Universe sent me a few messages today…this one is third in one raw, and I know what it means for me, so Universe saying “YES” to my blog intention ….I have so much evidence how Grounding Spirituality can bring you your happiness, balance and your life back. Please read energy behind this post…..a way to go girl, I love it!
This blog post inspired me to write a whole blog post, on the words you have shared here.
I hope you find the time to have a quick look as it is heavily quoted with excerpts from this post you have shared, with my utmost respect and appreciation.

Thank you for sharing this lovely heart-warming article. ❤


“What is LOVE?

Love is a luxury. It comes out of being alone.”



I love this Blog Post, (^^that I have linked above^^) and totally relate to what is described within it!


I have been LUCKY enough to follow a path, through some terrifyingly dark places, with only my own support and determination to get me over the hurdles I faced during said times. I am also lucky enough to have found, early on, in my journeying, ‘my therapy’, which is art and writing, and often-times dancing, to loud and hard music. All of these activities I relish! And though they are very enjoyable activities in social settings, I am both proud and so grateful of myself, to have found the solitary enjoyment to venture out to explore those avenues, by myself, of my own accord, often with the sole intention of quietening the scaredy lil voice inside my…

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