What are your questions about SOUL MATE? Are you reunited with your soul mate? Are you in a waiting period? What tips have you used in your life to attract, keep, or reunite with a Soul Twin Mate Love?


Everyone is looking for that soul mate connection, whether they admit it or not. Even the most aloof and down to Earth people on the planet that don’t believe in angels, spirits, or Tarot, or anything like that, are looking for that one SOUL MATE LOVE. And yes, even players are looking for that one person to make them think differently about commitment. Once you’re got your soul mate, what to do to keep your SOUL TWIN LIGHT flaming bright in a Sacred
Marriage of your souls?

Remember the law of unconditional love.

A TRUE SOUL MATE LOVE IS AN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is not a “being in love” high feeling, it is a love that is there all of the time, no matter what, even when you are feeling hurt by someone. If you can remember this law of unconditional love in your soul mate relationships, you will find your soul mate experiences are more deeper and more profound. We know this in our head, but it’s not enough to just think it. We have to feel it, and act on those feelings of unconditional love…no matter what. And if we can’t with someone who we think is our soul mate, chances are, they aren’t your soul mate. Your soul mate is someone whose relationship is based on unconditional love.

Use your past as a tool in strengthening your bond.

Unlike new loves, WITH A SOUL MATE LOVE YOU HAVE A HISTORY. That might be this lifetime, it might be another lifetime. But you can use that to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your soul mate, even if you two aren’t together right now. Past history has a different vibration in soul mate relationships than it does in non-soul mate relationships, and that is the vibration of this magic of unconditional love.

When you remind your soul mate of past memories, connections, dreams, and experiences, they go back to that vibration of unconditional love and feel closer to you. So, even if you haven’t talked to your soul mate in years, an email with a funny picture of something that reminds them of you and a shared experience can be very powerful. Use it wisely, and don’t forget about the unconditional love!

no cry only laught

Love YOURSELF unconditionally first.

A lot of time our soul mates leave us, or take a long time coming back to us because they see or they feel in our soul that we are hurting, or that we do not find ourselves worthy. Universe sees this as well. So if you have been hurt by a soul mate, or did some hurting yourself and are now apart from your soul mate, YOU NEED TO LET THIS GO AND FORGIVE YOURSELF, OR LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY FIRST. It is human to err, and divine to forgive, and that does not always apply to others. Sometimes it applies to our Selves. FORGIVE AND LOVE YOURSELF as greatly as you possibly can, especially when your soul mate is not near, and that vibration can not go anywhere but out into the world. Universe also wants you to have faith in your Self that you deserve the returned gift of unconditional love.

Look for and ask for SIGNS.

People get confused by this. They think signs have to be big and bold experiences that come out of nowhere and hit us like thunderbolts. The universe can work that way sometimes, but not always. A SIGN FROM YOUR SOUL MATE could be something as SIMPLE as a feather dropping on your desk out of nowhere. When it comes to signs, asking for them will help to increase their frequency, as it registers with the Universe your faith in soul mate love. Ask the Universe, your angels and guides, whatever you believe in, to send you signs that you are on the right path. Remember this is your life, your love, your soul mate, so you are entitled to be as specific as you want with the Universe.


I’ve been known to ask my angels for “17”( my birth day) when I need a little faith reminder that all things are good. And I get it. Sometimes it’s on a license plate, sometimes it’s on a street number, sometimes it’s just a time on my phone. But if you ask for a specific sign, and believe that you will get the answer, then you will.

You may not get the sign you want now, keep that in mind. Let’s say you ask for a sign with the number 17 as a message that you are getting closer to a reunion with your soul mate, and you don’t get it. That’s information as well. Maybe not the information you wanted, but it’s still useful information. So in those events, keep asking and ask for those signs to manifest when it will happen. And it will.

SOUL MATE LOVE IS DESTINED LOVE, so even if it does not feel like it is ever going to happen again, it will, you just have to pay attention to how and when it will happen again. When you get the signs you want, use that information as peace and hope and stop obsessing about it. If you don’t get the signs that you want, you need to do the same thing, which brings us to our next point.

good night dievcatko

Stop obsessing…..

Remember, SOUL LOVE IS A DIVINE LOVE that can be felt by the other person. In twin flame experiences, the twin can feel almost everything that you do. The same goes for soul mate love, but it is a more empathy feeling than a direct vibration. If you are obsessing about a soul mate who is exploring other options right now, they can sense that. And the Universe knows that as well, and you don’t want to send that message to Universe. Nobody wants to be around someone who is obsessing about them, it makes them feel controlled and restricted and makes them want to run. So, back to, love yourself and live your life and let the Universe send you the love when you are ready to accept it. If you are obsessing about it, you are not ready to accept it. You are putting human egos before unconditional love by saying, but I want this now. You have to accept divine timing for soul mate love, or it will go all wrong.

 Be grateful.

GRATITUDE IS AN ACT OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and so if your soul mate is not around right now, the more you put out the more you get in return. If your soul mate is around right now, the more you put out the more you get in return. Be grateful, always be grateful. When you ask for signs and get them, don’t take them for granted, thank the angels, or God, or Universe, or whoever you asked for that sign and just enjoy the moment. Don’t waste time trying to figure out what it means, just…be grateful. You asked for a sign or a message and you got one, say thank you, be happy…and let it go… don’t think about it.

It’s like getting a Christmas present – in the middle of summer — from someone you love, and it’s an extravagant unexpected gift, and your first thought is, whoa, what does this mean?? That is not a response that comes from unconditional love.

The unconditional love response is, “wow, thank you, I am so blessed to know someone who loves me this much.” Remember? Always love. When you exercise gratitude, that is the manifested act of unconditional love. Thank you. When you get those signs and messages, or get little acts of love from your partner, or even hear from your soul mate after weeks, months, or years, just take a minute to say thank you and nothing else. That little token of gratitude will start a spiral of unconditional love that can go much farther than you ever expected it to.

Always speak the truth.

THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. It’s not cliché, it’s the truth. If you have been playing games or acting a little manipulative in your relationships, you probably don’t need me to tell you that this just isn’t going to work at the long-term level, and especially not with soul mate love. And hey, we have all been there where we were not our own authentic Selves in love, the lesson from those experiences is to learn from it and grow to the most successful relationships possible. If you are still engaging in this kind of thing though, especially if your soul mate is not near, you will be waiting a long time for them to return.

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Always speak the truth, because your soul mate can feel it if you aren’t anyway, just like your spidey senses go up when they aren’t speaking the truth to you. The truth in soul mate love is another act of unconditional love. It says, I trust you and love you enough to share this information with you, even though it might hurt you. And, if you have to tell a painful truth, start off with that sentence alone. “I trust you and love you enough to share this information with you, even though it might hurt you.” Anytime you start the truth with that sentence, you soften the blow.

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In fact, if there is true unconditional love between you, there won’t be a blow at all. There will just be an honest conversation that, may suck, but at least it is honest. Lies and games in soul mate love can not continue a cycle of unconditional love, because lies and games say to your soul mate, “I do not love you enough to be honest with you.” Always speak the truth, this act of unconditional love along with being grateful, genuinely grateful, are the two acts that work the quickest when keeping or reuniting soul mate love.

Veronika Prielozna, MA (https://veronikaprielozna.selz.com/) in preparation for a beach dinner time with her Soul Mate

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