Before you will hit a road traveling, know that  all is connected: your zodiac sign, the planets and interplay among them. All can create interesting attraction pull leading you to your Soul Mate that is waiting to be discovered by you.

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For example, if we look at how Venus, the planet the rules over love and harmony, is interacting with other planets we can see that today is a good day to get out there and mingle or we may see that Venus is not playing nice with the other aspected planets and your love horoscope may suggest you hold off on making new love connections on any given day. Beyond this, we also take a look at which of the Zodiac signs the planets are in as this can impact your horoscope as well. All of this comes together to allow us to give you the horoscopes that you so love and depend on for direction and guidance.

Ways to go about attracting a Cancer love interest vs. someone who is a Scorpio are really two completely different things. What one sign loves and admires, the other may not appreciate at all, in fact, a Scorpio may be turned off by things that a Cancer would love. This is where astrological love compatibility gets a little tricky.

So let’s take a look at how the different signs look at love and companionship and how to win over that someone special based on their Zodiac sign.

How to Attract an Aries:

ARIES IS ONE OF THOSE SIGNS THAT IS FLU OF FIRE AND INTENSITY, so if you plan to woo someone with an Aries Sun sign, you better be ready for a wild ride! Do not be timid when you approach an Aries for a date, but they will probably be the one pursuing you anyhow. Aries personalities love to know you appreciate them, so greeting your date with a compliment will start the date off right.

When deciding where to go for a first date, you can’t go wrong with a sporting event. The constant action will keep them engaged and excited the entire time. One thing to avoid is trying to dictate to an Aries how to do something or what they should be doing, this will not go over well and you will likely not get a second date should you make this compatibility faux pa.

How to attract a Taurus:

When it comes to attracting someone with a Taurus Sun sign, you will have to be the one to make the first move. Taurus tends to be slow to make up his mind and is rather analytical in all things, even relationships. High quality is something that someone with a Taurus Sun sign appreciates so if you take your date to dinner, make sure it is a top-notch restaurant. This will show that you, too, are concerned with high-quality things.

TAURUS IS VERY CONCERNED WITH COMFORT, SECURITY and with that comes monetary security. If your date suspects that you are a poor money manager or that you don’t have a good head on your shoulders for responsibility, you can count this relationship as being dead in the water. Show that you genuinely enjoy their company as being aloof will only drive your date away. Make good, intelligent conversation, and you are sure to win over your Taurean love interest.

How to attract a Gemini:

GEMINI IS ALL ABOUT COMMUNICATION, PHILOSOPHICAL THINKING AND GREAT CONVERSATION. One of the most cerebral signs of the Zodiac you can quickly impress a Gemini mate with your wit and wisdom. If you can come up with enough topic to discuss that they find interesting, you will have their attention all night.

If you are looking for a gift to give your Gemini love interest, bracelets and rings are the way to go as this will enhance their expressive hand gestures that are almost always used in conversation. If you find that your Gemini is flirtatious with others, don’t sweat it, this is simply the way that they are. Gemini is something of a social butterfly and should you try to clip their wings you will likely not be seeing them again.

How to attract a Cancer:

CANCER IS A RATHER VULNERABLE SIGN. You must always be sincere when talking to your Cancer love interest and do your best to be romantic. Walks along the beach, deep conversations about the future, and, of course, the things you find attractive about them are all things that will win over a Cancer Sun sign. Being crass or rude will get you nowhere when it comes to this love compatibility. Show your sensitive side, and if you have to pretend or are not being sincere with this, someone who is a Cancer Sun sign may not be the right one for you.

How to attract a Leo:

LEO IS ANOTHER OF THE MORE VIVACIOUS AND FIERY SIGNS of the Zodiac. To impress a Leo mate, you have to show that you enjoy things of quality. If you come across as being cheap, you will not get far with this Sun sign. When going out to dinner, spare no expense because Leo likes to travel in the first-class section.

Some pet peeves for Leo’s include women with far too much make up—Just be yourself, they want to get to know you without the distraction of makeup that hides who you truly are. Another pet peeve of Leo’s is being a tightwad. During the courting period spare no expense on your date, without breaking the bank of course.

How to attract a Virgo:

VIRGO IS RECLUSIVE AND PRIVATE BY NATURE. When getting to know your Virgo, know that this is one example of the love compatibility where everything is not common knowledge between the two of you. They may come across as cold or uncaring, but this is just how they are. If you can respect that you will gain their respect. When considering a gift for a Virgo go for something that is practical, and they can use in their everyday life.

How to attract a Libra:

LIBRA IS ALL ABOUT QUALITY. They like to travel in the best social circles and if you can hang you can earn their trust and possibly their love. They are very intelligent by nature and if you show that you appreciate this and show that you, too, share the same intelligence you will certainly win them over. Intelligence equals respect here so study up before your next date!

How to attract a Scorpio:

SCORPIO IS A RATHER UNPREDICTABLE SIGN and also like their privacy. When talking with Scorpio mates, you will need to listen intently to what they have to say, faking it will not make it here. They enjoy being in social situations, as well as all things related to the water and water sports. A fun activity for your Scorpio would be something like surprise water skiing lessons. They will love the spontaneity, and the experience will mean far more than any gift ever could.

How to attract a Sagittarius:

SAGITTARIUS LOVES THE OUTDOORS AND TALKING ABOUT THINGS that they find interesting. Strike up a conversation about current events, outdoor sports or pets and you will hold their attention for hours. You will know that a Sagittarius finds your relationship compatibility pleasing when they start to confide in you and even ask your advice. The biggest no no, when it comes to dating a Sagittarius, is infringing on their freedom or independence. This is sure to have them running for the hills. Don’t be surprised if your Sagittarius love interest one day disappears into the night as there are few people that they will commit to for life, but when you are together you will surely have a great time. Live in the moment, they do!

How to attract a Capricorn:

CAPRICORN IS A RATHER CAUTIOUS SIGN of the Zodiac, so earning their trust is a big part of their relationship compatibility. They love to listen and learn new things so if you have something new and interesting to discuss or something amusing to add to the conversation, you will have them eating out of the palm of your hand. Although this sign appreciates luxury, they are also very practical and splurging on gifts to impress will only give the impression that you are financially irresponsible. Since this could set off red flags that you don’t respect the value of a dollar this could be a large turnoff. One tip to be sure you take note of is always to be on time, Capricorn cannot stand tardiness and this will definitely start you off on the wrong foot.

How to attract an Aquarian:

AQUARIANS ARE HIGHLY SOCIAL CREATURES and when talking about relationship compatibility you are best to start out with some good conversation. They have many humanitarian interests so showing your humanitarian side will surely grab their attention. There are many, many things that Aquarians find to be fascinating so don’t be surprised if the conversation jumps from one topic to the next. One thing to avoid when dating an Aquarian is never to nag about their mistakes. Keep things lively and interesting and you will win over your Aquarian love interest, for sure, but never be boring or they will quickly lose interest.

How to attract Pisceans:

When you consider your love compatibility with a Pisces partner, you need to be ready to discuss things of the mystical realm. Pisceans are known for their interest in the supernatural, spiritualism, astrology and things of this nature. They make great listeners and are genuine in their replies.

Being very sentimental, Pisceans love things like birthdays and anniversaries so don’t miss any of those. Otherwise you’ll be finding yourself in the doghouse. They show a great appreciation for the arts so a first date to some place like an art exhibit will delight your Piscean date.

…and now you know all…Good luck on your journey to find your Soul Mate.

Yours, Veronika

The source of wisdom sharing: Courtney Witt