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Have you ever wondered things about yourself? Be honest now, have you ever sat down after a major trainwreck in your life and thought, how could I be so stupid? Or just the opposite? A spectacular miracle arrived and you just know that you personally had something to do with it.

We all have them in similar themes by the zodiac sign, but the miracle of the universe is that we all manifest them in very unique, and individual ways. So no matter how much you know about zodiac signs, or your own, or your partners, I bet there are a bozillion secrets about you and your personality that you have yet to figure out.

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Well we’ve already spilled one of your secrets, Aries, you don’t just like to be the boss, you NEED to be the boss. And the world feels your fire if you aren’t. This is the Cardinal Fire Sign part of you, and in every part of your life you initiate, lead, and are the magician of your fate. This is who you are, Aries, and you will get very frustrated with people who can’t just accept that. That’s fine, and you’re right, that will never change, but go bold and go big in your life with a teddy bear hug in between. You’ll be so much more respected in the long run.

Stepping on the little people will not serve your higher purpose in your quest for the top. It’s certainly okay to pass them, you’re an Aries! Just be kind while you do. If you have an Aries in your life that this trait drives you bonkers over, the best way to overcome this personality secret is to either accept and deal, or move on. You won’t and can’t change it and will get seriously burned if you try.


Taurus is characterized by the bull, and so to them, it is no secret why they are so stubborn. You can times that by a thousand now that you know you are a Fixed Sign as well. Once you get your mind set on something, the horns will come out if someone tries to get those eyes of yours off of the prize. You are also ruled by Venus however, and often people forget that. So if you ever wondered where your love for the bling and pretty things comes from, it’s from your friend Venus.

You are the go out and buy yourself something pretty type when you need to feel better, and nobody will ever be able to change this about you. Partners or friends of Taurus will do well to know this secret, some new magic crystals or bling for your Taurus, or a pot of flowers grown from the garden, or anything pretty will help a Taurus get over any stubborn streak fast.


As the mutable Air Sign Gemini, your gift of the gab goes two ways, and so if you ever wondered why people tell you to stop talking out of both sides of your mouth, that’s why. Your tendency to be a bit of a double talker can and will get you into trouble. Unfortunately this is not something that you will be able to change, and so doubly important for you to remember to coat everything you say with kindness. Where you lack in sincerity sometimes you make up for in intelligence, and when you need to smooth over any wrinkles you always seem to know just what to say to set the record straight. Negotiating is a strong suit for you because of these secrets, just remember that all is fair for all parties and your negotiations will win every time.

If you are having trouble getting through to a Gemini? Approach the problem like a lawyer would and go into settlement mode, when both of you realize compromises need to be made on both sides, the negotiation and settlement will come that much quicker. “What do you want out of this, what can I give you?” is a great way to start any conversation with a Gemini, or they will spend hours reviewing their list of complaints before you even get there. Cut to the chase, and you will win every time.



As Cardinal Water Signs, Cancer are among the most emotional of all of the zodiac signs. Like Aries they like to lead, but lead from their heart rather from a fiery passion. So Cancer as ruled by the Moon rules the home life, because home really is where the heart is. If you have ever wondered why you have such an awesome family life, or are about it, it’s because you are a Cancer and have created that destiny for yourself. It’s also why you are a little crabby on occasion, because you feel everything almost every second of the day. It can and it does get too much sometimes, and it leads to lashing out.

That’s what happens when you soak up every emotion around you like a sponge all day, so be sure that every day you find time to get out and away from all energies, even just for a few moments, and give that all back to the universe so you aren’t taking it all in all the time. Even you Cancer can only take so much. Don’t take it personally, just find the time and space to let it go. And if you have a Cancer in your life and you SO get this, now you know you need to give your Cancer that “me time” every day. It’s for your own good.


As the Fixed Fire Sign Leo, once you set your passionate eyes on something, you rarely let go. You may even have one partner in your life that you keep breaking up with, and coming back to, because of that. You can’t let them go, and you probably never will. That’s how you are about everything. You are also ruled by the Sun and that’s where your need for the spotlight comes in. You will do best with a partner that keeps you in that spotlight, just be sure that you don’t hog it all the time. The more you share your rays of sunshine, the more they will flow right back to you.

If you are with a Leo or know one close to you, their constant need for flattery and attention may annoy you. Hoping that will change will lead to misery for you, because it won’t. If you aren’t crazy enough about your Leo to keep telling them, that will be why their roaring lion may be coming out, if they are still around to do it.


As the mutable Earth Sign, Virgo is the most flexible and grounded zodiac sign you know. When you have a flat tire, a Virgo can and will drop everything to help, and offer all of the practical things necessary to make sure that all are well and taken care of. Capricorn is as well, but not as flexible as mutable Virgo and may send someone if they can’t come themselves. But a Virgo is the solid, down to earth guy or gal that you can always trust with your life, and when people give that to you, you give it right back.

Virgo is also a bit of a hermit, being so grounded you don’t really need the social scene. You often operate at very high levels of intellectual functioning and need to be a hermit or go into recluse mode on occasion. So if you ever wondered why your Virgo friend has missed the last 17 staff Christmas parties, that’s why. They really don’t care. But if you get a flat tire on the way home from the staff party they pretended to forget about, they will totally be there for you.



Libra is the Cardinal Air Sign, and this makes you very intelligent, and very rational and logical. Libras are also symbolized by the scales of justice, so when you think of the Libra mind, think of a judge or a justice of the peace. This is someone who thinks things over very carefully, and needs justice and balance and harmony in all areas around them. Upsetting that balance is going to upset Libra. Libras love partnerships and contracts for this reason, and if you ever wondered why you are so good at that, now you know. Contracts and partners are very successful with this zodiac sign.

