MEDITATION looks like a complicated process for many people. Yes, all needs to be aligned and focused in order for it to work, or for one to experience the benefits of meditation. But the truth is, there is really nothing further from the truth. Meditation is much easier to learn than people think, and the benefits of meditation last far longer than people think too. Investing your time into meditation will bring a true life back to you. It is worth to try…

meditation benifits

 1.Less stress in your life.

Our brain undergoes a series of awesome changes when we meditate on the long term basis, and one of the things our brains do after we have begun meditation for a long time, is reduce less stress cortisol. The actual name of the hormone is plasma cortisol, and many subjects in meditation studies that have meditated on a long term basis show far less plasma cortisol in their blood than controls that had not meditated. In other words, while we know spiritually that meditation produces less stress at the long term, now we know that is also a scientific fact!

  1. Meditation makes you smarter.

This is another wonderful scientific fact and benefit of meditation that may surprise you. Again, this one all goes to the changes your brain experiences after you have become a long term meditator. In one way we see gray matter in the brain actually increasing in size. We know we can’t actually add brain cells to our system, but we can always work to make our current ones as big and robust as possible, and meditation does that!

  1. Pain relief.

Another thing about meditation that not many people know is that one of its greatest long term benefits is pain relief. Again there are many spiritual theories on this topic that could be discussed at length. Engaging in spiritual activity is known to decrease your pain relief because you are directing pain energy elsewhere.

This is why meditation is so great for migraine sufferers, or anyone that deals with chronic pain. More and more studies are coming out that show us this, which means, we have more new evidence coming out every day that meditation actually does aid in pain relief. Norman Rosenthall, a former 20 year researcher for the National Institute of Health has been known for his famous joke about meditation,

“If it were a new drug, conferring this many benefits, it would be the biggest-selling, multibillion dollar drug on the market.”

Beautiful couple meditating in the tropical surroundings

 4.Decrease in medical bills.

So, it would only make sense then that if you can rely on meditation as a health benefit, and even for pain management at the long term level, you are likely going to see a reduction in your medical bills as well. You have nothing to lose by trying meditation for 30 days to see for yourself. You will simply feel more relaxed about life and open to spiritual healing that it will just happen, physically as well.

  1. Better relationships.

Well this is just what naturally happens when you start to feel better about life in general. When all of these long term benefits of meditation start kicking in, you start feeling better about life in general. When you are feeling great, your relationships reflect that. So life with the people that you work, the people that you love, and the people you are family to will begin to just get better. The reason is because you are healing from the inside out, and getting a vision of just what really matters and your greater purpose in the world when you meditate. When that happens, drama and stress and day to day hassles bother you less, and people bother you less as well. You become in a more naturally open place of accepting, and giving unconditional love. It can’t help but trickle into your relationships. Everywhere!

  1. Improved memory.

There are many reasons improved memory is one of the long term benefits of meditation, both scientific and spiritual, and both functioning in almost the same way. Essentially the science behind it is fairly wordy, but the channels upon which memory is stored in your brain are space limited. When you try and remember things, those spaces fill up pretty quickly. Our brain is only wired to download so much, so quickly, just like your computer. So that’s why we get scrambled by the mid-point of the day, we are literally on information overload. It’s physically and spiritually impossible to remember everything that has happened.

  1. Better dreams!

So not only do you have better access to your dreams, but this delta wave activity and your conscious noticing of it will also lead to actual better dreams. This brain activity is also associated with lucid dreaming, so your chances of that occurring more regularly increase as well. This long term benefit of meditation is so common that I know people that have actually started meditating just for this benefit, and have reported with some amazing results.

In a nutshell, these are only a few of the biggest and best long term benefits of meditation. Overall peace and a greater sense of happiness about life is also one main reason many try it. Have you ever tried it?

Please share your own benefits of meditation with us, thanks.

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