GROWING A RELATIONSHIP INTO A SCARED MARRIAGE is really an Art of Two Souls and I wish I can say that I have mastered it…..only in my dreams!  However, I have mastered the journey which brought me awareness and gave me a taste of a blissful moment when two souls became ONE.


When we marry someone we are marrying everything about them and that gives the “vows” dimension, depth, and a belonging to each soul in the mating doesn’t it? It’s easier to shoulder the “load” as a team than as an individual. But you must be an “individual” in the mating “process” by clearly defining what you expect and what they can expect in return. We have to keep it real with self before we can keep it real with another soul. Why? When two become “one” there is oneness, but both realize the “allness” of the union and comply or compromise to keep things harmonious. We do this in every relationship no matter the “type”. There can be no receiving unless there has been “giving” and giving from the heart is what counts the most in any trusted relationship.

In my personal reflection of my marriage journey, my 34th wedding anniversary,  I see so many significant moments  that created a vessel for our sailing throughout sacred waters: married in my 5th month of pregnancy (the wedding date had to wait until my return from a Yugoslavian sea stay), building up a new family while my husband went to university,  creating a new prosperous business from scratch, a velvet revolution in our country and  in which chaos followed and collapsing all of the pillars that we were told to believe,  and all what we working toward was GONE…..working visa for Canada, immigration and family re-uniting after three years and starting all over again from a ground zero ……but where was my marriage? It was hidden between  the time of surviving and the moment of victory, while we were  holding onto our soul wisdom and our strong family roots brought to new country in a flower pot.  The roots of who we are and where we came from helped us to overcome every obstacle that we were showered with by the Universe.

On the bright side, I will never forget the moment my eyes laid on a man, who became my husband, for first time. At that very moment, not knowing who is he and where he came from, my heart released a plea: “I wish he is my man!” and my quiet wish was fully granted in a full spectrum of sailing into sacred waters of Marriage.

Sitting on my reflection bench, I released my unspoken wish for  our marriage. It can be captured in one of Cherokee proverbs:

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to the spirit as to reunite with Source; a man highest calling is protect his woman so she is free to walk earth unharmed….let me be that WOMAN!”

I keep navigating our vessel, while he has been standing strong in his Captain post – doing all the heavy repair jobs ,  leading us to our place of destination during all kinds of weather conditions with a pre-set course to  move us  FORWARD….

Veronika Prielozna, MA https://veronikaprielozna.selz.com/sailing in sacred water of marriage life