New Moon in summer

A New Moon in Cancer is the time to plant some emotional seeds. Cancer symbolizes the Great Mother of Life, the Cosmic Womb. Out of this womb the whole world was born, both physically and psychically. Cancer symbolizes the movement of the oceans, the stirring of the waters that creates new Life. The symbol of Cancer can either represent the female and male seeds that create new life or a Mother’s breasts, which feed new life.

“Pluto is opposing the New Moon. PLUTO IS ABOUT POWER. How you use power. How you own your power or, how you give your power away. This aspect can create power struggles with others and yourself. “Do not disown your shadow side, feelings of guilt, shame and jealousy. Instead, channel this negative energy into more productive areas of your life. You can use it for working out. Yes, take your anger and frustration and build muscle. Your personal success is the sweetest form of payback. Focus on the positive. Focus your mind on what is working in your life.

“YOU ARE A POWERFUL CREATOR…Make your desire greater than your resistance and you will get what you want…“Cancer rules feelings. Cancer is about your soul power. You are being asked to pull up your personal power. Allow your feelings to guide you because your feelings are your truth. Being balanced in your male and female energy will empower you…”

“CREATOR HAS YOUR BACK. Creator loves and supports you. Be in your integrity. Integrity and honor will protect you through your trials and tribulations.“Take charge of your emotions. Be in control of your life. Don’t go down into the mud and struggle with the dark side. Rise up like the break of dawn. Be the victor and not the victim. Do what is right for you. This means follow your own Star. Your Mighty I Am Presence.

“Use this sweet Cancer New Moon to take good care of you. Surrender what is not working for you. Listen to your inner child (your soul) s/he holds the soul agreements that you have made. What you need is inside of you. “…USE THE NEW MOON TO BUILD YOUR STRENGTH AND VITALITY. Mercury is direct July 1. July is the time to take action. July is a busy month. There is great activity in the stars. The best of 2014 is ahead of you.”

Feelings are consciously named emotions, and we have to be able to express our feelings to stay emotionally and physically healthy. Our feelings help us understand our needs, which change as we grow older. Our feelings help us know what’s good for us.  “When we block, suppress or repress our feelings, we cut off an important source of information about our lives. The Cancer New Moon is very powerful, so make sure you plant healthy emotional seeds for your renewed emotional body.

“This Cancer New Moon is in a delightful relationship with Neptune, who is moving through his own sign of Pisces.  Neptune’s realms are polluted, both the outer oceans and our inner unconscious.  He’s cleaning out both. …But who will clean up your inner psyche of images and beliefs that no longer serve you—or do violence to your soul?  Only you!  And this is your chance to do it.”“…Since Cancer and the Moon are feminine archetypes, this month is a good time to become aware of how the Feminine operates in your life…” 

“Take time to re-enter the Womb this Cancer New Moon and settle yourself into a healthy, new, inspired emotional body that will carry you into the future.”

Black madonna profile

Feelings and intuitions, dreams and imagination are ways to connect with our Soul. The Soul’s language is symbolic, and if we want to life a soul-full life, we need to include It’s perceptions in our ego calculations. Therefore, it is up to each of us to learn our Mother tongue if we want to live happy and fulfilled lives. Our left-brain, patriarchal rationality has been high-jacked by ‘the economy’ and all the attendant wars, worries and wasted time discussing things that it so enjoys. We have forgotten the power of our Soul. It’s time to reclaim it.

Along with the Moon, which is Cancer’s ruling planet, we see that this sign is about the archetypal Mother, the nurturer, the giver of form, the bestower of life and death–the Good Mother Kwan Yin or the Terrible Mother Kali. The Great Mother has been split up in the West between the Good and Terrible Mother, but in reality, she is One. Life is what it is, and it is also the womb of our spiritual growth. Our trials are our tests, and when we come out of them, we often find the prize or gift we’ve earned. We grow in Wisdom.

 Gratitude for sharing wisdom goes to: Dipali Desai and Kelley Rosano

Image of Black Madonna: Veronica Coetzer