In order to survive Mercury in Retrograde: Think like a Trickster


Mercury, otherwise known as Hermes in Greek lore, is known for being a god of communication. However, he was also known for being able to make the other gods laugh, transport of souls from the other side, and there are stories of him lying, stealing and causing trouble with his gossip. Now, trickster gods aren’t just for the Romans and Greeks. There is, of course, Coyote among western native cultures, and Loki in the early Germanic lore, as well as many others. …and who doesn’t love some Loki?

Now, I’m not advocating you decide that you want to create the universe, take over Asgard and the Midgard, or even get yourself into trouble seducing a nymph you’re supposed to be guarding- but hey, who am I to judge you if you do? However, if you look at how to behave like a trickster, you might find your answer as to how to survive the retrograde.

Roll with those punches, baby…

Across the cultures, the tales of the Trickster gods all follow a similar pattern. Trickster wants what it wants. Goes after it, both barrels blazing. Chaos, of course, ensues. However, in all of that chaos, there are usually side benefits and the Trickster ends up getting a bad rap in spite of the end benefit. Going with our examples, there: when Mercury got busy with Larunda, the resultant two children were beneficial household gods. When Coyote got annoyed with some other Gods in one story, the result was the creation of the first man and woman and the 5th world, itself.

POINT BEING: if you understand that though things look insane, they’re probably not going to turn out all that bad- or, understanding that the problems you create can in fact, lead to good things: you’re thinking like a Trickster.

 Work with Mercury, not against Him

Another reason the Tricksters tend to find themselves in trouble is scrapping for control. Well, during these retrograde cycles, you probably note that a lot of what’s going on: you have no control over. It’s not like you can make the plane do what you want it to, and just you try explaining to the boss that well, Mercury is in retrograde and that’s why your alarm clock exploded and you got caught in traffic due to a Transformers battle at an intersection. Trust me, they don’t go for it, even when they know what Mercury in Retrograde is.

POINT BEING: One thing that is usually beneficial is rather than acting on things, or reacting to things: TAKE A STEP BACK. Think. Breathe in, breathe out and remain calm. The problem with the way you may react during a Mercury in Retrograde period is this: the retrograde only lasts for 3 WEEKS, give your take, whereas the consequences of poor communication can echo for years.

Be patient with yourself and others- remember, everyone’s dealing with this little bit of astrological FUBAR. Take the time to be more mindful of your words, and to understand that others need to be doing this, as well.

Oh, those giving Tricksters…

Tricksters are also well known for their ability to give those gifts that keep giving. While in mythology, this is usually offspring or other conundrums- in your life, Mercury’s retrograde can actually offer a few key benefits. Just remember that retrograde starts with re.

Many other really helpful things do, too. Words like repair, reconsider, re-evaluate, and reconnect. Mercury energy is all about those things and if you are working with him, not against him- you can make some real progress during this time. This is also a fantastic time for another re- word: reflect.

If you bear all these things in mind, and learn from the Trickster gods, you, too, can not only make it through Mercury in Retrograde- but you will be ready to tackle those things you’ve craftily plotted out during the time once the planet goes direct again on the 26th.

…and hopefully, none of those things involves a battle to the death with the Avengers. Spoiler alert: that just doesn’t end well for the handsome Loki. Sigh.

How did it go for you? Please let us know…

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