon in) Sagittarius.

Alignment with YOGA….

Just think. Every time you step onto your yoga mat, you set out on your own mission: passion. devotion, loyalty, faithfulness… you show up, take one step toward the divine, and the divine universe take 10 steps toward you, to support and reward you in one way, or another. Every. Time.

Faithfully FOLLOW YOUR BLISS and you stand a very good chance of gaining the loyalty (to yourSelf, first and foremost) and the recognition (from yourSelf, first and foremost) that you need to succeed: it begins with a trickle then floods in from people, places, and events… and it grows and grows. Grace happens. Have faith.


Do you live as much of your life as you can muster, based on faith? Ask yourself this very-Sagittarian question: am I living my dream?

Are you honoring your passion, doing what really matters to you? Do you have faith in the raw adventure of the open road, the road less traveled? Or has a little too much of the practicality and predictability, paint-by-number, medicated, mapped-out lifestyle crept in? Hmm?


Woman in Warrior Pose

Outstretch both arms in the long, straight arrow of the Sagittarius bow-and-arrow (symbol for Sadge) and as you bend your front knee, lower your hips toward the earth and feel that fresh gust of wind in your sails… breathe fresh new prana life-force into and through your hip joints = Sagittarius.

Enjoy the new adventures of spirit, love and beauty that this moon is calling forth from within you!

Bo Voyage, Faithful Warriors, on your travel forward in right time, in right direction. New Moon Blessings!

VERONIKA PRIELOZNA holds Masters of Healing Arts and Wisdom, a Nurse, World Wide Traveler, Tango Dance Lover, Yoga practitioner, Moon Chaser and Living Harmony Keeper @ home and around with her smile and ancient wisdom in her soul. https://veronikaprielozna.selz.com/

Gratitude for sharing wisdom goes to: http://yoganonymous.com