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Johanna Putnoi’s clear, refreshing voice embodies her down-to-earth message:

“Your body is your home…..

what being human is all about. Living fully in your body will change your relationship to everything – to yourself, to others, and to the earth. You will be more aware of what you choose to put into your body, who you choose to share your body with, and how you treat the environment your body lives in.

Body wisdom

In its wisdom, our body is continually sending us signals…

We know we should pay attention to these signals, but . . . our mind takes over. We reject the body as wrong – too weak, too big, too fat, too old. So instead of listening to our body’s natural wisdom, we do the exact opposite and then wonder why we don’t feel better.

 The human body comes equipped with ….

a brilliant physical response system that can tell us when to eat and when to rest, when to fight and when to run, who is dangerous and who will provide us a safe harbor. We are also born with an instinct to survive and prosper, to love and feel empathy for one another, to experience passion and pleasure.”

The source of wisdom: https://www.facebook.com/sacred.dreams