Back up your files, password protect your phone: It’s that time of year again, stargazers. This Monday, September 29, messenger Mercury turns retrograde until October 23, sending our communications into a bit of a tailspin.


We can do some damage control by making sure everything we say, write, or promise is crystal clear. Retrogrades ARE good times for all things “re,” such as reuniting, revising, and reviewing. So, take that walk down Memory Lane for a while. It could get rather sentimental — and romantic — because starting Monday, the sun strolls arm in arm through Libra with love-planet Venus , intensifying our urge to merge for three solid weeks.

Here’s your horoscopes for the week:


You are electric this week, Libra, as your ruling planet, Venus (the high priestess of love, beauty, and harmony), joins the sun in your sign until October 23. Are you ready for your close-up, you scene-stealer, you? Style bloggers could snap you on the street, or your talents could attract media attention. In love, you’ll have no trouble reeling ‘em in, but remaining interested in just one person? That could be the hard part. Bat those lashes, flirt shamelessly…but maybe not while your devoted partner is a few feet away. On Saturday, Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks, but here’s the real rub: from October 10 to 25, the backspin takes place in your sign. While this can bring a happy retro revival of past hobbies, friends, and interests, take pains to explain yourself clearly so that no one misreads your intentions.


Step aside, Cinderella, Scorpio has arrived. Fairy tale romances will be de rigeur for the next three weeks as romantic Venus syncs up with the sun. Don the tiara and the rose-colored glasses; you’d rather get lost in the fantasy than deal with the cold, hard facts. Just don’t screen out the red flags. We know you love the bad boys and girls, but don’t forget: you’re pretty darn sensitive beneath that tough exterior. But, when you’re feeling emo just go with it, Scorpio. Those moody blues could inspire a great work of music, literature, or art. On Saturday, expressive Mercury turns retrograde until October 25, but here’s the trickiest part. Until the 10th, the messenger planet is backstroking through Scorpioville, making for some frustrating misinterpretations of who you are and what you REALLY meant. Prepare to defend your own honor and explain yourself repeatedly through the 10th. You’re better off working behind the scenes during this phase than debuting any of your latest and greatest ideas.


Who says geeks finish last? This Monday, love-planet Venus joins the sun in your erudite 11th house making you swoon for the brainy types. You’re quite the iconoclast yourself, so use your stellar social skills to organize thought-provoking activities — or activism around causes that are near to your heart. You could meet a mate through a group hangout or an online connection now. Already spoken for? Socializing as a couple brings back the sparks, even if the vibe is more buddylicious than bootylicious for a few weeks. On Saturday, Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks and starts by exhuming a skeleton from the closet. Shame and suppressed sadness have no place in the world of the ever-authentic Archer! Bring those buried feelings out into the open and really own them — gorgeously honest, mascara-filled tears and all.


This week brings a heady mix of business and pleasure — and yes, the twain can meet. On Monday, romantic Venus joins the sun in Libra and your 10th house of career for three weeks. Crushing on a coworker is not out of the question (hooking up in the supposedly emptied office should be). If you’re in a relationship, you could team up with your sweetie on a professional project: a fantasy-come-true for your workaholic sign. Up your networking game, too, and woo work prospects with power lunches. Little efforts add up! This weekend, get the band back together. Social Mercury turns retrograde until October 25, making you long for your peeps from back in the day. The nostalgic journey could reveal new synergies, too, but wait until November to become an official member of ANY group again.


Does Tinder have a translation tool? Questions like these will be on your mind on Monday when ardent Venus joins the sun in your worldly ninth house until October 23. Amour could arrive with a sultry accent or from a culture quite different than your own. If you’re traveling over the coming three weeks, slip a sexy little somethin’ into your bag because, well, ya never know. A romantic getaway can bring back the love for coupled Aquarians. One caveat: From Saturday until October 25, Mercury will be retrograde, a thrice-yearly event that can mess with travel plans. Spare yourself the drama and just return to a place that holds meaningful memories for your relationship. Through October 10, Mercury retrograde could bring power struggles at work. Choose another time to rail against the authorities. Instead, develop your world domination plan behind the scenes and launch in November.


