IF YOU FOCUS ON AND BELIEVE IN YOUR INNER GUIDING LIGHT, DO THE WORK, YOU CAN TAP INTO YOUR INNER POWER. But there will always be times when you are lying awake at night unable to sleep, or staring out the window aimlessly at work, when you are still wondering what is to become about a particular situation. In those still and small moments it would behoove you to learn how to tap into your inner psychic, so that you can get some of those long sought after answers, and get the peace of mind or restful night that you need. Here is some inner homework FOR YOU to start…..

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1. Work on your dream recall.

DREAMS BEAR MESSAGES. Your twin soul will also appear to you in dreams to communicate. We could do an entire article feature on how to help you with your dreams, that is how important this topic is. Until then, when you go to bed, keep your mind clear of alcohol or substances and tell yourself that you are going to dream that night. Then see what you have to enter into your dream journal the next morning. Keep it on your night stand and write it down as clearly as possible without identifying meanings…yet!

2. Achieve mental clarity.

The most important part in receiving psychic information is to HAVE A CLEAR MIND. You may have seen a psychic close their eyes for a moment before reading you. That is a process where the astrologers or psychics are emptying their minds of their own thoughts and feelings and opening up to receive information about you. This is an important step for any person trying to tap into their inner psychic. If your mind is full of your own individual hopes and fears, you will not receive accurate information, it will be muddled in between all of your hopes and fears. So, spend a moment or two every day where you want to tap into that inner psychic, and just release it all from your mind for a moment. Wait for a blank slate to appear in front of your closed eyes, and tell the universe you are ready for information. You will be surprised at the results with practice.

3. Listen.

BEING PSYCHIC IS A PASSIVE GIFT, it is about the receipt of information. It is not about injecting your own ego and desires into the situation. So whether you are reading yourself or someone else, listening is the biggest key. If you choose to meditate to receive information, quiet your mind and listen to what is coming, and what is not. The same goes for other people in your daily life. What are they saying? What are they not saying? This will be an important gift of telepathy as you develop it with practice; you will intuitively discover what people are not saying.

4. Follow your instinct.

Your INSTINCT, GUT AND INTUITION are all the same thing. A good psychic has a finely honed instinct that gives them a solid sense of “knowing” about something before it has even happened. You can tell the difference between your fears and hopes and your instinct by this state of knowing. We always question our hopes and fears, but we never question our instinct, even when we question it. It always feels like a knowing. “I feel like I should not go down that alley at night but I’m not sure why.” PAY ATTENTION TO EVERY LITTLE FEELING and you will begin to learn what messages your instinct is telling you.inner door

5. Pay attention to your PHYSICAL REACTIONS in life as well.

Have you ever felt YOUR STOMACH TURN when someone was talking to you and you suspected they were lying? Do the back of YOUR EARS GET RED when you see someone you don’t like, but you don’t really know why? This is all your instinct talking to you through physical sensations in your body. If you ever are unsure about a specific situation or person, stop and THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR BODY IS TELLING YOU. If you feel excited and warm, all systems go. If you feel icky and weird but aren’t sure why, that’s your angels and intuitions sending you very strong messages. PAY ATTENTION!

6. Take notes.

TAKING NOTES REGULARLY is a sure fire way to rapidly strengthen your psychic abilities. I have my mini purse note pad on me and taking my notes everywhere in my terminology and symbols (pictures)…nobody can read it, only I do! Keep a note pad right by your bed and start jotting things down from the minute you wake up. If you experience funny coincidences during the day, or little signs that seem to stand out, write them down. You may know right away what they mean, or you may not. By writing them down, you have something to refer to later when you are wondering what one thing or another means. It is a great way to see stuff that comes to you coming true or manifesting, as many times we don’t realize that is what is happening until it has already happened.

7. Get in the practice of meditation.

MEDITATION is very powerful because it gives you the same information you would get in your dreams and their meanings, but you are conscious through the information so recall is much easier. Meditation is much simpler than people make it out to be, and with practice you can learn how to meditate in as little as 30 seconds. You don’t need hours of silence and solitude to get the same results. It gives you an empty mind for an extended period of time which means during that time you get powerful information. It was the biggest tool that psychic Edgar Cayce used in all of his readings, without it, he would not have become one of the world’s most famous psychics.

8. Test your hunches and intuitions.

Ever say, “I had a feeling that was going to happen.” Then you are psychic! You are already in the process of understanding the knowing that come to you, and VALIDATING THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE. THE MORE YOU NOTICE THEM, THE MORE THEY WILL COME. TEST THEM. While you are waiting, visualize or think about the music group or song they are listening to. Your first hunch will be the right one. When they arrive, ask them if they were listening to The Rolling Stones or Adele like your hunch suggested, and with practice, you will become more right every time.

9. Practice, practice, practice.

TAPPING INTO YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES IS A SKILL LIKE ANYTHING ELSE. Yes it is a gift, but with every gift that you receive you must use it wisely in order to make the most of this gift. With the psychic gift then, you must practice it regularly in order to experience the most results. This does not mean you have to meditate for 10 hours a day, unless you can and you want to. A few minutes of every day of clearing your mind, and allowing the dreams, meditation, and the world to give you information beyond what is being given, is all you need to truly tap into and develop your psychic skills.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE and drop me a line about your process; I would love hearing from you.

Veronika Prielozna, MA  https://veronikaprielozna.selz.com/  in practicing her inner skills

Gratitude for sharing wisdom with us goes to : katherine@e.astrologyanswers.com