Rhythm of India

Post India self-reflection written by Veronika Prielozna, May 2009

“Tell me of your trip to India.”

and the words stick painfully in my throat.


Chaos and Begging in the streets

Dancing move for Surviving in the life flow,

Drumming, Screaming and Chanting in unknown language to me.

Debris and Trash,

Water contamination in all streams and rivers…flowing to the sea

Roads with no signs, traffic with no rules or written regulations,

Exploding crackers in street celebration as a triumph over darkness

Endless honking leaves you with constantly vibrating eardrums

and open gestures, ancient monuments and smiles.


And yet, colorful saris and beautiful women

move throughout the land with grace and elegance of peacocks.

Joyful crowd of school children run to me

To touch first Blonde Lady in their lives

with laughter and sparkle of life in their eyes.

These people survive oppression

work hard and labor long hours per day.

They sweep the ground before them with tree branches

and create mandalas each morning in front of their doors to honor the day

and pray each night with offerings of thanksgiving

to GENESH first and LAKSHMI later.

Entire city is awaken for Full Moon procession walk

around their Holy Mountain – bare foot –

to celebrate life renewal every month, and I became one of them!

I seek to resonate with the Spirit of Indian People

and my Heart beats to match the country rhythm

to become one with them

in spite of all circumstances;

Suddenly, I see how veil is left above the Pollution to the Divine

I am sure it will take me a lifetime to comprehend

But from this journey

I am connected deeper within Myself and My Soul.

Over population, Holy cows, Blessing elephants and Wild monkeys

Chaos, Heat and Chai but more than everything, colorful saris images

and soft hearts RHYTHM of Indian people under my hands are still alive in my heart.

I am thankful to recognize that Human spirit and Divine are still alive!

And last question, from curious crowd back home came:

” Veronika, tell us how your trip to India was?”

I stood overwhelmed not knowing what words to use

But my soul shouted a clear message to them: “Go to India to explore on your own!”