THE FOUR ELEMENTS OF NATURE ARE FIRE, EARTH, AIR, AND WATER. As the astrology as the human body reflected all these elements in ( inner and otter orbit)….therefore, spreading these elements in a birth chart can play a key factor for  a personality dominance of the person you’re talking to….

earth, fire, water, air


A fiery person, that means a person with a lot of planets in the fire signs, which would be Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, would have high energy, high vitality. They would be very athletically inclined. They feel very childlike and childish at times and they seem to have this super humor feeling of being special as if they gods had divined their presence here on earth to do anything they wanted to, a little self-centered, a little aggressive, a little competitive, very enthusiastic.


Earth people, these are people with planets predominately in the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. These are people who would be very, very down to earth, practical, have a great use of common sense, how the material world works. They know the value of things, how to use the earth element, work is very important to them. On the downside, they could be a little dull and plotting. But on the very positive side, they know how to get things done and they know how to materialize things in their life. These are very, very practical people and very sensational too; they know how the body works very well.


The third element we have is air. Air is the intellectual element. This is the element of the human being. What distinguishes human beings from animals is our ability to reason and to use logic and to make deductions and make conclusions. So air is about communication, talking, thinking. People with a lot of air elements are probably very good writers, they use their mind, they know how to communicate. They also can be highly sarcastic because they know how to use words better than other people, and they’ll be sure to tell you.


The last element is water. This is the element that’s one of the most difficult to distinguish, especially in the western world because we don’t value this element as much as the other three. Water is a wonderful element. It’s durability to emphasize with people, to feel, to love. This is a great, great element if you’re in jobs like a therapist or counseling. This element, it’s just, it’s from the heart. If you can’t feel and emphasize with people, you can become very ruthless and not able to bond with other people. This is about your mother; it’s about your family; it’s about your past; it’s your, about your ability to bond with people. So people with a predominance of water are going to be very understanding of the human heart and how people love each other.

What is your element (s)?

Veronika Prielozna, MA in her airy mind with fiery sparkles