But being so good at communication, words, intellect, and paperwork, makes Libra a little on the rational side. A Libra will never understand someone that leads with their heart, they just don’t think that makes sense. Catering to Libra’s luxurious side, since they are ruled by Venus, will be one way to get the warm and fuzzies from Libra, just don’t expect a huge show of affection for it. That’s just Libra. To get closer to those in your inner circle, Libra, you will want to remember that not everybody is as rational as you.


As the Fixed Water Sign, Scorpio is committed to their emotional world. To a fault sometimes. To. A. Fault. But if you have ever been loved by a Scorpio, you aren’t complaining by any means, as this also makes Scorpio the most sexual and loving sign of the zodiac. And if there is any sign that is easy to get back after a breakup, it’s Scorpio, unless you lied to them. Scorpio is the consummate truth seeker, and as intuitive water signs, they know your secrets before you tell them so you are best to be telling the truth, otherwise prepare for the stinger. One thing Scorpio can do to make their relationships in both work and love a little bit better is to stop taking everything so personally, not everything is about them.

Like Cancer they soak in every emotion around them, and Scorpio stings when they try to unleash that. Scorpio will never be able to change their fixed and obsessive nature, nor will they ever let go of their jealous side. To avoid seeing this from a Scorpio, show the love as much as possible. If you’re a Scorpio that needs some help in that area, start every phrase you begin with the word “love” and your audience will understand your intent.


Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign, and this means you are the wanderer of the zodiac. You are always up for your next adventure, so if you ever wondered where you get your spontaneous streak from, or your love for travel, that’s why. This also makes Sagittarius a little difficult to pin down when it comes to commitment in love, and this can get Sag into trouble sometimes. Always be clear in your intent when you start something Sag, or your mutable fire is going to burn someone bigtime, and could impact you for the long term.

If that’s already happened, you can blow out those fires by simply saying “I’m sorry”, two words that Sag very easily forgets. If you are a Sag looking to get out a rut in your life, and want to tap into your secret personality in order to get there, book a road trip with no expectations and see where your inner magic takes you. Grab an atlas of your State, county, country, wherever, flip to a page and start making some bookings on the town that your finger lands on. Who knows what will happen? That would really freak a Virgo out, but you love every second of it.



As the Cardinal Earth Sign, Capricorn is easily the most successful of the zodiac signs a lot of the time. Born leaders and initiators like Cancer, Aries and Libra, you start lots of things, and you always finish them. No matter what. You also have a lot of late work hours, and this might be the biggest complaint your people have of you. You see it as a necessary evil, and for you it is. This is a part of you that will never change, no matter how many personality secrets you get. Your loved ones, like those for Aries, will need to understand and accept this about you or there will be problems. You will never not be able to provide for the family you long for however, and you do if you don’t already have one.

At the same time however, as much as this will not change, that is not excuse to allow it to cause problems. Take the lead in your personal life and become the CEO of your personal life if you are having problems in that area. As an Earth Sign you can get away with being a little more practical and scheduling your love life and personal time. Just be sure that you do, or there will be many around you feeling neglected. Even if you are able to provide the fanciest things in the world for them, they will still feel neglected if you don’t make a point to put love on the agenda.


Aquarius is a fixed Air Sign and your greater vision is with the world at large. You are ruled by Uranus, the planet that expects the unexpected. This makes you the weird and eccentric one of the bunch in your group of friends, and you secretly love that about you even if you are teased relentlessly. You have a vision of greater humanity, and you thrive in group settings. If you have been spending a little too much time in solitude lately, stretching those boundaries and opening up to group settings will create miracles for you.

One thing that Aquarius is frequently accused of is being a little cold and too logical. Aquarius does not get this, because they don’t understand the need to be lovey dovey all of the time. If you love or have an Aquarius in your life that you just don’t get when it comes to emotions, don’t take it personally, it’s just who they are and that will never change. It’s not that Aquarius does not feel love, they just don’t need to talk about it all day, or see the need to. Aquarius could stand to be a little more sensitive to those around them for that reason, and those in Aquarius circle just need to understand the greater vision of humanity that Aquarius is thinking about when someone is asking them for a hug or two every ten minutes. Present an out of the box idea to your Aquarius friend and they will be right on board.


As mutable Water Signs, Pisces is the sign that seems a little all over the place emotionally. That’s something you will never be able to change about them. Pisces is also known to retreat to the infamous cave, and more often than once in a while. You have to let Pisces do this once in a while because as Water Signs ruled by Neptune, their inner and intuitive world is fierce to say the least. They are always feeling a lot, and can’t handle being out in the world all the time, feeling what everyone else is feeling. So cave time is important to Pisces, and the more they get this, the happier they are. If you are a Pisces feeling overwhelmed with life, find a creative outlet like music, dance, or writing, and escape to that cave a few minutes of everyday as a method of letting out some of the emotions you deal with every single day.

Pisces are born creators, among the best artists, writers, and entertainers you know. Being ruled by Neptune your imaginations is greater than almost anybody else. Fantasies, dream play, and intuitive games are all up your alley. It’s just important for Pisces to remember that not everybody lives up on the planet that they do, and Pisces needs to remember to get a reality check once in a while. On the other hand, if you need to smooth something over with a Pisces, dream scape and fantasy land is precisely the way to do it. As mutable signs, they forgive and forget very easily.

What did you think? Do you feel like you know yourself a little better now? Or someone else? What personality secrets about you and your sign did we miss?

Did you enjoy this post? Do not worry, your zodiac sign will tell it all…

Veronika Prielozna, MA, as one of Gemini…oops, now you know!
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