Twin flames are created together

at the beginning and share a unique destiny. Created in a fiery shell they were split into two spheres. One with a masculine polarity and the other with a feminine polarity. But both with the same pattern of divine identity. Although they have spent some life times apart and others together, they were meant to come back together. If they have united with their higher selves, they will be together forever.

soul mates

The bond between soul mates

is different to that between twin flames. While there is only one twin flame, we can have many soul mates. Soul mates share a common connection in life. They are partners and help to develop common virtues and to master the same chakras. These relationships are usually harmonious and satisfying. Soul mates can achieve great things together.

Then there are the Karmic relationships.

Two individuals brought here together to work a common karma.

The karmic bond may be the strongest of them all and often begins with the largest attraction at all.

The reason is that the soul has a deep longing to be free. She has the inner knowledge that this relationship is the key to the balance of karma. This karma is often very hard and may be filled with violence, hatred, and even murder. From time to time a feeling of emptiness and of loneliness occurs, which shows the feelings of inadequacy that here is a relationship solely built on karma. However, although these relationships are often very difficult, they are important to achieve self-control on the spiritual path.~

….and, here you have it all….Soul Harmony Seekers!

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