STAY IN THE FLOW WITH ALL OF THE SUMMER’S BEST and move with speed of Cosmos in YOU. So, let us refresh our minds and hearts with new zodiac wisdom that can  bring us into harmony with love and summer.

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Did you know that most of the problems in love are caused by a LACK OF UNDERSTANDING of where the other person is coming from? If you are looking for a way to not freak out your partner this summer, whether that is about taking things to the next level, or just getting in their head so you can get on the same page, here are SUMMER LOVE ADVISE handy love astrology tips with love horoscopes for every zodiac sign that will get you in just that place. Enjoy!


If you are dating an Aries, or want to take love to the next level with them, leave your “tired” complaints at home, even if you are. Aries is driven by energy, enthusiasm, fire, and excitement. They will get bored very fast if you show up at the fair with them and start complaining. Unless your Aries has kept you up all night, and they will if you want them to, “I’m exhausted” is the last thing they want to hear. Take a nap before your date with Aries if you are that tired, but never, ever let them see you sleepy. Unless they’re joining you.


Your Taurus date WILL like the details of your day, but they don’t need, or want, a play by play. This will bore them into the ground. Stay away from tedious minutia when you are talking it up with your Taurus, unless that minutia is all about them. With the Bull, less is most definitely more. All you need to remember is that they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and use that energy and potential to your advantage when playing with your Taurus. Get luxurious, focus on sexy, sensual fabrics and textiles, bling, glitter, feathers, you name it. Whatever will make their eyes widen under Venus. Going on, and on…..and on….about the 448 message text convo with bestie is going to have your Taurus wandering.


The Geminis of the bunch do love their gadgets, their iPads, their cell phones, their emails, their text messages, their skype conversations, their everything that has to do with the digital world that is ruled by their planet Mercury. They just don’t like it when their date is all up in their gadgets on a fun date or activity. Gemini tends to be a bit paranoid when it comes to love, and if you are checking your cell phone every five minutes, they will be wondering who you are talking to. If you must, send them a saucy text when you make the trip to the ladies room, just to let them know they are on your mind, even when you are away. But putting your nose in your phone or iPad all day or all night you are with your Gem may breed nothing but contempt. Turn it off when it’s couple time, and when it’s time to put your nose back in the phone, your Gem will be one of the first to blow it up.


For Cancer, home is where the heart is and the emphasis is on family. So if Cancer needs to include you in a family function because that’s the only time they have for you, groaning is your surest way to keep your relationship short with Cancer. They always will put their family first, and complaining about that is not an option if you want to keep your Cancer. Consider it a compliment when Cancer brings you into the fold, it’s a sure sign they have an eye on you for good. And, if they need to postpone because they are with the family, being understanding and supportive and having your own life while they do so will ensure that your Cancer is thinking of you the whole time you are apart. If your Cancer is dropping by for a date at your house, you want to be sure it is picture perfect, but more in the clean department than the luxury design. If you have laundry piles and dishes that haven’t been looked at in weeks, yes, your Cancer will notice. And they will drive home that night thinking they dodged a bullet by having one less person in their life to take care of. Cancer does want to take care of you, but they are hoping you come to the table not needing a live-in mommy.

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When dating a Leo you have to keep in mind that their roar is pretty much just that, a roar. Rarely will you see a Leo truly angry, but they do like to talk a good talk, and a big one at that. Stroke their egos and enjoy every last delicious second they spend on you, but don’t think their ego is all they bring to the table or your Leo will stalk off. Underneath that confident and adventurous date of yours is a person who is much less sure of themselves than they let on. Inside is a little kitten that needs attention and assurance from the one they want to care about. Acknowledging that part of your Leo will stoke the fires for some time to come. And yes, this is one of those, flatter and repeat, as your Leo is insecure enough to need that constant flow of attention. You also will need to let Leo lead in the bedroom if you want a sexually satisfying experience. Leo likes to be in charge that way, and will feel like they aren’t good enough for you if you are the one dominating the play by play. You can still lead, just harness the power of leading by letting them think they are calling the shots. A few cleverly placed flirts is all your Leo needs. Go get ‘em!


Virgo has the tendency to be on the picky side of things, and so if there is anyone that is easy to turn off it will be them. But you can use this information to your advantage in love. Ask your Virgo to make a list of their favorite things to do, or their favorite fantasies. Virgo’s love lists! They also hate clutter, so clean up a bit before you ask them over for dinner. Unlike Cancer (who will check) you can hide dishes in your stove without Virgo noticing, they just like clean lines and empty clutter free space. They know you have stuff and don’t care where you put it, they just don’t want to see it. You also don’t want to show up on a road trip with a Virgo with 22 suitcases for your weekend getaway. That screams high maintenance to anyone, but to Virgo, even more. As much as your house doesn’t need to be the tidiest, you certainly do with your Virgo. Cleanliness at the highest standards with your personal hygiene is a must with Virgo, so have fun dressing up for them, and don’t be afraid to toss on a floral scent before you head out. Virgo will notice, and will like it.


