HELLO WEEKEND, time for Soul Mate reading! 7 Myth About Dating Your Soul Mate, can – if you allow it, give you some loveable soulful reading. Does it feel like you have been doing every single little thing right for love, and it STILL isn’t happening? Okay, you may not like what I am about to say, but your friends are right. You might just be your own worst enemy. Are you really using all of your dating tools properly? Or, do you have some tools in your dating toolbox that just flat-out don’t belong there. All of us, we need some refreshment, don’t we? So, sit on my scooter behind and enjoy a ride with me….

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 There is such a thing as love at first sight.

I know the Water Signs, SCORPIO, PISCES, and CANCER are not going to like me saying this. But this is a bit of a dating myth that could be holding you back in love, and accepting this could be the best dating advice you ever get. I’m not saying love at first sight isn’t possible, because I know there will be many stories coming back to me to prove me wrong on this one. And I have a few from people that I know as well. What I am saying about this dating myth is that if you go into every dating experience expecting or waiting for that love at first sight, you are going to be waiting a very long time.

And you will also have many bad dating experiences because you have now set the SOUL MATE expectation on every single person you date, which isn’t fair to either one of you. And that’s not what dating is about anyway, it’s about going through the process of checking out ALL the apples, before you find the one meant for you. This mentality is holding you back from approaching the receipt of unconditional love with the open ness that your heart desires.

SOUL MATE LOVE is definitely a love at first sight, because it is a SOUL REMEMBERING of previous unconditional love experiences. We all want that we all look for that we all hope and pray for that. But if you aren’t dating because you are waiting for your soul mate to sit down at the table across from you finally, you are your own worst enemy and will be single for a long time.

Timing is everything.

To find out that the “timing is everything” myth about love is just that, urban legend, is really going to irritate the Earth Signs, CAPRICORN, VIRGO, and TAURUS, who live their lives by their watches. Capricorn in particular, ruled by Saturn as is Aquarius, needs everything in life to be perfectly timed. Sorry to burst this bubble, but life does not always happen on a perfect clock, and love certainly doesn’t either. This is why we have so many long distance relationships today, because people are making it work despite the fact that the timing of life circumstances with work and kids and etcetera just isn’t geographically conducive to their love affairs. Some very good dating advice for the Earth Signs and all signs is that the greatest love stories begin with the most imperfect timing of all. When she is running to the market to grab dinner stuff and forgets to brush her hair and runs into an equally imperfect but perfect stranger she ultimately falls in love with. Lose this expectation and your dating life will seem a lot more liberated.

Follow your head.

Be realistic is another very common piece of dating advice that many gurus, including your friends offer. This is love, and love does not follow a neurological pathway. It flows through the heart first, and THEN it is thought about. So this dating myth needs to be busted, and apologies in advance to the AQUARIUS, GEMINI, and LIBRA of the bunch who are very busy overthinking everything they do in love. I prefer to say, follow your heart, but take your head with you when making decisions in love. If your heart is leading you one way, that is the way you should go, always, every time. There’s a reason for that!

You are exclusive after three dates, or after you have been intimate.

This is a dating myth that the Fixed Signs, SCORPIO, LEO, TAURUS, and AQUARIUS really like. Once they set their eyes on someone, they are good to go. For forever. This is old fashioned dating advice and will set you up for heartbreak if you follow it. Why? Because many times people that are dating get comfortable in this mindset without having that “awkward conversation”, only to find out they weren’t ever exclusive after all. In the twenty-first century, you are exclusive after you have both had a conversation about being exclusive, and not a second before.

If you want something exclusive, the sooner you make that clear in your dating experiences, the sooner you will get it. Period. As much as it may feel like it right now, you aren’t the only person on the planet that wants something committed, long term, exclusive, and ripe with unconditional love. Don’t stay with someone that isn’t on the same page with you, because then you are selling yourself short on what you want. It really is out there, if it’s not in front of you right now, it’s still really out there.

Dating is about being the best possible person to make someone else happy.

This is one that all zodiac signs struggle with, because we all want to be the “ideal partner” for someone else. But this dating advice is very misleading. This dating myth is very good dating advice, and you definitely want to keep it in mind. You always want to be the best possible you for your partner. But, the biggest but to this dating myth is that there is one step that needs to come before the “someone else” part if you are still single. And that is the part about being the best possible person. Your goal in your quest for unconditional love is to be the best possible person. But not because that best possible person will make someone else happy, but because that best possible person will make YOU happy.

You need to be completely compatible with your mate.

This is something that all of the astrology zodiac signs are interested in, LOVE COMPATIBILITY and HOROSCOPE COMPATIBILITY. But if you are guiding your dating life by what happens when Air and Fire collide, or Water and Earth join up, you could be missing out on some very important dating opportunities, you may even end up missing out on your soul mate. There is no law that says your soul mate is going to be astrologically compatible with you. Maybe in a previous lifetime, but not necessarily in this one.

Astrology compatibility is very important, but it is most useful in dating after you have already formed an exclusive or committed partnership. If you use it before then, you will see zodiac signs that may not match up with yours approach you for dates and my bet is your chances of turning those dates down are higher if someone tells you that you won’t be compatible with them astrologically. This is a dating myth you need to let go, if you are still single and don’t want to be for much longer.

Just let go of the mindset, and keep reading the horoscopes of the partners you are dating and this gives you some insight into who they are, and what kind of things upset them, and what kind of things make them happy. Don’t choose who you date on someone that might not SEEM compatible, as if you feel a connection with someone but your signs don’t match, that connection is there for a reason. And remember, there are always many layers to an astrology chart beyond the Sun sign or star sign. So don’t say no to dates just because you’re a Gemini and they’re a Scorpio or any combination that doesn’t mesh well with you. Dating and relationships and even marriage are about loving your partners through the differences in compatibility. That’s what love is!

Being single stinks.

The LIBRAS don’t like this dating advice the most, because they love partners and everything to do with partners, and don’t think it’s a dating myth that being single stinks. They really feel that way. Scorpios and Leos as well who are fixated on someone right now may not like this dating advice either. If you are single and spending most of the time lonely and depressed, guess who is creating that mindset? How are you going to allow joy in your life if you are simply looking for something outside of your current life to create joy? This goes back to one of our earlier comments about loving yourself first, and creating a joy filled life first. The first step in doing that is by banishing the dating myth that being single stinks.

BEING SINGLE IS ACTUALLY KIND OF AWESOME. You don’t have to answer to anyone. You can eat Mr. Noodles with mayonnaise and plum sauce and a beer and call it dinner and nobody can rail on you about it while you are flipping your own darn remote control to watch whatever you want whenever you want wearing what you darn well please. If you’ve ever been in the wrong relationship, you get that. If you don’t, you haven’t dated enough. Being single rocks, and enjoying that and cherishing that, and truly loving the time that you get to spend with yourself whenever you want puts you on a vibration of happiness. It also makes you so much more objective about who you date, and waiting for the right person to come along that is good enough for you to break out of that freedom.

Do you have any married friends that have kids? Give them a call tonight around 8 PM and ask them if they want to go grab a drink with you. After you hear bathtubs running and babies screaming about diapers and not wanting to go to bed for a few minutes, you’ll know what I mean when I say…being single does not suck. The rest of the time, that is up to you my friend.

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Yours Veronika Prielozna, MA on her jounrey to a long weekend (here in BC, Canada)

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