New Moon on July 26 is about to entry our earthy existence. As you probably know new moons are potent times to forge new alliances with the gods. VISIT THE INVISIBLE WORLD. Bow and open yourself to their touch. MAKE AN OFFERING. Humans have been rendezvousing with these archetypes for thousands of years. When you call out to the gods, THEY DO RESPOND!

New Moon in summer

The Leo New Moon on July 26 is coupled with Jupiter. This is an excellent energy to build something NEW…JUPITER IS a KING OF THE GODS. He is the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter expands whatever he touches. He makes you feel good. This is an excellent New Moon to initiate NEW VENTURES.

  • You can expand your business.

  • Your work may improve.

  • Your creativity can grow into a marvelous energy to meet new people.

In brief, a love relationship that begins at this time could be beneficial and uplifting. This is a lucky New Moon. This could be one of the best New Moons of the year…”

“This Leo New Moon reminds you that you are a POWERFUL CREATOR. You will work with your passion. Julia Cameron’s classic the Artist Way says:

You have an inner dream that can unfold, if you have the courage to admit what it is. What you really want to do. Is what you were meant to do? When you do what you are meant to do, money comes to you. Doors open for you. You feel useful. The work you do will feel like play for you.’

The best part of Leo is its inner child. You are to nourish and protect your childlike innocence…Be engaged in the magic of the moment. Be in your heart. Let go of the need to criticize and judge. Negativity will kill your creativity.

“Instead, allow yourself to make mistakes. It is the only way to learn what works and what does not work for you. The magic word is ‘try.‘ Try something different. Try and watch your mind and heart open.”

© Copyright 2014 ~ Kelley Rosano All Rights Reserved


“Let this cycle turn up your GENEROSITY, CREATIVITY AND ROMANCE…

but be mindful of extravagance, arrogance, and drama.  Bombastic, egotistical behavior is not a blood relative of joyful self-expression.”

“…Hopefully, all the inner work you have focused on this year will now be the foundation for bringing more power, love and energy into your life in this creative, forward-moving period.  Leo is leadership, and a fixed sign means standing in the center and receiving all Spirit has ready to gift you so you can then open your hands and heart and share it with others.”

© Copyright 2014 ~ Pat Liles All Rights Reserved

You and I, we share same passion of being wrapped into magical promises of a New Moon Night – Enjoy!

Veronika Prielozna, MA https://veronikaprielozna.selz.com/ in the time of summer when New Moon in Leo will come