As the Cardinal Air Sign ruled by Venus, Libra is very easy to please in love, especially when you know how to find your way into their heart. The best thing about Libra is just how flexible they are, they are all about harmony and balance, and are lovers, not fighters. So fighting with your Libra is a big no no unless you are geared to send them into the opposite direction from you. Instead, talk and think it out together. Cater to the Venus side of Libra which is very sexy and very sensual. One thing Libras love in their friends and partners are people with wild imaginations. Even if you never act any of them out, talk them up, and your Libra will be at your side for literally hours, or even longer if you want them to be. Looking good is loved by Libra, but spending hours to get there is not. So find an easy, maintenance free way to your fabulous this summer if it includes a Libra, and expect a lot of spontaneous fun to result.


Scorpio gets a bit of a bad rap when it comes to love, when all of their lovers need to realize is that more is more for Scorpio. And by more we mean more real, more truth, and as much more passion as you want to give your Scorpio. Scorpio is the zodiac detective, and although they seem mysterious and scary to you, all they are doing is trying to get to the bottom of your case file. Don’t fib to your Scorpio because as the zodiac detective they are also the truth seekers of the bunch, and have an internal intuition that screams they are presented with a fib. And that’s the quickest way to get stung by them, and see them walking in the other direction. What many don’t realize about passionate and sexy Scorpio is that the truth is the sexiest thing of all, even when it seems (to you alone!) that the truth is better hidden. Talk with Scorpio is anything but cheap, pile on all of the analytic and deep conversations that you want. Just don’t fake it, or you will annoy your Scorpio’s senses and sensibilities, and offend their intelligence as well. If you bring it real though, you will soon find out exactly why many consider this to be the sexiest sign of them all.


When it comes to having fun with a Sagittarius, don’t stick to one agenda. Sag has an inner sense of adventure that is almost unmatched in the zodiac, and playing up to that is a must if you want them sticking around. The very word “routine” will send them running and packing, as will rules. If he wants to go play pool with the guys instead of running your Real Housewives marathon with you, let him! He’ll only buzz kill you the entire time about how dumb and boring it is if he stays, so don’t play the manipulative mind games with Sag. Sag likes things different, so behind closed doors, don the wigs and the role play and the sexy accent if you’ve got it. Don’t use the same costume or love game all of the time, not knowing what to expect next from you is exactly what will keep Sagittarius coming back for more.


As the confident, committed, Cardinal Earth Sign, most everyone that wants a relationship loves dating a Capricorn. You will never be kept guessing where you stand with them, unless you are asking them every 5 minutes. Capricorn needs to lead the way in, well everything they do, so if you are taking charge with them and trying to direct the relationship, they will give up on you. Consider the fact that if you have had 3 or more dates with them, and they have started to become or suggest intimacy, they are considering you for the long haul. Cap doesn’t put energy where they don’t think it will work or be successful, so if they are spending time on you, that is your cue that they are in it to win it with you. If they aren’t, that’s when you can start putting on the brakes and looking elsewhere. But if by date 5 or 6 and The Talk still hasn’t happened, doesn’t mean it won’t, just that it hasn’t yet. Railing into your Cap will be the surest sign to them that railing into them is the future they have to look forward to. So don’t. Also, model your Caps confident traits. They don’t want a date that is always bringing themselves down. Be assured in your relationship and your sexy confidence will bring that commitment all the more closer to home just when you are least expecting it.


An Aquarius is often the easiest to date, because simple random acts of kindness, or dates and adventures in group and intellectual settings, will be the ways to their heart for good. What Aquarius doesn’t like? Judgemental and critical people, mean people, and people that get a rise out of making fun of others. Thoughtfulness will far with your Aquarius, bring a cup of coffee when you are picking them up for the beach and they will be oh so touched. Leave a sweet note tucked into their visor in the morning so that it falls into their lap on their way to work. These little things will be all you need to keep your Aquarius near. Stuck on a date idea, or want the right tip to move things along with Aquarius? Plan a date at a non profit group or charity, and doing something good for others will be a bonding experience for both of you, and one that your Aquarius will certainly thank you for. And, speaking of tips, tip well when you are around your Aquarius and they will definitely notice. How well you do for others is one thing your Aquarius is looking for.


When it comes to dating a Pisces, the first thing you need to remember is just how sensitive they are. Really sensitive. This is the zodiac sign that will hide the second they think their feelings MIGHT get hurt, which means, long before they actually do! Pisces is known for retreating to protect themselves from this pain, and it is often all pain that is in their heads. Not to knock Pisces, as a Water Sign ruled by Neptune, they have a dreamy and intuitive side to them that soaks up the angst of the world like a sponge. So, as much as it feels to you like their pain is in their head, it’s not, it’s real, they just don’t often know whose pain they are feeling in that moment. Anything that will make Pisces feel self-conscious or more vulnerable to pain will send them running back to their cave. So always make your Pisces feel like the one that rocks your world. Speaking of, use their dreamy side to your advantage in love. That’s right, play up on fantasies and dreams as often as you can. Tell your Pisces you had a dream about them (even if you didn’t!) and spill some juicy fantasies. Only do so if you have time for a sleepless night, as your Pisces will have plans for you once you start dishing those secrets.

Can’t wait to hear from you…Summer is on, enjoy!

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Gratitude for astrology wisdom sharing goes to: Katherine from Astrology Answers.