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Hello Full Moon Lovers:

Time came to get ready for a full moon healing to heal and align. The Taurus Full Moon occurs on Thursday November 6, 2014 at 2:23pm pst/ 5:23pm est/ 10:23pm gmt. This full moon occurs at 15* of Scorpio and Taurus—the power gates of these two signs. Honored at SAMHAIN and BELTANE, these are the gates of winter and summer, death and life, darkness and light. The veils are thin when the sun passes over these degrees and energies can pass back and forth through the veils. Something significant can come through these gates if we call.


What do you love? Call to it!

We are still in the energy of death, so spend some time thinking about your ancestors—both your biological ones and your heart ones. Set up an altar to them and give them the food and drink they love best. If we honor the best of what came before us, we can bring those energies into the future.


Scorpio relates to how we are intimate with others, how we share values and ideals, how we differ and yet how we get along despite those differences. Scorpio helps us change through the alchemical bath in its cauldron of transformation.

Our Scorpio nature desires and fears in equal measure. We all desire, first and foremost, love. Our desires are centered on people, activities and things we love. But we also have a fear of love, a fear put there by patriarchal thinking. Because patriarchy has always feared love as the one force that can make you forget all loyalties and commitments to the social order. That’s why it’s so hard for most people to take the leap and stop working just for the money and start working at what they love.


This Taurus full moon will ground those desires, since Taurus is the builder and form-giver of the zodiac. This is the sign of manifestation, of bringing something into form. Taurus is also the sign of values—not just social values, but our personal values. What we value, we pursue. Taurus wants to know what we value in life, how we value life, and how we value ourselves. Reflecting on Scorpio’s hidden watery depths, this Taurus moon helps us become aware of what we want most in life. What will give us joy, what will bring us peace, what will open up our creativity!


The Sabian symbol for the sun at 15* Scorpio is: children playing around 5 mounds of sand. This image symbolizes the development of the higher creative mind. Humanity’s destiny is to develop into a five-fold being—the pentagram or Venus’ 5 pointed star. The number 5 symbolizes the mind in its most creative and penetrating aspect—the mind that can work through love.1   this is a symbol of future-oriented growth. So play around and see what you come up with!


The Sabian symbol for the moon at 15* Taurus is: head covered with a rakish silk hat, muffled against the cold, a man braves a storm. Hats symbolize authority and power. Since a hat covers the head, it contains our attitudes and opinions about things. This silk hat seems incongruous to wear in a storm, but there’s something endearing about the rakish tilt and the luxurious material that says that our thoughts must be sophisticated, noble and just a bit mischievous to brave the storms of life coming our way.

VENUS is still traveling with the sun and both are catching up with Saturn. Venus in Scorpio renews herself. Love is deep and passionate and committed. When Venus joins up with Saturn on November 12th, try to find a way to express your love—to yourself and to others. Saturn is another form-giver.

Mars and Pluto’s energies most definitely influence us on this full moon. Mars joins Pluto in Capricorn on November 10th and squares Uranus in Aries on November 12th, upping the ante on the desire to change! Expect emotional upheavals that will free up your energy. Mars and Pluto are all about the best use of power. Mars is focus and will while Pluto provides the power punch of evolution. When Uranus joins the story, expect the unexpected!

Power plays in Yoga alignments….

Mars represents ambition — and mars charged into Capricorn (October 26 – December 4), where our drive to succeed and achieve kicked into high gear.

HAVE NO FEAR. EXALTED (happy, empowered, effective) Mars in Capricorn manufactures a lust for life, making this an enormously powerful moment in time. Maximize your resources. Hone in on what matters. Use laser-like focus because these highly contained, controlled energies can greatly benefit your tribe.


Astral Asana

There’s nothing more enlivening than exposing oneself in a vulnerable situation. Feel your heart race, yeah baby. Feel your strength. Do camel pose to soak up the good juju.


Start in a knee-ling position (to appease Pluto + mars in Capricorn = knees). Bow forward to give thanks to mother nature + sun and moon. Return to a kneeling position, and drop back into camel pose. Uplift the chest. Elongate the neck. Expose your throat = taurus.

Peacock blue

Imagine a bright blue shimmer of the peacock’s long neck as you breathe life into the fifth chakra, vishuddha (a sanskrit term for purity). Located in the neck and throat, the fifth chakra is one of seven radiant jewels, more precious than any physical jewels — and this is the first of seven main chakras to focus solely on the spiritual plane.

After all thankfully, the Taurus moon will help us ground it. If you get too overwhelmed by the energies, meditate on being a tree. Reach your roots down into the earth and spread your branches to the heavens. Become the world tree, the axis on which everything spins. Get centered and you can ground this energy.

See you up there under the moon, all Full Moon Lovers, being vulnerable and strong at same time by doing your own inner healing watching over by Divine!

Veronika Prielozna, MA in passing the gates of winter and summer magic time.

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