Dim the lights, hang that Do Not Disturb sign. You’re quite the lusty lady (or lad) as ardent Venus joins the sun in Libra from Monday until October 23. Possession is not only 9/10 of the law, but it’s what you fiercely crave. Steer clear of the wishy-washy commitment-phobes, and save your final rose for the hottie who wants to go all in. Lingerie-drawer refresher, anyone? Venus dictates your fashion choices so yours could veer towards the risqué over the coming weeks. On Saturday, rethink that plan to slip off on an October sabbatical. Mercury turns retrograde until the 25th — a less-than-ideal time for traveling or going MIA. You’ll be more candid than usual with Merc in reverse, but your arrows of truth will also pierce pretty deep. Go easy on ‘em, Pisces, and lean in to your compassionate nature when it’s time for the tough talks.


Hello, love magnet. Charming Venus joins the sun in Libra and your partnership house until October 23, upping the ante on your romantic game. Merge with someone who inspires you: You could start a band together or co-host a weekly event for your mutual friends. Coupled Aries might just end this Venus phase rocking some bling on THAT finger. There’s only one hitch: From Saturday ‘til October 25, Mercury will be retrograde — and this time it’s affecting your two-person efforts. Mixed signals could disrupt your reverie, and so could an ex! If you’re still fantasizing about “the one that got away,” look him/her up! A Mercury retrograde reunion could stoke the embers again.


Green is the new black, Taurus — as in kale smoothies and savvy financial planning. On Monday, radiant Venus joins the sun in your healthy living sector until October 23, turning up the wattage on your lit-from-within glow. Make self-care a priority: fresh food, regular exercise, and more than just a few post-rager hours of sleep. Socialize with your colleagues; head to some industry networking events, and you’ll strengthen some key professional relationships. On Saturday, Mercury turns retrograde until October 25 — until October 10, it will backstroke through your relationship house. Breathe, Bull: A love interest could suddenly become distant or argumentative. Rather than pulling on him/her, hit that extra spin class, book a massage, and organize your closets like a pro-stylist would. And, remind yourself that this too shall pass. It will.


When it comes to amour, Gemini, you just can’t skimp on the passion. Fortunately, you won’t even have to ponder such a notion between now and October 23. This Monday, love-planet Venus syncs up with the sun in your off-the-charts romantic fifth house. You’ll feel everything deeply now, so choose your partners wisely. Take the lead in love, too; your forwardness will be appreciated. Staying on top of the deeds could get a little tricky come Saturday when your cosmic ruler Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks. Steer clear of the water cooler, and watch what you send off using your work email. A coworker clash could get ugly fast if you don’t remain composed.


Bless this mess? Uh, we think not. This week brings another bite from the decorating bug as aesthete Venus hooks up with the sun in your domestic sector until October 23. The view must be soothing and beautiful for you to relax. You might even download a bagua map, and rearrange your rooms according to the basic principles of Feng Shui. One of your girls could play Cupid for you. Don’t resist the blind date! Warning: messenger Mercury turns retrograde from October 4 to 25, which could skew your tastes. Stick to cosmetic changes during that time and wait until November to knock down walls or paint your apartment any bold hues. Someone you dated back in the day could contact you by October 10, but don’t rush to reopen that door if your heart was hurt in the past.


Right swipe, left swipe: You are the clear winner of Tinder for the next three weeks as romantic Venus and the sun join forces in your flirty third house. Keep your options open until October 23, and enjoy the sampler platter. Attached? Your relationship could feel as suffocating as an Elizabethan collar if you don’t make fun a priority again. Take a road trip, go to live shows, and do lots of socializing as a pair. Communication planet Mercury turns retrograde from Saturday until October 24. Mean-girl alert! A woman who missed the memo on sisterhood could make your life miserable if you let her get under your skin. Rise above, and don’t give her any ammo by fighting fire with fire. This is a great time to reunite with your GFs from the past or a favorite family member.


Hello, budget luxinista. Aesthetically obsessed Venus joins the sun in Libra this Monday, bringing out the material girl (or guy) in you for a few solid weeks. Impulse shopping should be avoided, but start a special fund for an object that’s been on your wishlist for a while. This should be practical and beautiful: that go-with-everything bag, the versatile cape coat, or signature perfume. Use your people skills for your professional benefit now, too. Being a steady source of support and dedication establishes you as a shoo-in when a future opportunity arises. From Saturday until October 25, watch your words! Your ruling planet Mercury will be retrograde, scrambling signals and causing communication breakdowns. Put everything in writing; at work, have people sign off on projects so you don’t waste time on an ill-fated task. And, rule number one:No gossiping, not even the kind that is disguised as “venting.” On a positive note, you could patch things over with a frenemy, and bring back the love.

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