A pilgrimage is not a vacation; it is a transformational journey during which significant change takes place. New insights are given. Deeper understanding is attained. New and old places in the heart are visited….

Veronika Prielozna and her husband. Ringing the bell as ONE...

Veronika Prielozna and her husband. Ringing the bell as ONE…

In following unseen pathways of my soul, I must admit I came to Waikiki with my sacred personal mission to bring my pleas to the Valley of Temples, a sacred place on Oahu, Hawaii.

I started my preparation process back home on Vancouver Island.  In the quietness of my soul work, I downloaded how to make it happen, but as many times before, trouble came when the journey crew was announced to me: “not only you, your husband as well…both of you!”

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, was my first reaction to the news…”How could I ever give him all of the logical reasons to come so he would willingly follow my lead? What could take him from the dynamic vibration of the Waikiki beaches to the dusty humble roads walking?” The challenge was on; no more information was given to me.

I sat with this challenge a long time and then one morning in Waikiki I broke open speaking my truth.  Why, when, what reason and with whom we must go to the Valley of Temples, a place that we have never been before on our many visits to Hawaii…

I left this early morning news vibrate around our hotel room that was hunting my husband in the shower. “ Are you insane, what do you want me to do?” So, I re framed everything again in a very simple way. I even started speaking in our mother tongue so my message will get even deeper.

“Do you remember the stories about my grandmother who lived on of the top of the Slovak mountains?  She used to lead people across the mountains to Poland for a pilgrimage? It is same principle; you have to take action and walk with devotion to your Divinity so you can be blessed with divine intervention. There are no guarantees, but with hope that can move the mountains…..and we are going to mountains, we are going to the Valley of Temples to pray. Then, I reminded him of two family projects that became such a drag on our shoulders and they require miracle intervention.

By speaking of the reasons why, I got his attention and I know that he was entering a zone of making decisions. After his shower, he asked….”where is your Valley of Temples?” Without any excitement of the adventure he started asking questions.  It was a good sign but a few unpleasant journey conditions had to come up first, so I spoke:


I told him.  “We must walk with intention on our hearts, with clear heads and hearts and be strongly grounded on our feet. A key of this spiritual walk is that it must be done in a very humble and devotional way.


be willing to overcome all obstacles on your journey no matter what.   We must get there: no taxi, no rental car, no luxury means just ordinary transportation and your grounding spirituality, both of us, Yin and Yang, on our feet.

IF WE HAVE A FAMILY PLEA (as we have)…

we must walk as ONE together.  If I fall you must lift me up, so we can get there together.  You are a significant piece of this puzzle and as you know, I already hold the divine code of my soul. Do you know what I mean?” I asked him.

With a long face that only he can put on, he asked: “What time is it? What is exact name of the place we are heading?” At that moment, I knew I had a travel partner. I was grateful that I was not going to be alone on this journey

He took fast action and sat by his PC to download all of the transit information.  He made notes while I was making our travel drinks and food.  All of our communication devices were left behind.  We only took a small backpack and a camera to make our very first sacred journey together up the mountains.

As our journey progressed a few obstacles occurred, as I expected.  Of course, we got lost on our way.  We did not get off at the right station to make our connection to our place of our destination. The transport announcement was broken, the bus had to stop and all was screwed up. Just image a hot muggy Hawaiian day in a crowded bus when you cannot see or even pronounce a street name.  I asked the driver for help.  We were able to redirect our travel plan and one hour later we were back on right track.

I knew what would follow so, I said straight “we were lost, nobody’s fault, we missed a stop when the bus hustle and bustle happened and we must go back…..you can still change your mind and go back to your beach. I will carry on”….no answer, no moves from his side.

We continued our journey without any deep conversation just enjoying the ride with a view and life around us. Once we get to our valley we start talking again.

The Valley of Temples is a famous site on Kahelikili Hwy.  It is a replica of Japan’s 900 year old Byodo-in Temple. It has a 3 ton brass temple bell that brings good luck to those who can ring it.  So our intention of this journey was devotional act started way back at home. We need luck/ blessings a ton of it!

Once we started walking up the hill, our inner journey became more physical and I witnessed all releases in many physical forms. My husband bathed himself from top of his hair down to his socks in his own sweat a few times. He was wondering why he was pouring out so much.  I kept quiet walking….my eyes were quietly tearing down, so my soul could come closer to see.

We visited Byodo- in Temple on our own time, respectfully waiting to take our turns.  Just when I thought all was said in spirit he approached me with a question: “When will we start?” His question surprised me…”you keep talking all your life about Yin and Yang, how to balance and how to work together and now  we are here let’s ring the bell as one so our strong intention as  a family can be released  into the universe, am I right?”

I could not believe my ears; he used all my wordings and my thoughts about how we should ring the bell. To be honest, after all of the transportation troubles, I was too shy to ask him to ring it with me…. I was very happy to follow his lead and we rang the bell as one. We stood quietly without any movement, letting strong vibration of the bell cover us all.

And there we were in the time of August summer flying over the Pacific Ocean, walking the Hawaiian mountains during a hot summer day, and cleansing our souls in our own tears and sweat ringing the bell that echoed through the Valley of Temples carrying our prayers to divine.

Veronika Prielozna, MA as a Modern Day Pilgrim


Divine Partnership…

(Excerpted from Kitchen Fantastico: https://veronikaprielozna.selz.com/

When both the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy weave through our energy system and unite in the chakras, we experience the ecstasy of transformational alchemy. We tap into the creative field of life and begin to feel the vast infinite possibilities of our power to co-create. The more we open to the cosmic flow of creation, the more she purifies our fear and self-doubt and we remember that we are worthy expressions of the creative essence of life and that we are love. As we evolve, our integrity deepens as does our willingness to serve for the flourishing and betterment of all life to serve the cosmic creative forces and to fine tune our bodies and our skills. ~Leyolah Antara