Be patient…and know that I am GOD!


1391464_603391929696968_213451717_nA friend recently gave me a copy of Mary Oliver’s poetry called Dream Work…

It is quite simply a gorgeous book and I had to share a poem here….because….Poetry is always sensual, tantric and healing. Poetry uses words to paint pictures, to tease our senses and to open our hearts. It teaches us to reflect on our lives and to notice the details in our experiences. A good poet with their exsquisite use of words, can pierce your heart on levels you never knew existed. Perhaps didn’t even know you were feeling. All at once it can make you pause and take notice of life happening right before you.

This is truly the intention of Sensual Tantric Healing, to inspire and to reveal. To slow down enough to smell the roses, to walk in the sunlight, to taste the food we eat, the friends we laugh with, to marvel at…

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