With the Sun in Cancer, the archetype of the MOTHER, and the Moon in Capricorn, the archetype of the FATHER, the sacred balance and dynamism of the two polarities becomes illuminated. There is a sacred promise that first SUPER MOON in 2014 will bring along…

Super Moon


Here we are back on our moon chasing path leading us to the moment that all we will face to Mother of Moons. Therefore, take your time to ground and reflect on energy presented in your life as it has been emotional and streamed with karmic reflections. Let us honor both, Mother and Father, intuitive and logistic parts of us reflected in the Universe.


“Here we go again — it’s a crescendo of the ongoing cosmic big squeeze, and with very active, cardinal forces…There’s raw, instigating Aries and Mars energy, but the tones belted out in this opera of change come from deep soulful repositories and concern the big questions.  A peak of the Capricorn instinct, with the Full Moon, spins around themes of life’s work and/or calling.”

“…The angles to the luminaries (Sun and Moon) foretell a mortal struggle to persevere through the crisis of growth…There’s agitating pressure from all sides.  And huge rewards and leaps if you dig down deep, and find hidden reserves of strength.

“Your character is fortified by creatively adapting to the demands of the times. Full Moons are revelatory — what will be revealed?

“By being alert and active in the current ordeals of your life, there’s light at the end of the Full Moon tunnel.  The Capricorn Moon is imbued with Pluto’s near-supernatural knowing, for potential clear seeing into the shadowy terrain.

“What’s standing out here, is that it’s one to lift out buried treasures within.  And to unlock hidden pockets of pure creativity and vitality.

“The overall forecast is for firming up resolve, and growing in your personal authenticity.  In a time of flabby integrity, the one that is determined to live their value, knows true personal power.”

“…At the Full Moon, we’re drawn into the karma-heavy, rich, musty, earthy caves of the planetary past — and can find the wisdom of the ages there…”

”The Full Moon in this wise old sign takes us to the depths and the peaks. It’s a particular kind of sight, one where you might get the thousand yard stare. You’re watching with a knowing that includes the intellect, but is so much more.”

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Hay Moon


SUPER MOON were originally termed Perigee moons until they were given the catchier title of Super Moon by astrologer Richard Nolle, he defined a Super Moon as:“… a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit.”

A Super Moon may make the moon appear up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than usual.

Due to the given Richard Nolle definition we have approximately 4-6 Super Moons on average in any given year, this includes full and new moons. In 2014 we will have three full super full moons occurring on July 12th, August 10th and September 9th.

Super Moons occur because our moon does not follow a circular path around our earth, it follows an elliptical one. Therefore at its furthest away it is 405,000 km away, this is called an apogee, and at its nearest it is 363,000, this is called a perigee. When the time of the perigee aligns with a full or new moon it is called a Super Moon.

The good thing about having the Super Moon during the summer months is that it appears low on the horizon. This means that with the trees and buildings as reference it actually looks bigger to our eyes. The moon is the same size on the horizon as it is in the sky it just looks bigger to us when it is on the horizon so it really does look like a Super Moon! We will have therefore three really super summer moons to enjoy this year therefore, make sure you see them rising, our beautiful super moon rises shortly after sunset.

How will the Super Moon affect you?

You may find you are more restless than usual or you may have more energy. We may often experience much more turbulent emotions than we are used to and it is important to recognize that when we are decision-making.

If you are able to then try to plan ahead as to how you may use any excess energy you may have and plan your Super Moon nights! Prepare for the increased emotion and use it as an opportunity for growth, however do not make any rash decisions that you may later regret. It is important to recognize in yourself any emotional changes that may be due to the effect that the moon is having on you that may be making you not act like your normal self!

Perhaps meditate on where your life is now, where your priorities lie and where you would like them to be heading. Channel this wonderful energy into growing your life, do not be fearful of the energy but use it to your advantage, the world is your oyster and this Super Moon could be your key to unlocking as yet untapped potential.

What to do in time of Super Moon power over us?

This July Super Moon is in Capricorn. This particular sign tells us to pay attention to balancing our own needs. We should look at what is needed in areas of our lives such as home, work and children and see what should be done to address any areas that might be out of kilter. Demands that are put upon us might need to be changed slightly so that we can accommodate more pressing issues.

PRIORITIZING issues is a key right now, you are only one person and you cannot be stretched to breaking point! One of the names given to the full moon for July is the Buck Moon which is a perfect symbol for the Capricorn. Other names for the July super moon are Hay Moon and Blessing Moon. I like Blessing Moon. I send out blessings to you all!

So get ready for the three SUPER MOONS in a row JULY~ AUGUST~ SEPTEMBER 2014. Buckle your seat belts it is sure to be a bumpy roller coaster of a ride but enjoy that roller coaster, raise your hands in the air and embrace that wonderful energy! Lean into the corners and scream if you need to but above all enjoy it and send out joy and love into the universe.

Veronika Prielozna, MA  https://veronikaprielozna.selz.com/  in time of first Super Moon in July, 2014

Gratitude for sharing wisdom with us goes to: http://www.astartemoonblog.com/2014/07/supermoon-friday-12th-july-2014-why.html#02Zhm0MlkmXXhR3j.99