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Digitally Enhanced by Janetta Garton

People learn better when multimedia messages are designed in ways that are consistent with how the human mind works and with research-based principles.                –Dr. Richard Mayer

According to Dr. Richard Mayer’s research, the implications of the way humans process information on multimedia instructional presentation creation include:

  1. Presentations should use both visual and verbal forms.
  2. Filling the slides with information will easily overload people’s cognitive systems.
  3. Presentations should help learners to select, organize, and integrate presented information.

Do the presentations you use in your classroom present information or guide cognitive processing? Do your student’s slideshows serve as a teleprompter during their presentations? To make your presentations learner friendly, consider these design principles:

  1. People learn better from words and pictures than from words alone. Include images to create an emotional connection, visualize, explain, or reinforce the concept; not for decoration. Use only 1 image per slide, preferably a photo and…

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