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That is the question. Can you be questioned by the whole world and have an answer for it? And is your answer, “I AM A MAN OF INFINITY.”


It’s my belief that it doesn’t matter how strong or virtuous a man may be, there comes a time in life where you will have to face a twist in yourself; and we do not have the strength to take care of our own twist. Man is a marvelous machine, a seeder, he has the capacity to implant the future of his own self; it is the seeding capacity of God. Man has never valued his virtue, he has always valued his paraphernalia and his victories and his conquering nature and his territory and his possessions, but he has never valued his principles.


Man is a living experience, which can confront every temptation and still resurrect itself. Giving in is not a man; getting out is not a man. Man is an infinite fountain and source of that courage which has no end in itself. It is an endless seed; it lives to seed. Its faculty, its quality, its generality, its temperament, its achievement is not mortal.

I will share with you the story of a man called Nanak, who lives today as powerfully, as youthfully, as he lived then. When he lived in his body, it was to question him. Today, there is no question. Each one of you has that capacity to live beyond question. In life, men are questioned, challenged, and tested. Do you believe yourself to be a man or don’t you? That is the question. Can you be questioned by the whole world and have an answer for it? And is your answer, “I am a man of Infinity.” If you don’t want to call yourself a man of God, then call yourself a man of Infinity. Then your love is with Infinity and nothing else.

You inspire people to love, like a big ship takes all its cargo in its hull and carries it to its destination, but it doesn’t get attached to the cargo. Taking people to their destination is the destiny of the man; it is the dignity of the man; it is the divinity of the man.


Remember this: When as a man you react—it doesn’t matter what the temptation is or how hard the button is being pressed—then you are not a man. The difference between man and animal is so little; there is such a fine line you can’t believe it. If you react or provoke to react or ask to react or make to react, you are not a man. Man never reacts to environments, circumstances or pressures. Man accepts the challenge and makes his own way. I hardly believe that you understand what I am saying, because what I am saying is that people look like men, they even try to act like men, they even talk like men, and they believe and feel they are men, but the reality is they are not. Take it upon faith—that doesn’t mean he is real.

The first faculty of a man is that he MUST NOT REACT,


surronderby all provocations of the Universe, and he must not react to any and all the temptations of the universal Self, including God. God, through His nature, also makes man to react. Therefore, where you will be tested you never know. What you think is gold may be only glitter; every temptation has a very charming glitter to it that can make you blind, but that does not mean it’s gold.

Silver and platinum are very different but the only way you can tell is by weight and gravity. They look alike most of the time. Zirconium, the man-made diamond, has all the faculty of diamonds, it’s just that nature has proper laws of deflection and man cannot produce those. Otherwise, a $10 zirconium is sometimes clearer, better than a diamond; but it does not have the flaws, the reflections, that the natural diamond has. Even in hardness, a zirconium can now be proven to be just like a diamond, it is made just like a diamond……(to be continued)

From Man to Man: A Journal of Discovery for the Conscious Man

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan