YOU FEEL CHANGE IN THE AIR and you are falling into a new beauty of nature of who you are…  Nature is reflected in you, you can feel it; your body change/adopt to seasonal changes naturally. Cheers up! Welcome Fall Equinox as a new visitor in your own house (body). Open your doors, pull the chair and steam a tea for your new friend who brought you new awareness and gifts for your life… and enjoy this reading for your soul.

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 What is an Equinox and what will happen?

The September equinox occurs the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from north to south. This happens either on September 22, 23, or 24 every year. On the equinox, night and day is nearly exactly the same length – 12 hours – all over the world. This is the reason it’s called an “equinox”, derived from Latin, meaning “equal night”.


The Pisces Full Moon that occurred early in September has revealed some interesting secrets to you, or at least perked up your spideys a bit, Aries. You may have been outright given some information, or you may be suspicious about something and interested in following that hunch. You should, but don’t rush in just yet. A shift later in September from Mars is going to give you all of the initiative you need to rush into the object of your intuition. Being optimistic and naturally enthusiastic is the best way for you to turn the spark of your passion into a full blazing inferno. Your recipient is bound to feel very lucky as a result! Travel and romance are connected for you this fall. So if your relationship needs a boost or a reboot, a Fall getaway where you lock yourselves in for a while is just what the stars ordered. On the other hand, if you are single, unplugging the phone and getting out and mingling while traveling may just put you in the path of someone very new, and very interesting. The 10th and 11th are power days for you, Aries, don’t waste them!


Venus is moving into your social zone, Taurus, and so this means that you are going to be one little social butterfly this fall. Or at least, if that’s where you put your energy, that is where the magic is going to happen. When it comes to love, you are positively smitten with whatever life has tossed your way in this area. Work and professional matters as well are simply feeling like they are all going the way that you always wanted them to. Neptune is sprinkling its magic around you as well this season, Taurus, placing an emphasis on dreams and your fantasies. Peculiar hunches are going to trickle your way, and you definitely want to explore them as creatively as possible. It’s not time yet to put away the garden tools, you can still get your hands in the dirt and feel renewed. If you are feeling a little in the dumps as the Sun spends less time this Fall, then get outside and start some weeding or create an indoor window box with all of your favorite Fall colors to give your spirits just the boost you need. October 12th and 13th are power days for you. If you’ve been waiting to make a bold move with someone or some thing, those are the days to go for it.


The winds of change with this season change are going to be stirring your moods as we move into Fall, Gemini. This is going to have you feeling like you have a split personality. You will be very tempted and very distracted to follow every whim that blows your way, but you will need to caution yourself against doing so at this time. Venus is in your domestic center, and so sprucing up things around the home or your work space, or even your boudoir, will make you feel happy and productive. Whichever area in your life you are feeling change pinching the most, do something pretty with it and focus on one task, and one task only. Whether it is your work life or your romantic matters that you are hoping will fall into some changes, sticking close to the center of things rather than going out and mingling will be the way to make the strings of your heart purr this Fall, Gemini. By mid-October, the 14th and 15th, something or someone you’ve had your heart set on will begin making all of the right advances.

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Venus is in your house of communications, Cancer, and with the added bonus of Cardinal energy, you are going to be in a place of moving and shaking. This is a do it period for you, so whether you are looking for a boost in love, money, work, or play, start putting your most creative and inspirational ideas into action. Whatever hunches you get, don’t jump on them and run with it. Instead, run a To Do list through your head and on paper. And then plunge into action with that famous heart of yours! Your intuition is on high during this period, and you will be getting a lot of information from many of your feelers. Your cautionary tale my dear Cancer is to make sure that you don’t find yourself trapped on emotion overload. Don’t take things personally just because the world doesn’t have the same energy level as you. Instead keep on keeping on and letting other people deal with their own stuff, and you will find yourself more productive as a result. In other words, don’t get side stepped by drama, or you will get stuck forever. If you can swing that, by mid-October you will be glowing with Fall.


Dear Leo, you as a Fixed Sign are fixed on nothing but straight answers, and you aren’t going to be happy with anybody that serves you up anything but. Not rocking the boat is your mission if you choose to accept it, Leo, especially if you have been less than straight with people yourself. You give what you get, and so if you want honesty, it is time to open up, gently, and give your share of it first. Romance has the potential to reach “too good to be true” for you, but only if you sit back and release control and reins for some time. Judgement will be called for in all matters, including both love and work, and take the time to get to know people without being too judgmental either. In work and in love, both your sweetheart and your boss may be happy with how things are, so sitting back without boat rocking to assess the situation is favored at this time. The first week of October promises to be magical for you if you are able to exercise patience in these areas.


Good taste is your middle name, dear Virgo, and so Fall and its exciting array of colors and fresh ideas is going to be very blessed for you. Beautiful things are going to be precisely what you are drawn to, and you will want to invest in as many Fall staples as you can. What may drive you a little batty through this Fall Equinox are mixed messages, and you will want to get to the bottom of things. If money matters have been tight for you lately, by the 24th you can expect that to begin to take a turn for you. In fact the days leading into and through the Equinox, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, are going to be particularly fruitful for you from the Fall Equinox perspective. You will be more focused on practical matters than love at this time, but as important as it is for you to lay groundwork in work, you need to lay up a firm foundation in love as well.


This is your time to shine, Libra, as the Fall Equinox happens as the Sun enters Libra, so you are really soaking up this energy and soaking it up good. What you do need to be cautioned against right now Libra, moving into the Fall Equinox, is engaging in drama. Just don’t! As the sign of balance and harmony, focus rather on how to create just that with all of those in your immediate circle. Money matters may have been tight over the last few weeks, or months even with Mars in your sign, however the pressure eases up by the 24th and the September New Moon. This New Moon may be more potent for you Libra than any other zodiac sign. Lots of new beginnings in store for you if you put your energy where your intuition is guiding you. Visualization is going to be key to your success in this Fall Equinox, and as a Cardinal Sign, you can initiate to completion and be sitting very pretty by the end of it as well.


You have been met with delays and frustrations aplenty over the summer, Scorpio, but you don’t like change either so are probably feeling grumpy going into Fall. As the season actually changes past the 23rd however, you are going to start to feel that energy ease up, even if you are cranky about colder temps. There is a lot of good coming your way if you let Universe take control for a change. Resist not, Scorpio, and move away from some of your fixed ways of doing things. The Universe will give you more! By the end of the month you are going to feel like buying to make yourself feel better or prettier, but you are best advised to invest in practical items only. But that could mean a new outfit for the gym, or a new briefcase for work, or a new anything that will lend to some productivity into new beginnings for you with this season change. By the 26th, some answers about romance are going to come clear for you. Let it happen, the universe will reveal itself. Controlling it, or trying to, is going to create more confusion and delay.


Your need to wander is only going to be amplified this Fall, Sagittarius, and you are definitely going to start thinking of some changes. If you did not take the time to get a road trip in this summer, now is the time to do so. A new job or new romance will suit you well if either of these areas has been unsatisfactory for you. It’s important for you to change your normal ways of doing things in either of these areas if you want to see growth and opportunity. You are in a good position at work to ask for a promotion or a raise, or use new methods to seek a job that is more catered to your passion. The same bodes in romance, ask for what you want, and if you don’t get it, start looking for who or what will suit your needs better. The last week in September beginning with the 28th have some great days ahead for you!

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Capricorn is going to be very busy during the Fall Equinox, picking up Cardinal Sign energy and using it wisely. Expect to have a lot of paperwork this month, and through the next as well. You will spend a great deal of time catching up with others, returning emails and phone calls, and just being busy and productive as usual. With a Mercury Retrograde appearing this Fall, there may be one of those documents that gets tangled up in delays, do not let it cloud or doubt your higher purpose and vision. The New Moon on September 24 is going to give you some hunches on new professional chapters for you. All opportunities that come your way should be explored, as this will be a very lucky period for you, Capricorn. The first week of October, specifically the 3rd, 4th, and 5th, are superstar days for you. Treat yourself with a luxurious reward and enjoy the fruits of your labors that you have worked so hard for.


Money is not going to be much of a problem this Fall for you Aquarius. Do not be surprised if you are suddenly gifted with many resources from multiple people. Expect small lottery gains, an inheritance, or a bonus at work for something unexpected. These are unexpected gains, so praying and hoping they will happen will not work. Make one small wish and then forget about it, allowing the universe to make it happen for you. Later in the month Mars is in a different sign, which will make things a bit easier for you at work as well. You’re being viewed in a better light in the world and on the job than you think, so don’t take perceptions as weighted gold until you are given cues otherwise. Take time to reward yourself in both love and in work, Aquarius, and others too in your immediate group. Random acts of kindness will pay off in big ways, even more than they already usually do for you, Aquarius.


Pisces is just coming out of a Full Moon in Pisces phase, and this has made Pisces more emotional and intuitive than they already are. This is a wonderful advantage for Pisces during the Fall Equinox. As the Equinoxes are ruled by Cardinal signs, that means initiation of events is favored for all zodiac signs. For Pisces to effect change in their life, they need to follow those hidden urges, impulses, and intuitive hunches that started during the Full Moon cycle. Romance and fantasy linger in the air, as usual, for Pisces, and one or both partners will be put on a pedestal. Enjoy it and celebrate those moments. Those small victories will trickle into the rest of your day to day life this Fall, but you have to follow those hunches!

Life has changes and we will change with it!

Veronika Prielozna, MA in falling into colorful beauty around…..

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