7 CARD SOUL TWIN Tarot Spread will guide you to look deeply into your relationship. Do you ever have questions about your relationships? No matter what relationship you are in, or are not, if you are a human with a soul you will always have questions about them. The reason for that is just a matter of being human. Learn 7 CARD SOUL TWIN spread ( Soul self- care) and it will  help your soul to find clarity that you are searching for….


Here’s how I do mine….

I give the deck to the person asking the question, and ask them to shuffle for however long as they want, in whichever manner that they want, and think about the person they are seeking answers to. (Now you will become both, a person and reader…) Prior to shuffling, think about the specific questions that you have regarding that relationship, and try and think about one key question that you have hovering over this relationship that you need the most clarity on. Common questions going into a relationship Tarot reading include:

1. What’s next for me and [name of other party, your partner….]?

2. Are me and [name of other party] on the same page?

3. Something feels off, what is going on in our relationship?

4. Does [name of other party] ever want to get married?

5. Is my relationship going to last?

6. What does the next year look like for me in this relationship?

7. What are the key strengths or weaknesses of this relationship?

8. What is the current state of our relationship?

Whatever your deepest burning question is about your relationship, it likely fits one of these questions above. These are not only the most common, but the most practical questions to ask going into a relationship Tarot reading. Answers to these questions can help you fill in so many blanks with the individual you love or are trying to relate to. And this is why a 7 card spread is so useful, it answers questions about current conditions, as well as a forecast and what’s at the heart of the matter very quickly. So let’s look at exactly how that works.

Once the cards are shuffled and the question is pondered, the individual getting the relationship Tarot reading will then be asked to choose 7 cards from the deck, again, in any manner they are comfortable with. I do keep in mind the order in which those cards are chosen. Here’s what they mean.

Card One: The Querent

The card that shows up in this position is the card that symbolizes the position of the querent in their relationship right now. What is your state of mind? If you want to get married to this person, and that is your question, you will see cards related to marriage show up like Justice, or Hierophant. When you see this card, this will validate who you are and what you are bringing to this relationship.

Card Two: The Partner

This card then is a great placement to include in your relationship Tarot reading because it gives you immediate insight into where your partner’s head is at right now. What are they bringing to the relationship, where do they see this going, what are key issues going on with them right now? Just like the first card represents you, and all of the answers to those questions about you to the reading, this card answers that about your partner. See how by card two in this reading you are already getting insight into your relationship secrets, even if this was not the question that you asked?

Card Three: Present Conditions

This card is simply a representation of precisely what the title of this placement is called. Present Conditions. What is really going on here? This could be a deep and life changing answer, it could be something as simple as a misunderstanding showing up. But if you are wondering what the state of your relationship is right now, or what it’s weather forecast is today, this is a great placement to have in your reading. How are things looking for this relationship in its current state, is the answer you get from this card in your relationship Tarot reading.


Card Four: Looking Ahead, What’s Coming

We have cards later in the relationship Tarot that give you specific timelines in the future, so keep that in mind when you see this card. Card 4 is a general forecast of saying, there’s a storm on the horizon, or nothing but sunny days ahead. Because this card is a placement that suggests future events, this card has the potential to change. But, as things stand right now in the moment that you come to the relationship reading, this is what is predicted as far as a “general forecast”.

Card Five: The Heart of the Matter

Whether you have problems in your relationship or not, card 5 is a very important card in your reading. This is the heart of the matter card that is telling you exactly what is going on in this relationship. It may be a tiny instinct question that led you to the Tarot in the first place, this card will validate that or show you something else. What is really at the heart of the matter in this love union or relationship? Again, this card could show you something that is as simple as a misunderstanding, or a card that tells you that you have nothing to worry about, there is nothing but love here.

Card Six: Short-Term Future Outlook, 0-6 months ahead

There are two schools of thought for this placement in the relationship Tarot. Some call it the short term future card, some call it the 0 to 6 months ahead card. Some people getting a Tarot reading want a specific time frame answered, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s one of the reasons we use the Tarot, to get answers that are as specific as possible. So this placement is a great one for those that need those dates and times answered. I generally call this the short term outlook card, others stick to the 0 to 6 timeline. Know that in the next few months, this card is telling you what the general state of this relationship is, or what may be coming to you in this relationship, or events that will occur. Again, this is a great insight card because this card has the potential to change, based on what you do or do not do in this relationship.

Card Seven: Long-Term Future Outlook, 6-12 months ahead, Outcome card

There are a number of names we can call this last card. The last card in any reading is called the outcome card, no matter what spread you are using. So whatever your specific question was, your answer is in this card. Because we also have this card appearing after present events, this also becomes a good picture for the overall future of your relationship. So you actually will get a lot of answers to many questions in this last card. It will give you a yes or no answer to your question, as well as important and symbolic details about what the year ahead looks like for this relationship. It goes without question to many that this is the most important card, but if you think about it, no one relationship is ever the sum of one point or one moment in its life. So as important as this card is, know that the cards that come before it tell a very important part of the story of your relationship, and provide critical, sometimes even life changing, information as well.

If you are ready to embrace all of the potential ahead for the growth and the strengthening of your relationships, then a Tarot reading is the most exciting way to do that. Have you ever had a relationship Tarot reading done? What was your experience like?

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